1 John 2: 17-29

1 John 2: 17-29
Why is it so important that we separate from the world in order to follow God? Verse 17 gives one powerful reason. It tells us that the world and everything in it will pass away and disappear with all its lusts and temptations. But, the one who does the will and purposes of God will abide with God forever!
In verse 18, John gets the attention of the people who are still actively in the battle. He tells them that they are already in the last time/age and the antichrist spirit who opposes and tries to disguise himself as the Savior and Lord has already arisen. There are already some who were originally with them who are now against them. They were drawn astray and left. But, you people remain and have been given an anointing from the Holy Spirit and know the Truth! You are not ignorant of the Truth. You perceive and know Jesus Christ. You can recognize a liar when someone denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God, and Lord. The antichrist spirit works in Jews who do not accept Jesus as their Messiah or atheists, humanists, and pagans who also reject Jesus as Savior and Lord, the Son of God. You cannot have the Father (Yehweh), the One True God, if you do not have His Son, Jesus! A person must confess and side with Jesus as God’s Messiah to have the Father and eternal life with Him. Do not let anyone deceive you or lead you astray. If they are not with you, then they are against you. Not everyone is a child of God.
Keep the Anointed One and His Holy Spirit abiding in you, and you will have no need to have anyone give other instructions. He will teach you everything that is true. You must continually abide in Him, never depart from Him, stay rooted/grounded/established in Him. The Holy Spirit, the Anointed One, is your Teacher, Counselor, Guide, and Helper.
Verse 28… so abide, live, remain permanently in Jesus so when He comes and is visible to you, you will have perfect confidence and assuance, and not have to shrink from Him or be ashamed….whether it is at the time of His second coming or at the time of your passing – absent from the body and present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8).
Verse 29…..If you know and are sure that Jesus is absolutely righteous, you may also be sure that everyone who does righteously is born of Him. We can know the tree by its fruit (Matthew 12:33). So we end as we began….It is important to separate from the world and its way of thinking, character, and behavior and to learn and practice righteousness, God’s right way of thinking, being, and doing.

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