Hebrews 12: 18-29 Do You Fear God?

Hebrews 12: 18-29
Almighty God deserves all honor and praise. We should be thankful that Almighty God is so good, compassionate, and just. What if an evil ruler had power and authority above all?
Consider what it means to have reverent fear of God.
Moses and the Israelites saw physical earthly manifestations of God that brought awfoul and terrifying phenomena that had them trembling in fear. They could not bear to hear the commands of the Lord and sent Moses up the mountain to meet with God.
now consider that we have come up to the Heavenly Mount Zion in the very presence of God Almighty through Jesus. Countless angels surround Him in worship and praise. This is the assembly (church) of the Firstborn, who sits at the right hand of the God who judges all! Jesus is our Mediator of a New Covenant relationship with God, through His own blood. He brings His followers into the very presence of Almighty God!
So, listen. This is important. If the Israelites did not escape punishment and death when they refused to listen to God’s warnings and instructions sent in earthly signs to obey God, then how much less will we escape when we reject and turn our backs on Him when He speaks to us directly from heaven, and even with Jesus our Savior and MEdiator at His right hand! How much greater is Jesus than earthly signs and wonders! Jesus tore down the veil so we might actually come into the presence of Almighty God to talk with Him before His throne in heaven! His grace is now actually available to us if we come to Him.
But, He has promised….once at Mount Sinai, He shook the earth to initiate His covenant with man through Moses, yet once more He will shake the earth and heavens to complete that which He has created, and that shaking at the Lord’s Day is through Jesus return. Only what cannot be shaken will remain. Therefore, let’s receive from Him a kingdom that cannot be shaken and is instead firm and stable.
Offer God pleasing worship and service, with modesty (humbleness), pious care, godly fear, and awe. For our God is indeed a consuming fire! He is worthy of reverent holy fear!

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