Hebrews 5: 1-10

Hebrews 5: 1-10
Moving into these next chapters of Hebrews, we need to remember that this was written to Jewish Christians. They were well acquainted with the Old Covenant Law with God that came through Moses. They were well aware of the Old Testament prophets and promises of a Messiah. Now, they need to understand how Jesus is the Messiah and the High Priest of the New Covenant. We also should understand.
In the Old Covenant, the High Priest offered gifts and sacrifices for sins using the life blood of animals. He could be compassionate towards the people because he was also a sinner. Every High Priest was called by God through the generational line of Levi, just as Aaron, the first High Priest. Jesus was also called and appointed by God as the great High Priest of the New Covenant. Jesus was human as well as God, so He was also compassionate towards those who would follow Him, yet without sin in Himself.
Jesus was a High Priest of the New Covenant, the same as Melchizedek. He was not like a High Priest of the Old Covenant in being after the generational line of the Levitical priesthood. Jesus was born from the line of Judah. Melchizedek was the king of Salem (Jerusalem which means peace) way before Moses initiated the Law and the Old Covenant with its Levitical priesthood. Melchizedek means “my King is Righteousness”. So, Melchizedek ruled over a peaceful city as a righteous king and high priest….a theocracy. And Abraham brought him tithes to honor him.
Jesus, who also is not a decendant of the Livitical line, is our forever King AND High Priest of God’s New Covenant over all of His holy city of Jerusalem, the city of peace. No opinion can change this truth. One day, all people will see Yeshua (Jesus) as King and High Priest at the right hand of His Father ruling in the new, holy, peaceful city of Jerusalem for eternity! Yeshua (Jesus) is our loving, faithful, High Preist and King of Righteousness over the whole household of God, in the totally peaceful and holy city of Jerusalem (Shalom). The Father (Yahweh), the Son (Yeshua), and the Holy Spirit are now restored in love with their created sons and daughters as a forever family in a place of great peace and unity.

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