Deception – Fasle Unity

. False Unity – Since public conference in 1996, we now can openly see that global conquer and unity is the emphasis in the NAR doctrine. They began in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, but they have been bluring doctrinal and denominational lines to infiltrate the whole Christian church. As well as NAR and Word of Faith leaders, we see well-known leaders of the charismatic, interdenominational, reformed, seeker-friendly, positive thinking, emergent, progressive liberal, prophetic ministries, and even Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations, all coming together under one umbrella, by accepting and tolerating all doctrines. This is all done under the name of compassionate ecumenicalism, tolerance of differences, peace and global security.
Yet, consider Amos 3:3, “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” and John 15: 19, “If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own and would treat you with affections. But, you are not of the world and you no longer belong to it, but I have chosen you out of the world. And because of this the world hates you.” Does that sound like everyone around the world being unified in love and peace as all being children of God? And what about Jesus parable of the one field of the world having both true wheat and deceitful tares/weeds growing together (Matthew 13 24-30). What about Revelation 2:20 where Jesus reprimands the church for tolerating the Jezebel spirit? Matthew 10:34, Jesus said, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword of division between belief and unbelief.” (Amplified version.) The peace Jesus brings is a Way to peace with the Father, not peace with the world and false religions. The sword of the Word of God comes to cut and divide Truth from false evil. Truth and deception cannot walk togeter in unity and agreement!
This movement to global unity in love, peace, and for security is not only in the NAR, but also happening in every other area of human interaction. Everything is moving towards globalization: governance, religion, economy and business, education, media, health (Covid global pandemic) and culture (We are the world. We are the future.), etc.
Observe how over the years, the Pope has been working to unite all Christians (including Protestant denominations), Muslims (Chrislam), NAR leaders (unity declared by Kenneth Copeland) as a few examples. Politically, high ranking international leaders come for an audience with him to kiss his hand or ring. Another thing to examine is the Christians’ undevoted loyalty to Israel and the Jews. Why? The whole New Testament tells us about the Jews rejection of Jesus and persecution of Christians! True religious Jews still do not believe in Jesus as therefore are no longer in the “the family of the Father”! They are antichrist (holding to something or someone other than Jesus Christ to replace Him as Messiah). And if they are not religious Jews, then they are likely Zionist atheists. Yet, we side with Israel in its persecution of Palestinian Christians. Have you ever thought of that?
How can we all be agreed to be as one, when not all confess Jesus as Savior and Lord? Jesus Christ is the only Head of the true family of God! There is only 1 Way, only 1 gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the true gospel. If you do not have the Son Jesus Christ in love relationship, then you do not have the Father. Your church, religious rules, good works, or even proclamation of unity will not get you into the family/kingdom of God, the Creator Father.
If you study prophecy of the last days, you will know that globalization and one world religion characterize those days. We learn about the global governing beast of the sea and the one world religion headed by the false prophet/beast from the land. They are all about human unity without Jesus Christ (antichrist – instead of or replacing Christ). They are an elevation of what man can do in thier own efforts (humanism). And then there are those who whore against God by riding the worldly global goernment for luxury, comfort, and worldly riches. They go along for a ride of false love, false riches, false peace, and false security. For eventually, the beast truns violently on that whore.
This should bring us back to the tower of Babel under the evil charismatic dictator Nimrod! God will not have this. At the heart, man is evil. So, God will not have this be the final result of His creation. He has always had better plans. He is saving people into His kingdom of righteousness and peace and their free choice and changing their hearts! If His intension was to conquer the world by force, He could have done it long ago.
So, unity under God the Father, through Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, as led by the Holy Spirit, as one body in Christ, is true. But, unity of good and evil or under any other forced religion or false doctrine is antichrist unity, and will become an evil dictatorship. It is a false unity of good and evil that cannot stand. People will be required to make a choice to stand with JEsus in Truth or not. We can read end times prophesy in the Bible. Yet, even in those times of trouble and tribulation, Jesus will still be offering people to repent and turn to Him for their salvation out of the world and false leaders.

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