2 John – Study

2 John has only 1 chapter. It has a stong focus on Truth. Remember that Jesus is the Truth of God, the Word made flesh. So, John is again telling us to focus on Jesus and Truth.
In verse 1, he describes himself as the elderly elder. He addresses the letter to the elect lady and her children. some interpret this to be an actual woman. But, I am wondering if Joh is addressing this church as the “bride of Christ” and new believers. Remember how in his previous letter, he talked to them as fathers (spiritually mature), young men (those in training with the strength of the Lord), and children (either the new born or young in spiritual rebirth)? He adds that this letter if for all who are progressively coming to know and understand Truth. Therefore, this short letter is important for us also.
2 John 1-6…We are progressively learning to know and understand Truth. Because of the Truth that lives and stays in our hearts, God, in His love, gives us His grace, spiritual blessings, mercy, and inner peace. It is a delight when God’s chilrdren live and walk in Truth, according to the Father’s commands. John reminds us of God’s main command since the beginning…that we love one another.
Of highest priority, we are to walk and live in love with God, living in His love and also being guided by it. Our love consists in living and walking in accordance with His precepts, ordinances, standards, orders, instructions. It is because we love Him that we purpose to progressively learn to know and recognize Truth and then live and walk in it. The Father teaches and disciplines us in the Truth because He loves us and His Truth is what is best for us. That is exactly how loving chilren show their love to their loving father. Even a child knows this…it is not so hard to understand!
The Heavenly Father is not a dictator, or task master, or abusive judge towards his children. He is a loving Father towards His own children (1 John 4:8). He desires that ALL would freely choose to give their love and allegiance (fatih and trust) to Him and become His children (1 Timothy 2:4). Why would anyone want to choose to remain in bondage to Satan, the god of this world? (Galatians 5:1)
Could it be they are deceived? 2 Corinthians 4:4, “For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers’ minds so that they should not discern the Truth.” And that is where John picks up His message in verse 7…..
2 John 7-13
Have you noticed the theme in John’s letters? God loves His children and we should have Him first place in our hearts too. We should learn and do what He says, primarily love our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also to live doing His Truth and standards of right being and right doing. While living this way in Him, we must be aware and alert of false leaders or things of the world that would try to lead us away from God.
Here is 2 John 2: 7-13, we haev the same strong sarning about imposters, false leaders, seducers, and deceivers. Some imposters run ahead of God and are not content with what Jesus taught. They add on to the true doctrine of Jesus Christ and what He taught and commanded. This is a huge problem in the church today!!!!! People are chasing things they are told to be “spiritually higher” or even the “mysteries or secrets” of God! Hogwash!!! The only book you really need is the Bible. And you can trust the Holy Spirit to teach you directly if you ask, seek and knock.
These imposters are antagonists of Christ, and are antichrist (against or insted of or replacing) the true gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the complete, full, perfect Gospel and doctrine and Truth of Jesus Christ……that Jesus is the Son of God, who came in teh flesh in fulfillment of God’s Word, who dies and was resurrected for our salvation into the kingdom of God and His eternal life, and all wo believe and give their trust, faith, allegiance, and life to Jesus will be adopted by the Heavenly Father into His eternal kingdom, and He will never forsake us but rather gives us the Holy Spirit as our Teacher and Helper to progressivlely come to know Him and to practice doing what He teachers. Nothing can be more marvelous or uplifting of spirit than that!
Do not receive, welcome, admit, or accpet these imposters into your house or life! If you wish that person well or give them any encouragement or acceptance, then you are partaking in his/her evil doings. Tolerance of their evil, without warning them of their error and sin, is not loving because it will not help them….and it can lead to destruction for you or others.
Verse 8 instructs…..look after yourself, guard your heart and mind, take care of your savlation…that you may not be led astray and lose all that you have labored for in your pursuit of Truth and righteousness. That means be alert and discerning! Persevere until you receive th rewards of righteousness in full!

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