Discerning Leaders in the World and Its Systems

Discerning leaders in the world and its systems
If we want a good life with good consequences, then we must discern between the wheat (ggod) and weed (false) leaders and teachers in the world and in its systems. After all, even if we are not supposed to be of and like the world, we do have to live in it. It can still offer us many wrong turns, stumbling blocks, and temptations. So, besides discerning political and governmental leaders as in the last message, we also need to discern leaders and teachers in business and commerce, education, media, entertainment, arts, family and peer relationships, and religion, etc. If we say everyone is OK and tolerate everything, then we cannot be standing and living in God’s Truth.
All leaders and teachers must be examined under the same scriptural standards of truth as political and governmental leaders. So, the same verses from the Bible as discussed previously apply to them as well. We must examine their words, motives, attitudes, characateristics and behaviors both publicly and privately. We must check out who they associate with and the organizations they support. Do their words match their actions and lifestyle?
We should not beleive someone is telling the truth just based on thier education, eloquence, profession, appearance, degrees or achievements, peer pressure, personality, fame, wealth, or powerful position.
This is contraty to the way most of us are raised and trained as chldren to adults. We are taught to respect, trust, listen to, learn, and follow our parents, teachers, religious leaders, and those in authority (later our empoloyers as well). And usually we are to believe them and obey without questioning. It becomes a behavior pattern in our lives. It just seems easier to follow-the-leader instead of trying to examine and find truth for ourselves. This affect is also seen in peer pressure.
I am especially frustrated that people sacrifice and pay a great deal for college education, and yet often are not being taught the real truth. Yet, higher education has become a prerequisite for professional leadership positions and higher incomes. Most education,, from grade school through university is now based in an atheist, humanist, socialist, globalist world view, not a Chirstian world view. not a Christian world view. Are young “educated” adult discerning this? Or has the pride of being an educated professional caused them to consider themselves expert above others?
I am also concerned that most education is training people to memorize unimportent data, accept incorrect theories as fact, and only told partial truth so that they weill be the kind of work force desired….unquestioningly obedient, with limited shallow thinking skills. Our culture also trains people to be comfort pleasure, and entertainment oreinted…with short attention spans. Then as adults, they are kept too busy tryint to survive, with no time to think deeply about much. Yet, seeking for Truth is vital for good consequences in life. Do you know how to discern if what you believe is because that is what you were taught or how you were trained or what your boss or best friend says, or because it really is the whole truth?
Jesus teaches about this in Matthew 7: 24-27. Is what you beleive to be true built on a Rock foundation so it will withstand storms or is what you believe to be true really built on sand and the storm will destroy it when it comes? What about our children? What are we teaching them by our words and examples?
You may not agree with me, but here are some things I see as error/false ways in government, business, education, media, entertainment, family, the arts….religious systems later. I recognize some are pursuing truth, but this discussion is for those who are not. Mayb it is time to take a closer look at what they might be “selling” and what you might be “buying:. These are only a few examples. I am sure you can discover more…..
Government – I discussed this in depth in previous posts…the American government has good wheat and bad weeds….but, I think the weeds are causing major overgrowth and destruction through corruption, in both parties. REpublican and Democrat. Not only the leaders but the American people are also falling away from scriptural truth and morality. They are tolerating what is false, even preferring what is wrong beause that is what everyone else is doing, or it feels good, seems nice or is more entertaining. We think we can ask for God’s help, but refuse to change and plant the true wheat seeds. We reap what we sow.
Education – Schools from pre-school to a PhD now are the major controlling force for what children/people are taught. This even includes private and home schools which are now under many regulations. Is this indoctrination? The American education system promotes feeling based thinking and decision making; removal of traditional math and phonic (with no practical application in teaching commonly used spelling words); only using their approved books in libraries and as applicable in required reading programs (some books of which I would not approve); lack of deductive thinking and learning; world history and what we can learn from it; that the person who gets an “A” is assumed to be privileged for success and prsperity; fame and high regard for those talented in sprots, music, theatre, or the arts….
Business – business advertising as benefactors and getting credit for charity actually given through the financial contributions and effots of their employees; motivational speaker meetings said to benefit the employee but actually also to improve “teamwork” (peer pressure) for the cooperation of the employees and prosperity of the business; yearly reviews structured so that everyone is classified as average with equal pay increases, yet done to give the image of employees having a voice at fairness and feeling valued; suggestion boxes that never really lead to anything; being asked to tell “white lies” so the company “looks good”; business conventions tolerating immoral behavior; doing what management says, without questioning, even when management is wrong; “anything for a buck” thinking; seeing people merely as a human resource no different than a building or computer resource…if it is not highly productive and prfitable, it goes; bragging the company gives so many benefits, when really they are just offering something their employees can purchase.
Family – Moving away from the God ordained structure of the family, to tolerance of all types of structures; moving away from teh scriptural authority and responsibility structure of the family towards the humanistic “it takes a community to raise a child” structure;; a culture of so many jobs, activities, and entertainents that families struggle to have quality tie together; government, school, and social or welfare programs usurping the responsibilities and rights of parents, making it easier to quit working it out as a family, possibly an extended family.
Media and Entertainment – technology has been used to make the influence of media nd entertainment pervasive in our culture; popularity and peer pressure rule; what we hear and see, we believe; distraction; pornography; division; violence; sorcery and magic; provacative dancing and singing; promotion of drug abuse and sexual immorality; time stealing; world view influencer; focus on material prosperity and wealth (pleasuer seeking); gossip; drama; scoffing; idolatry of lifting up people; visual and ugly even unspeakable torture, rape, and murder; news that has become either community events or propaganda; comedy sitcom that presents fathers as undisciplined irresponsible fools pursuing pleasure while women intelligently rule; suggestive and vile language; the promotion of prescription drugs (pharmaceiticals) or suppliements to solve every pain, imagined or otherwise; over indulgence, etc. I am sure you can think of more that new technology is promoting and advancing in our culture today.
The Arts – everything is acceptable including the profane and bizarre, the occultic to the “culturally religious”, even the rediculous…as freedom of expression. The Arts have been given so much prominence that the government will take from the poor in taxes to sustain the Arts! The Arts are generally liberal, without moral standards, yedt given high esteem as cultrual, intellectual, valuable, freedom producing, and progressive.
I know there are some good people and leaders who are following after truth in all these areas.. But, where do you mainly see American standing in the battle between true and false…and where are we heading? Do you discern between Christ mindedness and antichrist mindedness or worldly mindedness? Have you ever really given it serious thought? The storms will come….are you built on the rock of Truth or on sand that will open you up to destruction?
Few more thoughts:
If you sow socialistic thinking and practices, you will reap socialistic government and its control of all things, with less individual freedoms, personal finances, and choices.
If you believe humanistically that “We can do this together” without God, then the best you can hope for is what humans can acieve in their own works; but real true hope comes from “With God, all things are possible.”
“The reverential fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Knowledge without God is merely human reasoning. The thoughts of God are much higher than the thoughts of mankind.
Be caerful little eyes what you see, ears what you hear, hands what yolu do, feet where you go…for the Father up above is looking down in love.
This little light of mine….I’m gonna let it shine.
Lamentations 2:14, “YOur prophets have predicted for you a false hood and delusion and foolish things; and they have not exposed your iniquity and guilt to avert your captivity by causing you to repent. But, they have divined and declared to you false and deceptive prophesies, worhtless and misleading.” Warning to those who hear, but do not listen; to those who ahve eyes, but, are blinded by delusions; those who walk their own stubbor way; and apply their hands to only those things to please themselves; or fools who float mindlessly down the river towards destruction; while the crowds cheer along the banks.

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