Hebrews 12: 12-13 When we are weak, He is strong…so be encouraged!

Hebrews 12: 12-13
……So then….after knowing there will be trouble from evil forces and the world, as well as correction and discipline from the Lord….so then….

  1. Brace up and reinvigorate yourself.
  2. Set right your weakened droopy hands.
  3. Strengthen your weakened tottering knees.
  4. Cut through and make a firm, plain, smooth, striaght path (narrow road Matthew 7:14) for your feet, going in the right (righteous) direction to make them safe, upright, and happy.
    Then, your weakened and lame limbs will not be put out of joint, but rather cured!
    I am ecouraged (given courage to keep going in faith) with this message. At my age, my physical body has many parts that are wearing out and becoming weak and even lame. But, here the Holy Spirit tells me to reinvogorate myself in Hin again, and brace myself up by faith in God. I need to pick my limbs up and keep serving Him. I need to pursue His right (righteous) ways and path. I need to cut away everything that would try to hinder me in following Him.
    And then, here comes the promise (what I must believe even when I do not see it – Hebrews 11:1)….He wil keep me safe, make me upright (righteous), be my joy, and He will cure my limbs so they are not out of joint or disabled! I am believing that as I earnestly try to follow Him, He will give me strength to do whatever He calls me to do.
    But also….Do you see the spiritual significance and promise in this? This being reinvigorated, encouraged, strengthened, given hope, made secure in faith, experiencing the joy of the Lord…it all happens inside me…in my inner spirit being! And this is also eternal reward in Him. I need to be more spirit-focused and less physical flesh and emotion focused…..more eternal focused and less temporal earth mindful.
    God’s love for His children is so great and He is so faithful! He will never leave or forsake us, and He always walks alongside us – especially when things are hard. I have been made a child of the Almighty Father! Rejoice! He supports me and is my strong foundation forever. We can believe it and have sure faith in Him, even if we do not always feel or see what we are hoping for….we know He has promised that He is the victory and He delights for us to share in His victory at the end! We have eternal life! We have joy in belonging to Him! We have His sure Word and promises! We have love, faith, and hope eternally!
    So, brace yourself. Be extended courage and strength through Him because the Lord is with you. Joshua 1: 6-7. Pursue right thinking and right doing (the toughts behind your forehead and the workings of your right hand being marked by God and His righteous ways, instead of having your thoughts and actions marked by the evil beast and its worldly ways. Ephesians 4:30. Revelation 7: 4-5, 13:16. Rejoice! Jesus is coming again as Victor and King! In Jesus, we win and find great eternal reward! Ready…Set….Go! Run the good race with Him!
    1 Corinthians 4:16, “Do not become discouraged. Though our outer man is progressively decaying and wasting away, our inner self is being progressively renewed day after day.”

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