Outline – NAR false doctrines

NAR False Doctrines

NAR conquers by Infiltration of many Christian denominations via individuals…begun in stealth, but now openly organized under NAR, the New Apostolic Reformation.
NAR appeals to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life; yet deceptively sounds scriptural and spiritual, often as a self-help formula. They preach and teach this as well as show that same fruit in thier own personal lives.
Main false doctrines:

  1. Their apostles and prophets have “titles” and are especially anointed people set up to be authoritative dictatorial leaders to govern the church.
  2. Their apostles and prophets and leaders are anointed in spiritual gifts for new revelations, enlightenments, prophecies, spiritual manifestations, healings, and miracles.
  3. The purpose of the church is to bring revival in order to have global dominion by promoting “the gospel of the kingdom”…so that we can present this overcoming victory to Jesus when He returns….as His conquering people. Christian people will accomplish this by infiltrating every area of human interaction and governance….taking all territories by force.
  4. Supernatural signs and wonders as well as euphoric emotions, mental awakening, and miracles are evidence of the Holy Spirit moving in His people. They are the evidence of the gospel of the kingdom.
  5. Global unity is the goal. We need to love everyone and tolerate all our differences so that we can live in the love and peace of God.
    Are you surprised these are false doctrines? It may be that you are deceived. So what is the truth?

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