Hebrews 10: 22-39

Hebrews 10: 22-39
Last time we realized that we are welcome into the very presence of Holy Father through Jesus, and can now have our own personal relationship with Jesus and the Heavenly Father, being filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus made this Way possible! Therefore, what must I strive to do?

  1. Draw near to Jesus and Father with a true, honest, sincere heart.
  2. Have absolute assuarance (hope), conviction (faith) and confidence (trust) in God by leaning my entire person on Him and His power, wisdom, and goodness.
  3. Receive with joy the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus knowing that it purifies my heart and do not entertain a guilty conscience or evil doubts.
  4. Sieze my hope in Him and hold it fast without wavering or doubting, and keep confessing (talk back to the doubts and fears) that He Who promised is reliable, sure, and faithful to His Words.
  5. Give attention and continuous care to watching over one another.
  6. Study how we may stir up and stimulate one another as believers towards love, helpful deeds, and noble activities. Admonish, warn, urge, encourage one another faithfullly, especially in hard times of trouble.
  7. If anyone deliberately and willingly turns away from God, after knowing the real Truth of Jesus as the complete and final sacrifice for sin, then that person is in a worse state. That is trampling on Jesus. There is no other sacrifice/payment for sin. This rejection of Jesus leaves them with nothing but facing the awful propsect of final divine judgment that will consume everyone who is in opposition to God. Even under the Law of Moses, those who rejected the Law were put to death. How much worse and heavier punishment will the person who tramples over the Son of God deserve? They are considering the blood of Jesus as common, unhallowed…and they profane and insult it. This outrages the Holy Spirit who is the One who imparts grace and the unmerited favor and blessing of God. God will judge evil with righteous justice.
  8. If you are ridiculed, endure painful struggles, insulted, abused, distressed, imprisoned, or plundered; then remember that you have the better and lasting possession of Jesus with eternal life! So keep on keeping on in fearless confidence which carries great and glorious reward.
  9. Have steadfast patience and endurance to fully do the will of God, and thus receive and enjoy to the full what He has promised. Jesus will return and keep His promises.
  10. The justified shall live by faith in God. God’s righteous servant will live by his conviction of relationship with God through Jesus and then joining Him in righteous living. If God’s people shrink back in fear, that does not bring pleasure to God. God delights when we live in an attitude and actions demonstrating our faith and trust in Him.
  11. Do not allow yourself to draw back or distance yourself from God. Rather believe, cleave to, trust in, rely on God through Jesus Christ, the Messiah Savior….and in this way, by love and faith in God you preserve your soul.

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