3 John – Study

3 John is also only 1 chapter. It is a short letter to a brother in Christ who John loves. He tells him that he is praying that his body would prosper in health the same way John knows that his soul keeps well and prospers in Christ. That is also often our prayer for our friends in Christ also, right? Be careful to not read more into this than what it is saying.
John greatly rejoices that Gaius lives in Truth and is such a good testimony and example to others. John encourages Gaius that it is a fine and faithful work he does by showing love and friendship in serving other brothers and sister in Christ, especially to Christan strangers who are fellow workers in spreading the gospel of Christ.
Beginning at verse 9, John again warns about false leaders and false teachers. He even identifies Diotrephies by name….who is characterized by wanting to dominate over people and put himself first, and who will not listen to John’s instructions of Truth, but rather boils over with malicious and insinuating words about John. Diotrephies also refuses to receive other Christian missionaries and anyone who does receive them is expelled from that fellowship/church. Remember, that the one who practices evil does not really know God or experience Him at all.
Do not imitate evil, but imitate good. On the other hand, Demetrus does good. He has commendation from us, everyone, and the commendation of Truth as well.
John has much more to say, but prefers to speak to him in person soon. I think these letters are short because John usually does prefer to speak in person. But, he sees it as important to give strong encouragement and warning to stay on track between his visits. If John sees these reminder messages as important, we should too. Blessings and encouragement to stay on track….Karen.

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