So Important – Read Again 1 John 2: 15-16

Read again 1 John 2: 15-16
These verses are so key that we need to be sure to fix them in our minds. They are key in determining right and wrong, true and false. If a person cherishes and loves the world and the things in the world more than God, then the love of God is not working in thier life. (John is writing this to believers, so likely this is something we learn as we make efforts to walk with God).
How do I know if I am still in the world’s way or if I am in God’s new way? Here are the 3 temptations of the world to draw you away from God.

  1. Craving and desires for the gratification of your senses….this includes our 5 physical senses and also our emotions…with a focus on comfots and pleasures and “highs”. “I want to feel good!” Sensationalism.
  2. Greedy longings in our minds for the things in the world…material things we see and desire…primary pursuit of wealth and worldly riches. “I want that.” Consumerism.
  3. Pride in my own abilities and resources and/or including the stability of the earth by human efforts alone. This includes striving for worldly success, fame, popularity, power, and praise of others. “Recognize that I did that exceptional work.” Dominionism.
    Can you see how the world promotes these things?
    Examine your own thoughts and motivations.
    What are your religious leaders, teachers, church, and other ministries focusing on?

Your mind is your control tower. What you think makes your decisions and choices. Your choices bring consequences. It is extrememly important what you thing!
What you think comes from many different sources. Remember the saying…..”Garbage in then garbage out, good in and then good out.”? Seriously, think about what you are watching, reading, listening to, and taking in! Think about what you are allowing your children to watch, read, listen to and take in. Is it godly and righteous or worldly?
Who is the source? Why do you trust them to tell or show the truth? Can you really believe and think what everyone says or even what your culture says? Are “experts” always right? How do you decide who or what to think and believe? No human is perfect, even if well intentioned and sincere.
Where did your thoughts and beliefs originate? Maybe they cam in through the thoughts of your parents, your school teachers, your college professors, your friends, your pastor or church, your employers or their training classes, the Media whether TV, movies, music, dance, internet, books (both fiction and non fiction have influence on your thoughts), or your neighbors and community? Did you accept these thoughts without thinking about them consciously or never question or examine them? Could some of these thoughts and sources be wrong? The Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge and knowing truth.
Do you realize that if you learn error instead of truth, that you need to unlearn the error and relearn the truth? If you do not, you continue down the road of destruction. The Bible speaks of “renewing your mind” so that we have the “mind of Christ”. We should unlearn the wrold’s thoughts and relearn God’s Word of Truth. That takes effort and conscientious thinking and choosing.
If you are a parent or leader of children, be very careful to teach them God’s way of thinking and acting, and not just conform to what is popular in the world. What are they seeing, hearing, watching, reading, imitating, and thinking about? Is ti mythical and magical; witchcraft; suggestive dress, songs, and dance by young girls; self-centeredness and spoiling; desire for things; priority of outward appearances and glamor; prestige of winning in sports; mocking or joking over the less talented or less beautiful as comedy; importance of popularity; drama and feelings focus; priority of romance and sensuality; tolerance of all religious ideas….and many other things the world promotes today.
What thoughts are you being trained in? What thoughts are you training others in via your influence in their lives? Are the thoughts of God or of the world? Are you believing propaganda? What you sow in your mind and actions is what you will reap. God wants you to join Him in the narrow road that leads to good life and not on the wide road that leads to destruction.

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