Hebrews 9 – Perfect Foreshadowing of Jesus

Hebrews 9 – The earthly tabernacle is a copy and prophetic foreshadow of Yeshua’s ministry and Yahweh’s Most Holy Place. I would like to share some ways the Old Covenant prophetically foreshadows the New Covenant and points to Jesus (Yeshua).

  1. There is a right (righteous ) way to worship God. It is not just any way that an individual chooses.
  2. The rules were written on stone tablets and in scrolls, but today the rules for thinking and doing right are written in our hearts and minds.
  3. The Old Covenant Holy Place was a Tabernacle/Temple with 3 area going from public, to combined worship, to the Holy of Holies. The New Covenant Holy Place is in the believer/follower of Jesus who has a public external body, a relational personality, and an inner spiritual person filled with the Holy Spirit.
  4. The entrance to each area was a hanging curtain. In order, they were called the gate, the door, and the veil. The person had to bow down to enter. Jesus hung on the cross and made a way/entrance for us when we bow down to honor and worship Him. In Hebrew, “gate” means “opening” or “to open up”. Jesus said He was the only Way and the Door to open up he Father. He also spoke of being the Good Shepherd who guards the gate.
  5. These curtains were woven of white, blue, and scarlet threads. Jesus is the combination of King (blue royalty) and High Priest (by His sacrificial blood) of righteousness (white). Jesus is our gate to justification, sanctification, and glorification.
  6. Only the totally cleansed High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies presence of Holy God just once a year with a blood sacrifice to sprinkle on His Mercy Seat for the forgiveness of all the peoples’ sins. Jesus is the real High Priest who sacrificed His own blood and presented it before the merciful throne of the Holy Father for the remission of sin – only this time it was one time for all who would side with Him. When Jesus died on the cross and spoke, “It is finished”, then the curtain/veil into the Holy of Holies was torn and split in two so that all could now access the throne of merciful, Holy God through Jesus. Jesus opened up the Way.
  7. The outer court allowed exposure of God for Gentiles and had the brazen alter for sacrifices and the Laver with water for cleansing. Only believing Jews could enter the next room, the Holy Place. The only light in this second room, was the 7 candlestick menorah on the left side. The table of 12 loaves of unleavened bread was on the right. Just before the veil of The Holies at the end of this room, was the altar of incense for prayers. In the Holy of Holies, the most inner third room, was the ark of the covenant with the mercy seat and 2 cherubim. Inside this ark was the 2 stones of the 10 commandments, Aaron’s rod that budded as alive, and a container of manna from the wilderness. All these things point to Jesus….the sacrificial Lamb of God (altar of sacrifice), Living Water and baptism in Jesus name (Laver bowl with water), the Light of the world, Bright Morning Star, having the complete 7 spirits of Holy God, Overcomer of darkness (Menorah), sinless Bread of Life and the Word of God (unleavened bread), One in perfect communion with God and Rose of Sharon (altar of incense), perfect Advocate, Intercessor, High Priest, Prince of Peace (high priest), One full of love, mercy, compassion and praised by the angels (ark of covenant and mercy seat), the One perfect in obedience to God, His laws and His Words and a fulfillment of the prophets(10 commandments), Eternal Life as the one who died but lives forever (Aaron’s budding rod), the Bread sent from heaven to sustain and give life to God’s people even when they do not know and ask “what is this” (manna).
    God has hidden much more revelation of Jesus in even all the tiny details of the Tabernacle, its’ set up, and its furnishings. He is so amazing and perfect!
    Psalm 100: 2-5…Acknowledge the Lord is God….enter His gates with tanksgiving and His courts with praise….the Lord is good and His unfailing love continues forever….

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