Romans 10

Romans 10: 1-13
This section of scriptures tells us about the Jews of Paul’s day who had religious zeal to follow religious Law, but really did not know God in personal relationship and also rejected Jesus. We still have this happening today in Christianity via religious laws and popular culture as rejecting Jesus. Some good people have a zeal to be a good person or even a religous zeal for God, but they are missing something vital!
They are ignorant of God ascribing acceptance and right standing by their submitting and entering a love and faith relationship with Jesus, God’s Son…. instead of attaining right standing by their own good works and success. They think they can be good enough to get to heaven (if they believe there is such an after life), without knowing or having any real relationship with Jesus. (I encourage you to read the parable in Matthew 25: 1-13 about the 10 virgins. What did Jesus say to the 5 virgins who came to His door too late? “Truly I tell you, I do not know you.”)
Here is reality. If a perfect holy almighty God exists, no one can stand perfect in their works before His judgement. If He is just and perfect, He must judge evil to establish good. How can anyone then be saved?
If anyone decides to believe in, adhere to, trust in, put faith in, and come into love relationship with Jesus, God will receive Jesus sacrificial payment for thier sins, and impart right standing on that person. It is primarily a heart (love and faith) issue. And because the mouth speaks what the heart truly believes, it will become the confession of the mouth also. (Luke 6:45, “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”)
It is also by confession of the mouth that vows are made. It is about recognizing that I cannot be good enough and then humbling myself to realize I need a Savior and knowing that Jesus is God’s provision….and then asking Jesus to be in that love and faith relationship with me. Beleive by faith and love in my heart and confess and ask with my mouth. Then be faithful to follow Jesus and let Him lead. Have Jesus as my Savior and Lord! (it is like a marriage covenant where a bride vows her love, faithfulness, and life to take her husband’s name and follow his lead.)
He is faithful to reply and be my Savior and Lord for the rest of my life and all eternity. I receiev forgiveness, with no more shame and guilt, and a future that is all for my good. Whe I give and leave my “self” life, I gain His eternal righteous life! (Matthew 16: 25). This is even more than we can imagine or would ever expect! We have just entered into “marriage” relationship with the King of Kings! Maybe that is why some people find it hard to believe? Or could it be they are too full of pride in their own goodness and good works that they believe they do not need Jesus? Truth is….righteousness is only available on and through Jesus.
Romans 10: 13-21
Everyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be saved (from the curse of sin and death, and transfered into the blessing of righteousness and life).
But, how can someon believe in Jesus if they have never heard of Him? How precious are those who tell the good news of Jesus! Faith in Jesus can come after hearing the Truth about Him. But, some will still not believe.
What about the the Jews who do not accept Jesus as the promised Messiah, much less believe He is the Savior of the Gentile world? They should look back at God’s ancient promises through His prophets. They prophesied about Israel falling away as a nation under God and all other nations being offered to be included in salvation. (Isaiah 52: 7, Isaiah 53:1, Psalms 19:4, Deuteronomy 32: 21, Isaiah 65: 1-2). If they would have read and studied the Word of God, they should know the truth. If we would read the Word of God, then we would know the truth.
Maybe your propblem is that you have never checked the evidence that God’s Word (the Bible) is true and think it is just another book? There is no other ancient writing/book with as great a proof of correlation to reality, historical accuracy, prophetic accuracy fulfilled, and wisdom as the Bible and it was written by many authors over thousands of years but is consistent within itself.
Maybe you need to position yourself more often to reading and hearing the gospel….God’s Good News….God’s written Words…the Bible! And then decide you want to get to know Him and be in a relationship or maybe a closer relationship with Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You have nothing to lose and all to gain!

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