Romans 8 – A Treasure Chapter!

Romans 8: 1-14
The Law of God only revealed to us the wrong sinful nature of the flesh, and the resulting punishment of death. Our old nature was still controlled by the sinful flesh and its desires. But, now for all those who accept the sacrifice of Jesus and follow Him, God has deprived the sinful flesh of its control over us. Those who are living by the Holy Spirit are now enabled to be free to set their minds on and seek those things that please the Holy Spirit and lead to righteousness and abundant life.
The old sinful nature is limited to common sense and reason of man without the Holy Spirit, and often finds itself in miseries, stress, and strife. The mind of the Holy Spirit brings life and soul peace, along with guidance in right thinking and right doing. Even if your physical body is leading to error and death, your inner spirit is alive because of the righteousness imputed to you through being in Jesus. If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, then He is also able to restore and raise up our mortal bodies. He will not condemn us, but rather convict us of our sinful errors by comparing our thoughts and actions to righteousness, and lead us to repentance, resulting in forgiveness through Jesus.
So, you see we are no longer obligated to and in bondage to our carnal flesh to give into all its carnal desires and demands. Now, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we must strive habitually to put to death those evil flesh desires and deeds. Our new life habit should be to retrain our minds and actions to be like Jesus and follow Him. That will lead to life now and forever! Those who are led by the Holy Spirit are the true sons and daughters of God.
Romans 8: 14-26
This portion of scriptures is so very, very precious to me!
Through Jesus, we have become the very sons and daughters of Father God! He did not want slaves or robots. He wants a family to love! We have received the Holy Spirit seal of adoption. In great bliss, we can call out: “Abba – Daddy! Father!” The Holy Spirit will testify in our own spirit that we really are God’s children!
We are fellow heirs with Jesus! But, if we share in Jesus inheritance, then we also must realize that we will also share in His sufferings while in this world. But, what does the suffering of this temporary life compare with the glory of being the children of God (as revealed to us, now in us, for us, and conferred on us)?
We are not alone in the sufferings of this world. The whole creation is still moaning in sin and the resulting curse of decay and corruption. We and creation are waiting through birth pains and labors until the glorious kingdom of God is revealed and our bodies are redeemed as the fully manifested sons and daughters of God. Jesus is coming again as victorious King to establish His righeous kingdom on earth. This is our unseen hope. When we see Jesus face to face, we will be like Him! Faith receives what it cannot see with its physical senses, and works patiently with composure.
But, we have not been left alone in this situation of a fallen world and a body of flesh. We have and enjoy the firstfruits of the Holy Spirit inside us.
Romans 8: 26-39
The Holy Spirit is our constant Companion and Helper. He bears us up and comes to our aid in our weakness! The Holy Spirit even helps us to pray when we do not know what to say, even through our groaning, yearnings, and tears. The Holy Spirit intercedes and prays to God for us in accordance with the will of God. We can be assured that with the Holy Spirit partering with us, all things will work out together in the end and result in our benefit, according to God’s will and plan.
In verse 36, we read that God had foreordained to have a family like this, even before the beginning of creation. He called us to be His own, and upon our receiving Jesus, He justified us and even made us His own children, raising us to a heavenly dignity and condition as His sons and daughters.
Verse 31. Do you really understand all this? The bottom line is….if Almighty Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are for us, then who can be against us and hope to win? Who is there to truly condemn or accuse God’s children? God is on our side! God did not even withhold His only begotten Son, Jesus. How much more will He give us any other thing that is good for us!
Can anything seperate us from God and His love for us? No, nothing! Even suffering, afflictions, tribulations, calamities, distress, persecutions, hunger, or even martyrdom in this world cannot seperate us from God and His immense love for us! Through Him who loves us, we are more than conquerors and gain the surpassing victory over it all! In the world there are troubles, but God will never leave or forsake us and help us through them all! There is no doubt that even things of the spiritual world cannot separate us from God’s love….neither death nor life, angels or principalities, impending or threatening things to come, nor any other powers, nothing too high or too deep. Almighty God is our Father through Jesus and we are His children! Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit love us with assuring and secure faith! Even when we are weak and losing grasp of His hand, He will hold fast and strong, never losing His grip!

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