Hebrews 3

Remember that this message is being directed to the Jews, the descendents of Abraham concerning their promised Messiah, their true High Priest. The Hebrew people considered Moses to be the greatest leader of all. So, the message is given that Jesus is much greater than Moses! This is compared to the builder of the house being greater than the house. Moses was faithful as a servant of God over the people of the Hebrew household. But, Jesus is faithful as the Son of God over all of God’s house and anyone who holds firmly with confidence, faith, and hope in Him.
Psalm 95: 7-11 is used to remind them to listen to God and hold fast to their conviction, faith in, trust in, and devotion to Jesus until the very end and never hearden their hearts towards Him. They are reminded of how their ancesters hardened their hearts towards God and went astray resulting in 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. These people who rebelled against God were the very same people who saw all the miracles of their deliverance from Egypt! They would not believe God or obey Him and follow Him, so they could not enter into His rest. Let’s not make the same mistake offered by sin’s deceitfulness. We must stand in strong conviction and operational faith and trust in Jesus unto the end! And these new Christians of Jewish ancestry had to hear this message because they were being persecuted heavily even unto death! To embrace the salvation of Jesus as their Messiah, they could not harden their hearts and go back to Judaism! Chapter 4 goes on to encourage them and give them great hope and confidence in Jesus!

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