Huge Deception in American Christianity – Wrong Gospel

Huge Deception in American Christianity
Have you been influenced by Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, Benny HInn, TD Jakes, Paul White, Kenneth Copeland, Patricia King, Todd White, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in California, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), or any other similar TV evangelist, leader, or pastor? They are teaching deception in the body of Christ (as individuals) as well as in some church assemblies. They say they are beleivers in the gospel of Jesus, but they teach a different gospel (good news).
Their focus is on religious methods to save yourself for the goals of prosperity, health, wealth, happiness, and self fulfillment. LIke any religion, including humanism and atheism, it is self who needs to do something to savr and profit self. That appeals to pride. It encourages, “I can do it”. And for those who succeed, it counts them as good and righteous. If you do not know enough, or do enough of their methods, or do enough good works, or have enough faith, you fail. Being no human can really do enough, this leads most to despair, frustration, guilt, and usually dependance on teh religion and its leaders to save or help….requiring the desperate person to continually go back for more forgiveness and relief. That person is caught in a religious trap!
Ephsians 2 teaches that when we were dead in sin, helpless and hopeless, Jesus came to save us because of His love. By His love and grace, He made the Way for us. All we need to do is choose Him to put our faith into and return His love. This is not about our works, so no one can boast in pride. Jesus continually works together with us in this way. He helps us the same way after we become His people!
In the true gospel (good news) which is focused on Jesus, it is Jesus who saves us in every way! He is always the source and focus (not self). It is all about what Jesus did for us at the cross, in His resurrection, and now seated at the right hand of the Father. It is our relationship with Jesus that saves us in every way.
Jesus came and paid the death penalty for our sins and failures because we could not…..there was no way. The fallen sin nature in humans makes us fail in sin. Jesus is our only hope and way back to the Holy Father Crator. He rescues us and continues to rescue us! We go to Him and trust Him.
That is why we run to Jesus with love and thankful hearts! That is why we strongly desire to follow Him in righteousness and do good alongside with Him. The good works are a result of our love for Jesus. They are the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. The lie is that I have to do good works or sing high praises or beg in prayer to please God or to attain His presence or His help. When we come into relationship with Jesus and are restored as children/people of the Creator Father, we become His…and His love for us is assured, even when we fail! Because we love Him, we try our best not to fail and sin. But, if we do, He offers repentance and forgiveness so we can change and grow to practice His new better way of righteousness. That is one way of overcoming evil and error – in and with Him.
Then, what is the truth about dealing with troubles in the world. If we cannot focus on an instant miracuous deliverance or physical healing or supernatural change in our circumstances…by what we can do, like the laying on of hands, or confession and declaration of words in the Bible, or sacrificial prayer or fasting, or consistent attendance at meetings for deliverance, healing, revival, or praise and worship….then how does Jesus save us? Jesus told us we would have troubles and persecution in this world. But, He also said to not fear because He has overcome the world. The major world He overcame in is the world of the “inner man”! He overcame so that people can be “born again” and overcome the grasp the world has on them by being in Jesus, and becoming a part of the righteous kingdom and family of the Father! Now there is an overcoming miracle of miracles!!!! Who had ever heard or imagined such a thing was possible!!!! I am now a child of Holy, Almighty, Creator God!!!! Jesus works from the inside – out… the “inner man” to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit to the outside!!! This changes everything!!! But, it can be a growing process, so it may not all be manifested immediately.
When we are with Jesus, He helps us overcome in and through troubles. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, Helper, Counselor, Advocate, Standby, and Ever Present Friend. Does that mean we will be prosperous, healthy, wealthy, and always happy? NO. Our primary overcoming is not in outward manifestations in this world. This world should not even be our focus or priority. Our overcoming is inside us…in our inner man, the real “me”. He sheds His love abroad in our hearts….and His love never fails. He gives us the peace that passes the understanding of those in the world. We have unspeakable joy in the midst of suffering and persecution. He gives us His miraculous strength and endurance when we think we can bear no more. These riches are far greater than any prosperity or riches that the world can give. Look again at Jesus warning and instruction to the church at Laodicea in Revelation 3: 14-22. Know the truth so you will not be deceived.
Let me tell you about someone who learned this and lived it out by experience. Her name is Corrie Ten Boom. She gives testimony of how God helped her live through suffering and persecution in German prison camps. You can find videos of her testimonies on youtube, one of them is “God’s Love – Corrie Ten Boom – YWAM Classic Teaching”.
You will learn great things concerning the working of the Holy Spirit through God’s Word in real life….even if you are never required to live through such times.
Yet, the Bible tells us that a time is coming when a global government will persecute and kill Christians. It says God’s people should endure faithful to Him to the end by looking to our eternal life in the house/kingdom of the Father. Have you ever thought if you would be strong enough to endure such persecution and suffering… know how to trust God when you are alone? What if it does happen in your lifetime?

Is the American Gospel true?
There is great deception in the American Christian church. It has been infiltrating the body of Christ for a long time now, so it is commonly assumed to be true, especially in Charismatic circles.
For a good start and understanding of this deception, please listen to this 40 minute introduction video on youtube called, “American Gospel: Christ Alone (1 Hour Version). If you are interested, it is possible to purchase the whole 2 hour version.
This is extremely important for you to know so you will be discerning of truth. When putting on the armor of God, you need the belt of real truth, the helmet of knowing the true salvation gospel, the shoes that prepare you to spread the true gospel of Jesus, the true foundation and assurance of your shield of faith, and the sword of God’s Word of Truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ, that will cut away the evil in teh world along with its lies, to protect you and preserve the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
For this video, go to

Have you ever heard of the NAR deceptions?
Looking at deception in my Facebook posts began as a result of applying my previous studies of teh 2 letters of Peter, 3 letters of Joh, and Jude, as well as Revelation chapters 2-3. All these books of the Bible have strong warnings about false prophets, false teachers, false leaders, and deception.
There is deception in the world because they are not seeking God and His Truth, so they walk in darkness. But, we also see that there is deception in today’s church….just the same as in the early church. Some deception is innocent in the sense that the person is trying their best to follow God, but is believing or thinking the wrong thing to be truth. Other deception is intensional and purposefully is against Jesus Chrsit. Either way, we must always be discerning and hold fast to real Truth….the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The only way to know real Truth is to know God ad know His Word (the Bible), and depend on the Holy Spirit as our Teacher as we search God’s Word for ourselves.
I say all this in summary because I want to reveal a huge organization that is purposefully infiltrating the church with false doctrine. They misuse God’s Word and twist it to “fool” God’s people. It is a close counterfeit and not easily discerned. Generally, they want to attract people for financial profit. But, there are those who are so evil as to have chosen to work for Satan in teh antichrist spirit. These people were operating “in secret” for many years and appeared to be organizations independant of one another. Only recently have they publicly revealed their integrated organized activities.
It is called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). It has many branches so that its message can be directed to what different people groups want to hear and believe. You might recognize someof these branches….Word of Faith movement and leaders, Emergent Churches, Elijah’s List, Bethel Church in California, “think positive” churches (Joel Osteen and Robert Schuller), Hillsong Churches, Benny Hinn and other “healing and miracle” workers, etc. …..Their doctrine is spread in every method of media….TV, books, Youtube, tapes, videos, conferences….etc.
If you watched the video, “American Gospel : Christ Alone”, you haev already begun to see this deception in some of these people and organizations. It is much bigger than most people are aware of…..and has influenced American Christianity on an individual level. You may even be believing some of their false doctrine without ever thinking about it or knowing there is anything to discern.
Next time….I will give a short list of their major false teachings.

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