Discerning Truth in Education – Home and Away

Discerning Truth in education, instruction, and training….as lessons from a Christian Mom.

Proverbs 22: 6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

What a child is taught and trained in is extremely important. What they believe will determine their choices…and their choices will bring consequences. But, even priority over that is a loving, secure, peaceful, and joyful relationship between parent and child….one that says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

When my children were very little, the Holy Spirit impressed on me that I had to discipline my children if I wanted them to have a good life, but also with instruction and in love. This also required me to be a person of my word. If I said something, then it had to be that way, even if it became inconvenient for me. It also required me to be consistent in what is right and true and what is wrong. And no game playing. I was the one responsible and in authority and I had to win against the wrong trying to move in on us.

I also learned that it was important to never break the spirit or trust of my children. If I did, I had to apologize. I also apologized if I ever got angry while disciplining. The other major thing I learned was to train each child according to their own “bent”, their uniqueness. I was to help each one find the gifts and talents that God created in them.

As they grew and learned, I had to learn to “let go” so they could learn to remember and practice what they had been taught and trained. They had to learn to be responsible for thier choices and actions. When trying to make decisions, I often taught them to look at the consequences and determine if they wanted to live with them. They had to make some hard choices, but it made them into the strong, yet compassionate men they are today.

Did I leave this primary training to the schools and the community? NO> I am their parent. We utilized school and community as options to assist in their growth and development. But, if school or community activities were not lining up with the truth we were teaching and training we separated from it. It takes a good parent to raise a child, the community is optional.

Does it surprise you that there is deception in education? Do you really believe that you can believe everything educator teach, even university professors, or so-called experts….as always being true? Really, is anyone really that smart or that perfect?

I had been taught to always respect and believe my teachers. The first time I ever encountered the idea that teachers could be wrong was in observing a grade school teacher who treated some students unfairly. I started to realize that teachers are human too and susceptible to thinking and acting wrong like everyone else. By my college years, I also had to cooperate with professors who I did not agree with in order to pass their classes with a good grade. Yet, most of my educators were good people trying their best to do a good job. I believe most educators are doing their best, but I also know they can be deceived….thinking something is right and true, when it is not…and continue teaching others what they have been taught.

Some examples…….Do you believe in evolution? Did you know it is a THEORY of Evolution and has never been proven scientifically? Yet, it is taught by many educators to be factual. Do you believe in learning to read and spell with the use of phonics? What happens when your child is being taught to read by “sight reading” and memorization of words? Do you believe in “old math” with the memorization of addition and multiplication tables or in the “new math” with acceptable use of calculators in grade schools? Do you believe schools should be teaching decision making skills which are based on feelings or their “approved” politically correct moral values? Do you believe schools should be teaching visualization methods? Do you know which books are required reading and what they are teaching overtly and subliminally? Do you know that all public education systems in America now teach under the world view of globalism and humanism? God is no longer allowed in public schools, unless “under cover”.

Also, in my experience, history education is very limited. It primarily teaches American history, and often mostly with requirements to memorize names, dates, places, and other facts. What about ancient history? What about world history? What about teaching what we can learn from history instead of memorizing facts about it? Just today, I listened to a senator speak about his concerns over new history curriculum standards. They are proposing to remove American involvement in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW! and WW2, and replace with the history of America’s displacement of the American Indians and the slavery of the black race. Could it be that we are now promoting “politically correct” history? Would some call it propaganda? Plus, consider that all schools, even home schools are required by law to teach certain “standards” of education AND each student must pass standardized tests. Can a teacher really teach outside the “required curriculum”?

Have you ever heard of the “dumbing down” of America? I challenge you to read a really old textbook. The first time I read one, I was surprised what they were teaching by 8th grade! I remember having trouble understanding William Shakespeare. Check out some original writings of our founding fathers. Or maybe read or listen to some sermons from past generations of Christian teachers like A W Tozer or Chalres Spurgeon. Can you hear and read their vocabulary and mastery of language? Then I consider the discipline and instruction that Chinese students must accomplish. I am not saying education in America is easy. Somehow they seem to make American education very difficult, but not really leaving you anything of much substance! I graduated college thinking 3/4 of the classes I took there were useless and a waste of money. You may think of other educational concerns……

Now, can you really trust the instruction, knowledge, education, and training of your children to schools and communities? Christian parents are to be the primary educator of their children, and take an active part in that responsibility. If they do not guard the mind and heart of their children, their children will be educated and trained in the world’s deception. Believe me, even as much as we try to guard against deception, the best of us will fail sometimes.

Sadly, the consequences of the failure to discern true from false are destructive, even later in our child’s adult life. You see, it continues on into post high school life. Big money is paid to universities in the expectation to be taught the expertise and truth of a profession. Yet many universities and professors do not always teach the truth. They may merely be passing along what they were taught. Those who do not attend universities will also find out through their careers that “not all that glitters is gold”.

All of our lives, we need to stay on guard for our minds and hearts to learn, discern, and know the truth. One sure way is to see if it lines up with the Bible, the Word of God. Even “experts” can be deceived, even good people with good intentions can be deceived. How much do you trust the “experts”? So much that you quit searching for truth? We live with the consequences of who and what we believe.

Proverbs 4:23, “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out if flow the springs of life.”

2 Peter 3:17, “Let me warn you therefore, beloved, that knowing these things beforehand, you should be on your guard, lest you be carried away by the error of lawless and wicked persons and fall from your own present firm condition, your own steadfastness of mind.”

1 Thessalonians 5:6, “Let us not sleep, as the rest do, but let us keep wide awake, alert, watchful, cautious, and on our guard and let us be sober, calm, collected, and circumspect.”

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