Psalms 1-5

I am sensing a leading into Psalms. This study may go more quickly than in the past. If I stay in the Word of God both day and night, then I will likely have more than one Psalm a day. Assuming most people will not go to this blog every day, I hope the Holy Spirit directs you to the ones that will encourage and speak to you most. I hope the sharing of what I learn as I meditate on God’s Word will bless and and encourage other followers of Jesus….as a light in a dark place.
What can we learn from the Psalms of David?
“Acts 13:22, “He raised up David to be their king, of him He bore witness and said, I have found David the son of Jesse to be a man after My own heart, who will do all My will and carry out My program fully.”
I think we have a lot we can learn from such a man who follows and is obedient to Truth and the heart of God.

Psalm 1 Blessed with Abundant Life and Good Fruit
This Psalm tells us how to be blessed, happy, fortunate, prosperous, and even envied by worldly people. If we do these things, we will be like a well-watered tree with leaves that do not wither and bear good mature fruit.
Those who are disobedient and living without God will not see these blessings. Their end is dead, worthless, and without substance…they will end in ruin and come to nothing. They will not be jsutified in the judgement and have no place in the fellowship of the righteous with God. They do not want to follow God and would be out of their element if they were with God in heaven. They cannot endure God in their corrupted state. They are anti-christ. They must repent and change to a love relationship with God and become a new creature (born again).
So, once we are loving and following Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, how do we live in His blessings?

  1. Do not live and walk in ungodly worldly counsel….their advise, purposes, or plans. Walk away. Come out of her (the world), My children.
  2. Do not be submissive to or walk in the path sinners walk. Do not tolerate or condone what is wrong or walk in peer or cultural pressure.
  3. Do not relax and rest where the scornful and mockers sit. Walk away, brush the dust off of your feet, and hold fast to God’s blessings on yourself.
  4. Do delight in and desire the Word of God and His ways…..and habitualy study and meditate them as continual thoughts… and night.
    We exist in the world, but we are not to be of it, meaning we physically live here, but are not to have it as our source, focus, way, or goal. Choose to find the narrow road of righteousness, even if few walk God’s way. Matthew 7:14. Romans 12:2. John 3:16. John 14:17. Ephesians 2.
    Try to apply this and you will find it takes great conviction and then corresponding action to do it with faith in God first.

Psalm 2 Psalm about anti-christ kings and rulers….including prophecy.
Psalm 2 is prophetic and aligns with Revelation. Read this Psalm and consider what is happening in the world today.
Verse 1: “Why do the nations assemble with uproar and confusion of voice? The kings of the earth take their place, the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and His Anointed One. Did you think of the United Nations, G8 Summit, World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, or even the Bilderberg Group or New World Order? Maybe you thought of the uproar between rulers of the nations like America, Russia, China, Korea, Iran, Israel, etc.
What are they saying? They say they will cast away moral restraint and the cords of the control of God! WOW! Who do they think they are?
God laughs and has them in derision. In His displeasure and anger, He terrifies them with troubles, and confounds them. Isaiah 41:11. Revelaton 6:15. Also consider the warnings of the 7 trumpets and 7 bowls of wrath in Revelation.
In their efforts to make themselves kings, Almighty God declares….I have anointed and installed My King firmly on My Holy Mount Zion. I have said to Yehoshua (Jesus) that He is My only begotton Son and My promised Messiah! The Father will give the nations to Jesus as His inheritance, and all the earth as His possession. Jesus will break evil and evildoers with a rod of iron. Revelation 2:27, 12:5, 19:15. Revelation 17:14. Zephaniah 3:8.
Therefore, kings and rulers, you should act wisely, be instructed and warned (remember the warning messages that call people to repentance in Revelation?). Serve the Lord with reverent awe and worshipful fear. Rejoice in that you are being warned, but with trembling lest you displease Him. Pay homage (humble your “self”) to His Son Jesus with a pure heart or you will perish. Jesus is the only Way to be saved. Blessed are those who seek refuge and put their trust in Jesus! John 3:16. John 14:6. Revelation 11:18, 15:4.

Psalm 3
Read this and see if you have ever felt this way…..intend to remember it if you ever encounter these circumstances in the future….
Lord, many are rising against me and troubles are increasing. People are actually talking about me and say there is no help for me even in God! Seriously? Nothing is impossible with You! You are my shield and will lift up my head.
When I cry, You hear and answer me from Your Holy Temple. Wow! Just thing of that! When I sleep and wake up, it is You who sustains me and gives me life another day. I will not be afraid even if multitudes of people come against me because You are with me and You are greater! What can man do to me? You have eternity in Your hands.
I can come and ask You to help! Arise, Lord, and save me! Disgrace the face of my enemies and stop their ungodly bites. I see the answer. Salvation belongs to You Lord! May Your blessing be on Your people! I am Your people! Hallelujah! You have the victory! Oh my soul, pause and think about that!!!

Psalm 4
This is how reading Psalm 4 can become my prayer……
Oh Lord, who has bestowed righteousness and right standing to me through Jesus. I remember how you freed me when I was enslaved by satan, and trapped in my fallen flesh in a fallen world. Through Jesus, You enlarged me into being one of Your very own children, Your very own people. Continue to have your loving-kindness and mercy on me and hear my prayer.
How long will the worldly people turn my honor and reputation as Your people into shame? How long will they continue to love vanity and seek after futile lies? When will they learn that the Lord has set apart for Himself those who choose godliness and loving-kindness. Lord, I have chosen You and I know you listen and help when I call to You.
It makes me angry and I am amazed at their foolishness. I do not follow the world in their sin. Instead, I commune with my own heart to examine if there is any evil way in me and I repent if anything is revealed. I determine to offer obedience to You and a just and right sacrifice of “self”. I trust, lean on, and am confident in You Lord. It is not material goods that I need to prove Your love for me. The light of Your countenance upon me is my goal. They think their abundant wheat and wine are the way to joy. But, real joy and the rejoicing of my heart is in You! Therefore, in peace I will lie down and sleep, knowing with confident trust that You alone make me dwell in safety. You give me true peace. You are my God and I am Your people!

Psalm 5 Another prayer example….applicable when under persecution….
My King and God, to You I pray. Please listen to my cry with burdensome groaning. In the morning I raise my voice to greet You. I watch and wait for you to speak to my heart. My spirit longs to hear Your voice.
Lord, I know You hate wickedness, neither will evil people dwell with You. Boasters, full of self and pride, have no standing in Your sight. And You abhor and reject evil people who lie, are bloodthirsty, and deceitful.
But for me who is learning righteousness in Jesus, You welcome me into Your house through the abundance of Your stedfast love and mercy. I will worship You with reverent fear and in awe of Your might.
Lead me Lord in Your righteousness. Make Your way straight, right, and level before me. I desire to follow You.
The evildoers of the world are a burden. There is nothing trustworthy, steadfast, faithful, or true in their talk. Their heart is destruction and their mouth is an open pit to catch others by flattery and smooth talk. Hold them guilty Lord. Let them fall by their own evil designs and counsels, as a result of their own transgressions. They rebel against You.
But, let those of who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice, because You make a covering over us and defend us. We love Your name and find our joy in You! You bless those who are in right standing with You through Jesus. With a shield You will surround Your people with goodwill and favor. Hallelujah!
I can easily see how applicable this prayer will be for those who suffer persecution and even martyrdom under anti-christ leaders in the last days! Can you?

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