Psalms 20 – 25

Psalm 20
This Psalm can be used as a prayer guide. I am using it as a prayer guide for those I love and for God’s people…..
May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble.
May the name of God set you up high and defend you.
May God in heaven send you help, support, refreshing, and strength.
May God remember all the offerings and sacrifices you gave to honor Him.
May He grant your heart’s desires and fulfill good plans for you.
May the Lord fulfill all your petitions of righteousness.
Lord, I desire to shout triumphantly with them at their salvation and victory…and declare victory in You, through Jesus!
Lord, I know you wave Your anointed, those who believe and are set apart and sealed by the Holy Spirit. You will answer from heaven with the saving stringth of Your right hand,, Jesus.
May we trust in and boast in the name of the Lord…not in our own strength or any strength of man. Only in You (Jesus) are we raised up to stand aright, no longer bowed down, fallen, and trapped in evil and sin.
O Lord, answer when we call and bring the victory!
Do you see the prophetic in this Psalm also? David never saw the day of the Messiah Jesus in the natural earth, but he did see Him in the spirit. David was a man of faith, after God’s heart.

Psalm 21
Verse 1, “The king shall joy in Your strength, O Lord, and in Your salvation how greatly he shall rejoice.”
There are multiple ways to receive revelation and inspiration in this Psalm. It depends on whose perspective. Try reading it from these perspectives…

  1. From King David’s perspective as he rejoices over his Lord.
  2. From your own personal perspective as you rejoice over your Lord Jesus.
  3. From the prophetic perspective of the ultimate King Father as He rejoices over His only begotten Son Jesus who is now Savior of mankind.
    God’s Word is marvelous with such rich and deep wisdom!

Psalm 22
This is the prophetic Psalm of Jesus on the cross! It begins with Jesus words of “My God, Why have You forsaken Me?” It ends with, “It is finished (done).” I am thinking Jesus knew this whole Psalm. I think God’s Word must have encouraged Him as He fulfilled it. While He was to weak to quote the whole Psalm on the corss, He did quote the beginning and the end of this Psalm on the cross. This should have been a prophetic sign for any Jew who knew this Psalm as prophetic of their Messiah.
Remember what Jesus said on the road to Emmaus?
Luke 24: 25-27, “Jesus said to them, “O foolish ones, (sluggish of mind, dull of perception) and slow of heart to believe (adhere to, trust in, rely on) everything that the prophets have spoken. Was it not necessary and essentially fitting that the Christ (Messiah) whould suffer all these things before entering into His glory (majesty, splendor)? then, beginning with Moses and throughout all the Prophets, He wenton explaining and interpreting to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning and referring to Himself.”
Therefore, for those who knew Psalm 22, it should have been sure prophetic evidence that Jesus was fulfilling it and was the promised Messiah! It is also prophetic evidence for us today!
2 Peter 1: 19, 21, “We have the prophetic word made firmer still….no prophecy ever originated by human impulse, but men spoke from God. Impelled by the Holy Spirit.”
Please take time to read this Psalm and marvel at the prophetic Word of God and Jesus fulfillment of it in detail. Jesus is God’s Word made flesh. John 1: 1, 14

Psalm 23
This is one of my favorite Psalms…maybe yours also. I am so glad I was required to memeorize it when young. It has often been my help and ready strength.
It is prophetic of Jesus our Good Shepherd. As a young man, David was a good shepherd. He knew the responsibilities and efforts required to be a good shepherd. He knew that the sheep had to trust him, stick close, and follow if they wanted a good life…not wander away.
The Good Shepherd give His sheep rest; feeds them well and refreshes them with water; meets their needs; leads them on the right paths; helps them through dark and fearful places; protects them; comforts them; guides them; anoints their head with oil so it overflows on their body to preven insects from harming them and to heal irritated flesh; and is good, attentive, and compassionate toward His sheep for their whole life. AND, in the caase of Jesus our Good Shepherd, we live in His house with Him forever!
Meditating on that Psalm will surely bless and comfort you so that you can have strong living faith and trust in Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

Psalm 24
Our Lord is Creator of heaven and earth and it all belongs to Him. Who can come into the presence of our Holy God? Only those who have a pure heart and clean hands…and have no other idols or turst in false gods. Those who seek the face/presence of God will receive His blessings and He will vindicate them (clear of blame). The blood of Jesus vindicates us of all sin.
Verses 7-10 prophecy the return of our glorious, mighty King Jesus. He was there in the beginning and will come again to enforce His rule over heaven and earth in the forever end. Those who have chosen to seek Him and follow Him in righteousness will have eternal blessings and total clearing of all sin and blame. This is our blessed eternal hope in Jesus, our Lord!

Psalm 25
This Psalm begins with a decalaration of trust in God….Trust to be redeemed from shame and rescued from treacherous enemies. David trusted in redemption through Jesus even when that would not happen for many years in his future.
Beginning in verse 4, prayer petitions are made for the Lord to:

  • show me Your ways, teach me your paths
  • guide me in Your truth
  • remember Your great mercy and love
  • forgive my sins and rebellious ways
    Beginning in verse 8, the Lord’s character is declared and revealed:
  • good and upright
  • an instructor of sinners
  • guiding the humble to what is right, teaching them His way.
  • – loving and faithful to those who keep covenant relationship with Him
  • forgiving
  • propsers His people
  • He confides in those who fear/honor HIm and reveals His covenant plans to them
  • He keeps people, those who keep their eyes on Him, from walking into snares
    Beginning in verse 16, prayer petitions are again made:
  • notice that I am lonely and afflicted, I need Your grace (undeserved help)
  • relieve my troubled heart so I wil be free of anguish
  • see my affliction and distress
  • take away my sins
  • see my many enemies and how they hate me? Guard and rescue me.
  • have integrity and uprightness protect me from shame.
    Beginning in verse 21, final declaration of trust and faith in the Lord:
  • my hope is in You, Lord
  • deliver Your people from their troubles in this world.

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