Hebrews 6: 3-8

Hebrews 6: 3 – 8
In a previous lesson, we listed the elementary foundations of our foundational faith in Jesus. We are now moving on to advanced teaching. It begins with a very serious warning in verses 4-8. When you move on to advanced and enlightened teaching of truth in Jesus, and experience the heavenly gift of salvation through intimate relationship with Jesus, and become sharers in the Holy Spirit, and have experienced the mighty powers of the age to come, then the choice to depart from faithful allegiance to God is very serious!
If you, in your heart, after truly knowing Him uin advanced truth, turn away from your faithful allegiance to God, it is total mutiny and making alliance with satan. From this place of intimately knowing and loving God into regarding Him with contempt and disgrace, there will be no repentance. You have hardened your heart towards God. This is not just simplistic disobedience or falling away due to deception. The mutinous person knows deep truth and yet has conciously and deliberately chosen evil, being fully aware of his/her choice. And that person will reap the consequences of his/her choice. A person cannot continue to receive God’s favor and blessings and at the same time continually dishonor God and work against Him. God is just.
No person is perfect because all sin. But, when a babe in Christ, with a heart to please God, is rebellious or sins, yet is also willing to repent and try to grow in righteousness, God gives mercy and forgiveness. This is totally different than someone who has experienced a spiritually mature love relationship with God, someone who really knows Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, someone who has deep spiritual insight, and yet in complete knowing turns on God in mutiny and rebellion. For this kind of rebellion, there will be no repentance and returning to God….thier heart is now hardened and set against God.
So, we must be solid and faithful in our foundational elementary convictions and relationship with Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as we move into deeper spiritual things! Knowing God more intimately brings wisdom and superabundant, wondrous reward, but it also carries great responsibility and requires consistent reverence, respect, and honor for who God is. He is to be our first love. We are to be the faithful bride of Christ and not be adulterous.
Are you ready to know Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit on a more advanced level? Do you want to become spiritually mature? Do you want to experience the mighty spiritual power of God? Then, you better be sure of your complete loyal faithful alliegiance as in “no matter what”, and “even unto death” with absolute hope in entering into the eternal kingdom of God. Have you vowed to totally love and serve Him with thanksgiving forever!
The justified will live by their love and faith in God continuously and forever. Getting to know God more is the highest reward, but intimacy requires faithfulness. It also requires focus and effort and growing time. Also know that God loves you and will not bring you into a spiritually advanced level until you are ready to be responsible for it. So, do not try to “jump into” spiritual things for yourself, ahead of Him! Be sure you are following the Holy Spirit and not another deceiving spirit. It begins by knowing God’s written Word of truth in the Bible. You must be equipped with His Word if you ever hope to spiritually mature and be enabled to avert deception and temptations. Are you growing in the Lord or are you still a babe in Christ?

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