Psalm 10 What about evil in the world today?

Psalm 10
David is burdened by all the evil he sees in the world. He is disgusted with wicked people. So He is bearing his heart to God. He wonders why God allows all of it. I have thought and felt the same way in our day and time. Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. We still live in a fallen world with corrupted people making horrible choices.
David speaks about many ways that wicked people full of pride and arrogance act wickedly. They….
Hotly pursue and persecute the poor.
Devise schemes.
Boast of their own heart’s desires.
Greedy for gain.
Curse, spurn renounce, and despise the Lord.
Claim there is no God based on their never being punished.
Persistent deeds are grievous all the time.
Think that no one or nothing can move them. They are from ancestry that is never in want and above adversity.
Their mouth is full of cursing, deceit, oppression, fraud, mischief, manipulation, lies, and iniquity.
Hide in ambush to stealthily slay the innocent, poor, helpless, unfortunate in order to crush and devour them.
Lurk in secret places and draw their victims into their net to bring them down.
Think no one, even God, will see their deeds.
In seeing all this wickedness in the world, David prays for God’s help for rescue and deliverance.
Verse 12…”Arise, Oh Lord! Oh God, lift up Your hand, forget not the humble.” He contnues to express that the wicked condemn God and think You do not hold them accountable. You see it! You have vexation and grief over it all too! You are the God who has compassion to help the unfortunate and fatherless!
I am reminded that as fallen people, we all begin as unfortunate and without our Father (fatherless). Only Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, our Savior, brings us back to being an adopted child restored with the Father. Jesus came to resque and deliver us from evil and wickedness!
The Psalm continues….Lord, break the arm of the wicked evil men! Search out all wickedness until You find no more!
Jesus has broken the arm of Satan and evil. He will come again to rid the earth of all evil!
In truth, the Lord is King forever! Nations will perish out of His land. The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it! This is prophetic of the time when all of God’s purposes and plans will be fulfilled….and all fulfilled in Jesus….the great gospel message of salvation from evil!
Lord, You have heard the longing desire of the humble and oppresed. You will prepare, strengthen, and direct their hearts. You will hear and do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed so that wicked earthly men may not terrify them anymore. Hallelujah!
God hears us even now in this temporary life. We may not always see the good changes we long for in this world. God works in our hearts, from the inside, to prepare, strengthen, and direct us, to walk with Him, through it (like walking on water while focusing on Jesus!). The justified will live by faith and trust in God! We live according to our faith. We continue to live our life in Christ by enduring and continuing to trust God, even in trouble.
Many today are preparing for their physical needs should great tribulation come. But, I have learned that it is more important to prepare your heart! That is why I focus on God’s Word, staying in close relationship wtih God through prayer and communication with Him, and write these posts and my Prepare the Way blog to help others prepare, strengthen, and direct their hearts also. Be encouraged as you see the Lord’s Day approaching!

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