Dominionism – False NAR Teaching

Dominionism – their false teaching that the purpose of the church is in conquering the globe and its people (often by revival and awakening)
This is a twist in terminology. Historically, there was a “Great Awakening” and there is revival in being “born again” when people come to repentance and change into relationship with Jesus. The true revival focus is done in the heart and to set people free from sin in the world and be changed into the kingdom of Christ. The NAR goal and focus is more to dominate people and conquer the world instead of bringing individuals into personal realtionship with Jesus. Their unspoken real goal is to have devoted followers so that they can lead them away from Jesus Christ and Truth, and at the same time acquire wealth, power, and prestige.
You will find them using words like “the gospel of the kingdom”, “keys to the kingdom”, or “taking the kingdom by force” instead of the “gospel of Jesus Christ”. They promote the belief that they are to conquer the earth so that they can present it to Jesus at His coming. They intend to conquer the world through revival meetings and spiritual warfare. Yet, that is putting faith in mans’ efforts. It is Jesus who comes and wins the victory in the earth when He returns. We work together with Him, but Jesus is the driving force and power.
If you read what the Word of God says about end time prophecy, you will know that Christians are not in control of the world at the time of Jesus second coming. Prophecy says that in the last days, the antichrist spirit is dominating the whole globe and true Christians are being persecuted and martyred. Yet, NAR doctrine teaches that great revival will come when people see the supernatural powers of their leaders, with signs and wonders. They will be the “manifest sons and daughters of God”. They keep promising that the next big revival is just around the corner.
They proclaim themselves as the carriers of the secret knowledge of God – those who are enlightened, with new revelations. Can you discern how that is the same as New Age or even Jewish Mysticism? Jesus also warned us that even His people might be deceived by the signs and wonders performed by the antichrist spirit! Jesus also said that a wicked and adulterous generation seeks signs, but the only sign He gives is the sign of the prophet Jonah (who returned from the dead after 3 days in the belly of the great fish). Matthew 24:24. Matthew 12:39. Are signs and wonders deceiving God’s people?
In their “kingdom now” teachings, they preach about taking the earthly kingdoms for God by force. They have a “Seven Mountain Mandate” to infiltrate in the 7 main areas of human interaction and civilization: religion, family, education, politics and government, all media, arts and entertainment, and business/economy. Is this the example Jesus gave in His ministry for us to follow? Is this how the early church “made disciples”?
Jesus never tried to take over the Roman government or economy by force? He never tried to gain political control or dominance. The NAR leaders often quote Matthew 11:12 as justification for taking the earth by force. But, read the verses around this verse. Jesus is talking about when John the Baptist started his ministry until the time Jesus spoke these words. John came as a force, with ardent zeal and intense exertion, to prepare the way for Jesus. It was man forcefully, intensely pursuing godliness. But now, God’s power and force was being revealed in Jesus, the Son of God, walking on earth! The force, power and authority of God in Jesus, would now enable people to become His family and break free from Satan and bondage to the world! It is the power of Jesus that is forceful to remove and save people out of the kingdom of Satan. It is by a change in the hearts of people! John was calling out “Repent”, which meant “change and go the right way towards the kingdom at hand”. Jesus was “at hand”. He is the Way to that kingdom by His work at the cross and resurrection, no longer by the law or the works of man.
NAR says Matthew 6: 9-13 and Luke 11: 2-3, “Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” gives them authority to conquer the earth. Actually, we pray this to confess and agree with God that we are coming into agreement with His plan, purpose, and will. This is similar to Proverbs 3: 6-7… all your ways acknowledge Him and reverence Him as all power and authority. We are to focus on Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit as having and holding the power and glory. Jesus will come to gain the final victory!
NAR has doctrinal, religious methods said to gain dominion in the earth. This again is religious rules man can do to manipulate God to bless. Methods speak of religion, while true Christianity is all about relationship with Jesus. Some of their methods include: identifying evil spirits by name and speaking victory over Satan and his demons; miraculous powers in signs and woders of the NAR apostles and prophets to subdue supernatural powers; positive repetitive declarations of God’s Word to manifest God’s promises or defeat demons; euphoric praise and worship music. Terms often used are “new breed”, “overcomers”, “Joshua people”, “Joel’s army”, “Elijah Generation”, “Latter Rain”, “spiritual warfare”, “prayer walking”, “warfare prayer”, “soaking prayer”, “inner healing”, “deliverance breakthrough”, finanacial “seed sowing”, “transfer of wealth”, and “discipleship training”. These activities are considered to be more effective when greater numbers of people are present.
Now consider scriptural prayer. Prayer in the Bible is always directed towards the Father through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit! We are humble and reverent before God. We recognize that only God has the glory, honor, power, and authority. We are also thankful that He has made us His children so that we can come to Him concerning anything and everything! When we come to Him, we can trust Him to help. Prayer is fellowship with God! Jesus said prayer is not in “vain repetitions”. Matthew 6:7. Jesus pointed out that prideful prayers, of what “I” or “we” have done, are not heard. Luke 18: 9-14. I challenge you to find anywhere in God’s Word where He commands us to pray by speaking to Satan or demons to be bound up or to flee (spiritual warfare prayer). Wrong focus! We are not to be focused on Satan, demons, or worldly prosperity, or global dominance, or victory through mans’ methods. We are also not to be self-focused, self-helped, self-elevating, and self-glorifying. Remember that Satan’s temptation to Eve was to promise she could be like god! NAR also teaches prayer as confession of God’s Word as His promise to bring desired results. Jesus recognized and rebuked Satan’s temptation to test God by His Word in Matthew 4: 6-7. How arrogant to think we can manipulate God by quoting His Word and promises back to Him!
Then, also look to the fruit of how NAR leaders really live…personal character, financially, and materialistically in the world. Jesus said we would know the source by the fruits. Matthew 7: 15-18. Are they living in the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, and the pride of life – worldly riches? Are they using these very same lusts of the flesh to entice others to join them? Do they promise fulfillment of all that is desired via “seed sowing” and their “religious methods”, often by the “Word of Faith”? NAR has also been called, the “prosperity gospel” or the “health and wellness gospel”. Again 2 Timothy 4: 3-4. It is antichrist. We must stand firm in the true gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

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