Conspiracy Theories…True or False?

Conspiracy Theories…true or false?
Now, that can be a controversial subject! Some people believe all conspiracy theories are fake, weird, and paranoid. Other people believe that there is so much corruption, secrecy, and propaganda in teh world, that they believe all conspiracy theories are true. I encourage you to remember that the true wheat and false weeds grow together. (Matthew 13). I believe there is some truth in conspiracy theories, and also some false misinformation.
So, to totally deny them or totally accept them are both a mistake. We must do research….and I research with my Bible open alongside. I have found that false leaders have even infiltrated the ranks of conspiracy theory spokespeople. Why? The Bible says that Satan comes to cause confusion, chaos, and division….leading to destruction. What better way to keep real secrets a secret, than to claim you are exposing them, but then direct people another way?
The most interesting conspiracy theory that I have researched is the Illuminati and its ties to the Freemasons. Historically,. this involves the Knights Templar and continues today in organizations like the Knights of Columbus or Knights of Malta. But, it goes further and deeper than that as it operates in all areas of human organization. It is especially tied to international banking. If you trace back the history of these organizations, you can go all the way back to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. Is it hard for you to beleive there are Jewish roots? Actually, you can go all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
These same organizations exist today, only they operate under many other names. Its leaders and members are highly influencial in many areas of life – globally. They are wealthy and powerful. Some of what is said about them is true, and some is not. Some misinformation is designed to turn people away from thinking any of it could be true.
I researched this many years ago. Today, it is more difficult to search and find the true history and information online. How could I determine what was true and what was false? The truth always lines up with the Word of God in the Bible. His Word is also prophetic. It describes the direction the world is going and what it will be like and look like. It tells us about false prophets, false doctrines, and false leaders who can even deceive God’s people. Big deception is really in the world whether people want to be aware of it or not.
Conspiracy theories tell us about the New World Order and its elite leaders, who haver been building globally, in secret, for centuries. And if you check out what they are saying, you can see some of it is factual. For example, many of the founding fathers of America were Freemasons, including George Washington. It is also factual that the historical roots of international banking are in the Rothschild family, which is still extremely wealthy and powerful today. The Georgia stones are real and speak a humanistic one world global doctrine. There are actual facts. So, what about it? Why sould I care? And even if I did check into some of it, how can I tell true from false information?
The Bible talks about a final global (one world) government headed by a charismatic antichrist who will be said to bring peace and security to the earth. People will be deceived, under delusion (in a mental fog) and blinded to truth. It says there will be a one world religion that stands alongside the one world government. It says this one world government will control buying and selling. It says this one world government will require everyone to follow the religion of the government and Christians who refuse will be persecuted and martyred. It says that luxury, sexual immorality, greed, selfishness, extravagance, glamor, riches, and pleasures will lure cooperation with the one world government. But, it is a trap…once the prostitute has been used for its purpose, the beast kingdom will turn on the prostitute to consume her, and she will be left desolate for dead in the desert.
If you can see these things “on the world scene”, then you have identified truth! In Revelation aand other gospels, we are warned about these things so that we can prepare ourselves. Now, it is important to continue to learn what Jesus says we need to do to prepare ourselves. Do you know how to guard your mind and heart during these times? Do you know how you will be able to keep fear away and hope alive when these things begin to happen? Even if you panic, I hope you know enough to immediately call on the name of “Jesus” for help in times of trouble! Yet, it is better to have your house built on the solid Rock when the storms come so that it will not be destroyed. Mathew 7: 21-29.

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