Psalm 39-41 and Summary

Psalm 39
Read this Psalm first.
What does it sound like to you? It sounds to me like David is under strong conviction. It sounds like he was able to control his tongue from saying angry words, but his heart was not right and he held onto unforgiveness. He refrained from doing good. That only increased his pain and distress over it all. The anger in his heart burned hotter and hotter!
Then, David spoke to God… sounds to me like complaining….How long do I need to live here with all this? I feel weak. My short life is nothing in Your hands. A man at his best is just a temporary vapor that vanishes. People walk around like shadows. They make an uproar for nothing. They build up wealth not really knowing who will benefit from it after they die. So, what am I waiting for anyway?
This is where David comes to his senses (verse 7). The Amplified version says, “My hope (my confident expectation) is in You!” David changes his thinking and becomes humble and repentant. He says…..Save me from my transgressions. Don’t make me the scorn of the self-righteous arrogant fool. I am silenced. It is You who has done it. I am wasting away because of conflict and opposition in Your rebuke and discipline. David repents.
Verse 12, “Hear my prayer, O Lord, and listen to my cry. Do not be silent at my tears; for I am Your temporary guest, a sojourner like all my fathers.” He continues by asking God to look away from his transgressions and forgive him, so that he can again know joy in the Lord.

Psalm 40
Today as I read this Psalm, it gives me the message of salvation through Jesus, the Messiah.
When someone stops to come to God and waits patiently and expectantly before Him, then God hears. When someone comes to Jesus to enter into relationship with Him, then Jesus lifts them up out of a destructive world, evil, sin, and death. Jesus sets their feet on the Rock of salvation, and steadies their feet and establishes their path into eternal life. They have a new song of salvation and a song of praise to God!
Many will see, revere, and trust confidently in the Lord Jesus!
Blessed (fortunate, prosperous, favored by God) is the person who makes the Lord their trust…and does not regard the human pride and lies in the world.
God’s wonderful works and thoughts towards mankind are incomparable and too many to count! He saves us when we are yet sinners, by His own suffering and sacrifice!
Burnt offerings, sin offerings, and sacrifieces are not His delight. They are the essential payment for sin and death. God is not blood thirsty. Rather, God opens ears and gives the capacity to hear and obey His good Word.
Beginning in verse 7, we hear from Jesus, the Savior.
Jesus has ascended to the throne in heaven. The whole scroll (book) of scripture (God’s Word) is about Him. Jesus delights to do the Father’s will and His Law is in His heart.
Jesus proclaims the good news of righteousness (joy of obedience to God’s good word and ways).
Jesus proclaims God’s faithfulness and salvation!
Jesus proclaims God’s loving kindness, compassion, and mercy!
Jesus proclaims God’s Truth!
Prayer of salvation: Lord, preserve me and give me Your salvation and life in Jesus. I want to know You. I am putting all my love and trust in You. Innumerable evils surround me and my sins overtake me. Please save me and help me. I need You. Defeat the powers and people who try to destroy me and take my life. They are hateful and would rejoice at my misfortune. But, I will rejoice in You and Your victory over them! All who seek You will rejoice in You! We love You and Your salvation and say, “The Lord be magnified!”
Even though I am weak, afflicted, needy, and a fallen sinner, the Lord takes thought of me and saved me. Jesus is my help and my rescuer, my Savior!

Psalm 41
Psalm 40 spoke to me of salvation in Jesus. So, now that I am saved, what can I expect next? That can be one message found in Psalm 41.
In Matthew 5, we can read about the blessings (satisfaction in God’s salvation and favor, life joy, spiritual prosperity regardless of outward conditions) that we receive through salvation in Jesus. But, the last blessing does not sound much like a blessing….it is persecution for righteousness sake.
This Psalm 41 has a message concerning persecution….which is not a new thing.
Psalm 41 begins with a reminder that God is always with His people to help. God always extends His compassion and grace to us, saying His grace is sufficient for our needs (2 Corinthians 9:8). The Lord will protect, keep alive, strengthen, sustain, and restore to health/ wholeness His beloved people/ family. All we need to do is pray and trust Him….asking Him to be gracious and heal/ restore us…..and admit we sin and desire to repent (change) and be cleansed.
Verse 5….What kind of persecution will we experience?

  • people will speak evil about me
  • people will say I am a nobody
  • people will seem friendly and say “nice” things, but only to gain information so they can gossip about me
  • they get together and whisper about me, imagining the worst for me or even planning for my hurt, or to keep me from rising up.
  • even close trusted friends will betray me
    Beginning in verse 10….
    But, the Lord is gracious to me and restores me. I know I have His favor and delight because my enemies do not triumph over me int he end. The Lord upholds me in my integrity. He sets me in His presence forever!
    Blessed be the Lord forever and ever! Amen and Amen….so be it!

Psalms 1 – 41
Psalms is broken into 3 books/ sections. We have now finished Psalms 1-41, the first book/ section. These are the main Psalms written by David. Books 2 and 3 have other authors as well as David. The whole of Psalms was brought together and organized after the israelite captivity in Babylon. It was intended to be a prayer and worship guide to keep people in ther Abrahamic faith in Yehwah, while in captivity and living in the pagen Babylonian culture. We can also use it as a prayer guide while living in the American worldly humanistic pagan culture.
In my study of David’s Psalm 1-41, I see the focus on “the Lord.” Many are prophetic of the Lord Jesus, Messiah and Savior. As David was a man after God’s heart, these Psalms also reveal the herat, mind, and character of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. David had a committed and deep relationship with God. He shares how to come to God in relationship and how to live in Him by faith and trust, even in times of big trouble. He instructs how repentance and asking God will lead to resuce and victory. He gives prayer guides. He demonstrates how to change anxious thinking or lamenting feelings by focusing on God…and the results in ending his prayer time in joy and praise! This is repentance (change) of thought and feeling from unbelief to faith and trust in God. It is change from looking at all the bad around me into faith in God which is not visible (Hebrews 11:1). Those justified by the blood of Jesus will live by their faith in Him! (Romans 1:17) This is the same pattern as rescue in Jesus from sin and evil in salvation and the final victory over evil … for eternity! Psalms often reminds us of the tribulation and the hope in the final book of Revelation!

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