Romans 3


  1. Do Jews have any advantage? Yes, in that they were honored to be th people to usher in Jesus, the Messiah.
  2. All people sin and are unfaithful to God, including the Jews. So God made salvation based on His promises and faithfulness so it would be a sure opportunity for all people.
  3. God gave the Law to keep people in living right for their own good and to keep a people who would produce the Messiah on earth. The Law functioned to teach people what was wrong.
  4. God did something new and marvelous in Jesus! All people can now come into right relationship with God through faith in Jesus, not dependent on the Law. Salvation is by God’s promise and God’s grace.
  5. But, God’s grace and forgiveness are no excuse to sin. The Law is still true and good and right. When we follow Jesus in obedience to the Father, we are enabled to think and do what is right!
    Now, let’s turn our attention back to the actual focus of Romans 2-3…..the Jews. If it no longer matters if a person is Jew or Gentile now that all are saved through Jesus, then what advantage is left to being a Jew? The Jews were the ones who God entrusted with His Word, His gospel message, His prophecies of Jesus the Messiah! That is a high honor!
    But what about those Jews who were not faithful to God? Know that their unfaithfulness could never nullify God’s faithfullness and make it ineffective. God is always true, faithful, and just to His Word. God is faithful. No person will ever be able to judge against Him.
    Well then, if our unrighteousness reveals the righteousness of God and our falsehood manifests God’s integrity and glory, then can God really judge us when we sin? Some are actually slanderously saying that we teach that because of God’s grace and His gospel of salvation, we can go ahead and sin…because God will make it good anyway! NO! WRONG! God is no respecter of persons. He must judge the wrong of the whole world in truth. God’s grace does not excuse sin.
    The true fact is…..ALL people are under sin and held down by its power and control, both Jew and Gentile. No one is righteous and does right consistently. We all go wrong, unprofitable, worthless ways. Our words are corrupted. We walk towards destruction and misery. Humans on their own do not even recognize or know peace. They have no real reverential fear of God.
    So, God gave the Law to the Jews so that they might know right from wrong. The Law was to make people recognize and be conscious of sin, so that they would work towards repentance, faith, and holy character. The Law is good. God could preserve His people to bring foth His promised Messiah.
    But now God has done something new (verse 21)…a new and living Way that is a superior addition to the Law! This new righteousness of God comes by believeing with personal trust and confident reliance on Jesus Christ as the Messiah! AND it is meant for all who believe, Jew or Gentile, for there is no distinction! We were all sinners, but now through redemption in Jesus Christ, we are all justified and made in right standing with God the Father! AND God gives us His righteousness freely by His grace through our faith in Jesus.
    Do you see how much more awesome that is than trying to attain righteousness by working the Law??? The blood of Jesus became the atoning sacrifice that gave life and reconciliation for all who would receive Him by faith. Through Jesus death and resurrection, Holy God can truly forgive all sins of those who put their love and faith in Jesus!
    So, it is obvious that we cannot take any pride or boasting in our own righteousness at all! We are not made righteous unto God based on our good deeds or obedience to the Law, but rather on the principle of faith, a firmly relying relationship with Jesus! Jesus is the one who justifies us (makes us just as if we never sinned). Jesus paid the death penalty for our sins for us. We would never have been able to attain righteousness by our own efforts. Impossible!
    So then, does our new faith make the Law of no effect, or overthrow it, or make it a dead letter? Certainly not!!! Opposite…as people having been made righteous through our faith in Jesus, we should now confirm and establish and uphold the Law. It now fits who we are in Christ! The Law and Word of God is still right and true and good! It is just that now, we are more enabled to grow into God’s Word and keep it as “born again” righteous sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father!

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