Hebrews 9 – New Covenant in Yeshua is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant and far, far superior!

Hebrews 9
This chapter is so enlightening! It is very revealing of God and His ways. God is a good Father and knows that people need training, often by using examples, foreshadowing, prophecy, and consistent patterns. And all things in the Bible, His Word, always point to the main focus of the Father, which is the ministry of His Son Jesus, Yeshua who is the Word of God made manifest.
The very Hebrew name of God and Jesus are prophetic! The Hebrew name of God the Father is Yahweh meaning “Lord”. The formal Hebrew name that Mary was instucted to name Jesus is Yehoshua, meaning “the Lord is salvation.” A shortened version (nickname) for Yehoshua is Yeshua (which if translated properly into English should be Joshua.) Do you recall that it was Joshua who was faithful, full of strenth and courage, and brought the people victoriously into the Promised Land?) We see in the name of God (Yahweh), the example, foreshadowing, prophecy, and consistent pattern of Yeshua (Jesus) as the Lord, the Savior, the High Priest, the victorious King, the Son of God, the true Anointed One!

Here is Hebrews 9, we see that the tabernacle/temple of the Old Covenant is also an example, foreshadow, prophecy, and consistent pattern of Yeshua as Lord, Savior, and High Priest. God had shown Moses His Most Holy Place; and Moses was to make the Old Covenant tabernacle on earth as a copy of God’s heavenly tabernacle (verse 23). More on this in the next lesson.
Yehoshua entered this actual, heavenly, Most Holy Place and became the eternal, prophesied, perfect, and true High Priest by offering His own blood for the remission of the sins of man. Christ (meaning the Anointed One) is the mediator of a New Covenat for a promised eternal inheritance to all who believe in Him! The Old Covenant was a matter of religious regulations and methods to help people understand, practice, experience, and apply until the real event of salvation through Yeshua came. It also served to help people think and walk in God’s right ways so that a people could be prepared to produce the Messiah Yeshua.
In the case of a will, it is necessary that one die before the will goes into effect. In death, the life is removed. Leviticus 17: 11-14 tells us that the life is in the blood. And here in Hebrews 9: 22, we read that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. Also, remember that death is the judgment, payment, and consequence of sin (Romans 6:23, Romans 5:12-21, James 1:15, Hebrews 2:14, 1 Corinthians 15: 21 and 56). This is why the foreshadowing in the Old Covenant required the life blood of animals and why Yeshua was required to shed His life blood as the perfect sacrifice for our remission of sin and giving of eternal life in salvation. When Yeshua presented His holy perfect blood to Yehwah in the actual Holy Place as the perfect sacrifice, it was done once and for all time. There was no necessity for Yeshua the Anointed One (Jesus Christ) to suffer over and over again. People die once and after that the judgment. Yeshua died once to take away the sins of many so that He can bring eternal salvation to all who are waiting for Him. This New Covenant is so much more superior to the Old Covenant that it is almost beyond words! All glory and honor to Yeshua the Anointed High Priest and King!

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