Romans 5 – Can we comprehend what Jesus did for us at the cross?

Romans 5
Romans 5: 1-5
Can we grasp the fact that we enjoy peace with Holy Creator Father through Jesus Christ???
Consider everything that happens when we decide to accept Jesus offer of a loving faithful relationship……

  1. We are AQUITED of our sin and declared righteous.
  2. We are given RIGHT STANDING with God, the Father….reconciliation to hold and enjoy PEACE with God, our Creator….and now our Father!
  3. We now STAND FIRMLY and safely as a son or daughter of the Father through Jesus. He will never leave or forsake us!
  4. We now stand in God’s FAVOR, no longer under indignation and condemnation of sin.
  5. We can REJOICE in our HOPE of experiencing and enjoying the glory and presence of God.
  6. We can rejoice now that God is faithful to help us TRIUMPH THROUGH our troubles and sufferings, even using them to build our character in patience, endurance, approved faith, integrity, and the joyful hope of eternal salvation.
  7. God’s LOVE is poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
    Romans 5: 6-21
    This is extraordinary!!! Who would give their life for their enemy? How did holy God work this out justly?
    While we were powerless to help ourselves and still in sin, Jesus gave His life at the cross to pay for our sins and restore us to God. At the cross, the Father gave His only begotten Son. At the cross, the Holy Spirit seperated Himself from the Son. Such sacrificial love! This clearly proves God’s love for us, even when we were sinners! If we were reconciled to God through Jesus while being His enemies, then how much more certain we will be saved, through Jesus resurrection life, from God’s wrath to come….and not only that, but be daily saved from sin’s dominion over us! We can repent and daily be forgiven, again be separated from sin, and continue in love relationship with Him!
    Remember why we need this reconciliation through Jesus?
    Sin came into the world through one man with death as the result. It spread to all people. Adam is the original figure who brought destruction and condemnation, while Jesus is the Latter figure who reversed the destruction and came to save and restore. But, God’s grace in Jesus is way out of proportion to the fall of man! God’s undeserving, free gift abounded and overflowed profusely to save many and bring them to righteousness (right standing with God)! Can we even comprehend this?
    Sin ruled from Adam even before the Law. The Law just made sin more apparent. In some cases, it even increased temptations, like telling a child “no” and sometimes causing the child to want it more. But, God’s grace gift of Jesus surpasses it all and superabounds to those who will receive Him. So, just as sin reigned in death, now grace by righteousness through Jesus reigns in eternal life! Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law. Jesus is the new and living way to the Father! Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life! Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Anointed One, our Savior and Lord……forever!!!!!
    How could we ever take such a marvelous gift for granted??? What love is this?
  8. 1 John 3:1, “See what an incredible quality of love the Father has given (shown bestowed on) us, that we should be permitted to be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are!”

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