Hebrews 11: 14-40 Keep-On-Keeping-On With Jesus

Hebrews 11: 14-40. How does a person live by faith? They keep moving forward and trusting God in whatever lies ahead. They do not look back because that only gives opportunity to return or fall back. Remember how the unbelieving and unfaithful Israelites in teh wilderness would not move ahead into the Promised Land because of fear and doubt, but instead wanted to return to slavery in Egypt? Likewise, now that Jesus has delivered us out of the world’s fallen ways and brought us into the household of the Father through Jesus, let’s never entertain any thoughts of going back into the world’s ways….just because that might look familiar and easier.
Instead, be like the faithful people in the Bible who aspire in hope that with God, they are going through to a better place. Look to God’s promises and commands. Let faith in God sustain and control you. Be prompted, motivated, and urged on by your faith in God, especially when things look hard or very troublesome. Press on and trust God, even when you do not see how things will work out. God completely assured us that He is with us.
These verses in Hebrews 11 give many examples of people who did just that. They lived by their convictions and fiath in God, always believing His promises, and following His commands and ways. And even if they did not see the fulfillment of His promises in this earthly life, they trusted Him for their great eternal rewards.
We are supposed to join these heros of faith. We are supposed to always live according to our faith in God, move forward with God, without fear and doubt, with total faith, trust, and hope in God. This kind of faith in God will give us the courage and strength to keep moving forward, even if we need to enter eternity to see the fulfillment and rewards. This kind of faith is pleasing to God because it reveals our real heart and thoughts about Him. Our faith is more precious than perishable gold refined and purified by fire, when it is also tested and found to be genuine and pure, and brings glory and honor to Jesus our Savior and Lord. 1 Peter 1:7.

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