Psalm 13-18 Prayer Guides and Prophecy of Jesus

Psalm 13
This Psalm makes me think of a thought my friend recently shared with me…we must remember that David was also in process of growing to maturity in the Lord too. He was human just like us. In this Psalm, we find a despondent David. Remember, that God had Samel anoint David to be the next king, but King Saul did not want this so he was pursuing David to kill him. David and some followers had fled for their lives to the wilderness. Maybe that helps us understand David’s thoughts and feelings in this Psalm. He was in a hard, dark place for an extended time.
Likely, we have all felt this way in such times. Lord, are You still there? I sure do not seem to be hearing Your voice or sensing Your presence. How long do I need to endure before relief comes? Enlighten me. Will my enemy win and kill me? Am I headed for heaven now? Will my enemy gloat over my dead body?
This even reminds me of Jesus words while in deep, deep darkness….”My God, My God, Why have You forsaken Me?” Mark 15:34. Jesus was quoting Psalm 22:1. Again, we glimpse the prophetic Word of God.
But, David needs to get back to thinking right. Many of the Psalms begin in lament, but end in praise. Here David ends with….I have trusted, leaned on, and been confident in Your mercy and loving-kindness. In Your salvation, I will rejoice and be in high spirits! I will sing to You Lord in thanksgiving. You have done bountifully with me! Even when things are dark on the outside, we can be enlightened and rejoice on the inside!

Psalm 14
This Psalm is about the nature of fallen sinful man. Everyone is born withthis fallen nature. Even when we do become new creatures in Jesus Christ, we still have to deal with the flesh.
The person who says in his/her heart that there is no God, is an empty headed fool! The Lord searches the earth to see if there are any who understand, deal wisely, and seek God…inquiring for and of Him as a required, vital necessity. Those He will receive unto Himself.
But, they have all gone aside and become filthy. This very Psalm is used in Romans 3:12. All have sinned. All need a Savior. Even the Jews who were given the Law were eaten up by the workers and works of iniquity. Those who promote sin will come to fear and dread God. But, God is with the uncompromisingly righteous…..those in right standing with God who consistently try to live right. Eveildoers try to put to shame and confuse the plans of the humble poor and patient…but the Lord is their refuge.
God’s righteous people are waiting for the Messiah to come from heaven and save His people! The Lord will restore the fortunes of His people and they wil rejoice! Again, this is prophetic of Jesus….our hope into eternity!

Psalm 15
Verse 1 – The temple was the temporary presence of God in the earth. Heaven is His permanent residence and place of His eternal holy presence. So, who can be in God’s holy presence in earth and in heaven?
We understand that no one is righteous, all sin. So, where is our hope? Our hope is in Jesus who has made righteousness available to us. 1 Corinthians 6:11. But, if we believe and trust in Jesus, we must also live with and follow Him in righteousness (right thinking , right speaking, right behavior).
That righteous person lives and walks uprightly, blamelessly, righteously, justly….speaking and thinking with God’s truth in their heart. The justified live by their faith and trust in God, therefore, they follow Him and His righteous deeds.
This person does not slander (gossip), do evil to a friend, or take reproach or distain against their neighbor.
But, the righteous despise what is vile. They honor those who revere and worship God.
The righteous person keeps their word and does not change, even to their own hurt.
The righteous do not enrich themselves by taking advantage of another’s need, therefore, they do not charge interest when they lend their money. They also do not take bribes, especially against the innocent.
Compare that to American culture today. Are we living by those standards of righteousness?
Galatians 6:4, “Each one should test thier own actions.”
2 Corinthians 13:5, “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith.”
Psalms 26: 2,”Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; test my heart and my mind.”

Psalm 16
This is another Psalm that can be used as a prayer guide to pray in my own words….
Lord, keep me and protect me. You are my refuge. I am protected when inside the cleft in the Rock. I trust You. I hide my true self in You.
You are my Lord. I am Yours. You are everything to me! I have nothing truly good besides or beyond You. Every good gift is from You.
Your righteous people in the earth are excellent, have find personal qualities and high moral principles, have a striking and delightful inner beauty. They appear noble and glorious. I delight in Your people!
Thos who chose another god will have multiplied sorrows. i will not join with them or be named among them. I choose You, Lord. And You hold and maintain me even in the midst of my enemies.
You make a pleasant place for me. You give me a good inheritance in Jesus!
I will bless the Lord! He counsels me in my heart so that I am even instructed in the dark places and times. I set You Lord continually before me. You are at my right hand in all I do. I will not be moved.
Therefore, my heart is glad and my inner self rejoices at al times! I know that my body will also rest and live in safety in the end. You will never abondon me to hell. You did not suffer Your Holy One Jesus to see corruption. Jesus resurrection is the evidence for salvation and faith in eternal life! I rejoice in Jesus at all times!
You will always show me the path of true life! Your presence is fullness of joy!!! At Your right hand, in Jesus, are pleasures forever! Thank You, Lord!

Psalm 17
Hear me, Lord. I have examined myself and do not see any needed repentance. In Jesus, You have made me righteous, in right standing with You. Please notice what I am doing right. You have proved my heart through times of testing and found no evil purpose in me. I have also set a goal to guard my words. I avoid the work and violence of worldly people. I strive to walk closely in Your paths, Your Word, and following Jesus. That keeps me from slipping. I call on You and You hear me. Thank You Lord.
Show me Your marvelous loving-kindness. With Your strong hand, You save those who trust You and take refuge in You. Guard me. Keep a close watch on me. Hide me in the shadow of Your wings from any who come against me.
There are wicked people in our land. They only think of their own prosperity. They have no heart for anyone else. They make exorbitant, arrogant, proud claims. They track everyone down and watch everything we do. They surround us. Their goal is to ruin us. Like a lion, they hide in order to pounce….greedy and eager to fear us apart and devour us.
Arise, Lord! Confront them. Stall them. Cast them down. Deliver us from the wicked by Your sword.
For, these men of the world are also idle and vain. With the treasures of the earth, they fill their bellies, build up storehouses, spoil their children and when they die will leave all thier matieral wealth to their children to continue their lifestyle. They are world domineering focused.
As for me, I desire to continue to behold Your face and live in Your presence. I will be fully satisfied when I awake to find myself beholding Your form and having sweet communion with You. 2 Corinthians 5:8.

Pslam 18
David wrote this Psalm after God delivered him from his enemy Saul. this Psalm also becomes prophetic of Jesus. We should always praise and thank God for our eternal great Deliverer, Jesus! Plus, many times, God delivers uf rom our enemies in this world too.
Lord, I love You fervently and devotedly! You are my God, my strength, my Rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my refuge, my shield, my high tower, my mighty power of salvation! This is a wonderful description of Jesus!
I call on my Lord, and He saves me from my enemies…when surrounded by ungodliness, ruin, and death…thoday and forever! Jesus saves and delivers us from hell!
When I am in distress and feel closed in, I call to God. He hears me. He will move mountains and shake the earth to help me.
David moves into the prophetic return of Jesus as in Revelation. When Jesus returns, it will shake the heavens and earth and move mountains! God will be angry against wickedness! The heavens will roll up like a scroll. There will be smoke, lightening, fire, and darkness put under His feet. He will come swiftly n the clouds, riding above the storm! There will be hailstones and fire. The seas/oceans will roar so that the ocean bottom is revealed and the land foundations are made bare.
Verse 16….but He reaches down and lifts His people up out of the troubled waters (as in the days of Noah). He delivers His people from the strong enemy who hates them. They confronted and chased me in the days of trouble, but the Lord was my support and stay. Jesus brings me to a large place with HIm and He rewards me accoring to my integrity and righteous works of my hands. I kept His Word and did not wickedly depart from God. I was on guard of evil and worked in repentance to remain blameless in Jesus before Him. Beginning vers 25…what you sow, you will reap…whether kindness, mercy, uprightness, purity, or the opposite being perverse or proud and haughty. We all face the final judgement seat of God.
Beginning in verse 28, David remembers and recounts the many benefits of siding with God, especially when trouble comes. Today, these blessings come through Jesus.
Also, remember that Jesus said He would not leave us orphans, but would send a counseler, conforter, and teacher in the Holy Spirit. Notice how the Holy Spirit ministers these many things to us when we are with Jesus.
God lights the way in teh darkness. He enlightens us and prepares our path before us…even in a dark world.
So we can run through enemy troopw and jump over walls. The power of the Holy Spirit is greater than what man can do.
He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him and trust Him. His Word is tested, tried, and true. His way is perfect. Remember that Jesus is the Word made flesh, is tested and tried and is Truth, is perfect and sinless, and we take salvation refuge in Him. He is the Rock of salvation. The Holy Spirit always highlights Jesus.
God equips us with strength and makes our way perfect when we walk with Jesus. He makes us able to stand firm and make progress even in dangerous places of trouble or testing. He sets us up securely on our high place in Jesus. This is the Holy Spirit in action.
He teaches our hands to war against our enemies. Praying hands are strong against our enemies.
VErse 35 is extremely prophetic, “You have given me the shield of Your salvation, and Your right hand has held me up. Your gentleness/meekness and condescension have made me great.” Jesus, who is the only begotten righ hand Son of God is our salvation and has raised us up to be sons and daughters of our great God. Jesus humbled Himself and came down with mercy to make us great, the adopted chldren of Almighty God.
He gives us an open broad secure Way to walk, so we do not slip back into sin leading to death.
In Jesus, we can overtake our enemy (Satan) and wound him so he will not rise against us and prevail. Jesus equips us with strength for the battle. There is no one greater than God.
Verse 40 continues into the prophetic of Jesus. When Jesus returns, He will cut off all those who hate Him. They will cry to Father God, but He will not hear them. There will be no one that can deliver them. Jesus, who they rejected and hate, is the only Way. Jesus will beat them into the dust from which they came. Jesus has been delivered from the striving of wicked people who persecuted and killed Him and His people. The Father has made Jesus the Anointed King and the head of the nations!
While Jesus was born a Jew, even Gentiles will serve Him. As soon as these foreigners heard of Jesus, they began to serve and obey Him. They lost heart in their old strongholds and came out of them and into Jesus instead.
Verse 46, “The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock, and let the God of my salvation be exalted!” Jesus is alive and let Hm be exalted!
The wicked are subdued and the righteous are lifted up (caught up – raptured)and delivered from their enemies! Therefore, we give thanks and lift up Lord Jesus, and sing praises to His name (Yeshua meaning Savior).
Verse 50…Great deliverance and triumph are given by the Father to Jesus, His King. The Father gives steadfast love to His Anointed Son Jesus, who is also the son of David, as He promised and prophesied! Praise the Lord, King of heaven and earth, our Savior and Deliverer!
How marvelous and timeless is the Word of God!

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