Knowing and Understanding Paul’s Passion in Romans 1: 8-13

Romans 1: 8-13
Now that I am on the older side of life, I so much understand the passion in these verses! I see them clearly as a mother, as well as for anyone who I love. It is my hope and pleasure when I am able to say….

  1. I thank God through Jesus for all of you, each one! You are so precious to me! I love you!
  2. I am so delighted to see you are still having faith in Jesus and being a good representative of HIm…by the commendations of others. I am thankful you have not been led away by deceptive doctrines, false leaders, distractions, or worldly enticements. Your heart, mind, soul, and focus is still faithfully on Jesus, and so I know you are on solid ground.
  3. I am also persevering in serving Him with my whole spirit by teaching the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ, and the fulfillment of God’s Word. I am delighted to share what the Holy Spirit teaches me in teh Word so that I might also help others as they walk through life.
  4. I incessantly mention you in my prayers! (More than you know.)
  5. I yearn to see you when I am able and you are available. Hugs are so special!
  6. I desire to impart and share with you the Word of God and some spiritual gift to strengthen and establish you in Jesus and Truth. I want to share and impart what I have learned over the years of applying God’s Word to my life.
  7. Our fellowship will result in our mutual strengthening, encouraging, and comforting one another in faith. I so appreciate all you give to me…love, joy, faithfulness, goodness, generosity, kindness, endurance and patience, gentleness, comforting, forgiveness, and preserving peace in relationships.
  8. What a delight for us to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit… the glory of God!
    If I feel this way towards my sons and their families, as well as all the others I love so much….then, think about how the Father feels when He can say these things to His sons and daughters!!!!

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