Psalm 89 – All About Jesus

Psalm 89
Psalm 89 – Oh what a joy to read this! This Psalm totally has my beloved Savior Jesus in view! Realize this was written long before Jesus was born! Jesus is the manifested promise and prophecy of the Word of God! He always keeps His Word, His covenant. He always speaks truth!
God’s promise of a Savior was made in love, mercy, grace, kindness, and faithfulness for the purpose to rescue, redeem, and restore His creation to righteousness. Jesus, the descendent of David, is His chosen Anointed One to fulfill His covenant. He is also the Seed promised to Adam and Abraham, who will sit on the throne for all generations.
Everyone in heaven priases His wonders and faithfulness! He is greatly feared and revered in the council of the holy ones and by those all around His throne. No one is mighty like Him. He rules over heaven and earth. His authority is in righteousness and justice. Yet, before His face He sees mercy, loving-kindness, and truth.
Blessed, happy, fortunate are those who know and understand the joyful sound announcing God’s holy feasts! So many spiritual blessings are symbolized in His feasts, but none greater than the blessing of the Savior Jesus! Because of Jesus, His followers walk in the light and the favor of God’s countenance! He has exalted them in righteousness. In the name of Jesus, His people rejoice continually and eternally! By Jesus power, they are exalted in strength and uplifted in His glory. Jesus is their shield. Jesus is the King!
Beginning in verse 19….God prophesied and promised His devoted One who would heroically save! He would come through the anointed line of His favored servant David. The hand of the Father will be on His Son forever and give Him strength and power. The enemy will not overcome Him or outwit Him. The Father’s faithfulness, mercy, and loving-kindness will be with the Son. In the Father’s name, the Son will have great power and authority to accomplish His will. His right hand will control the waters. The Son will cry to the Father, You are my Father, my Rock, my God. Jesus has been made the firstborn in resurrection. Jesus will be made King of Kings. The covenant is established steadfast and sure. His Offspring will endure forever!
Beginning verse 30….if God’s children forsake His righteous words and ways, He will discipline and chastise them, but His loving-kindness and faithfulness will never fail or leave them. He will not break His covenant word to them. His offspring, those truly born in Jesus, will endure with Him forever.
Beginning verse 38….but in apparent contradiction, this is not how things looked in the world….
Jesus, the faithful Son and Lord, was cast off, rejected, despised, renounced, profaned, humbled, left unprotected, made weak, robbed, and scorned by those along the road who passed Him by. It seemed that His foes won. His enemies rejoiced. It seemed that His sword, power, and glor were taken from Him. His life was shortened. He was covered in shame. Father, how long will You hide from Him? How long will Your wrath burn against the sin He bears? (Meditate on what this might mean concerning our sharing in the sufferings of Christ…Romans 8:17, 2 Corinthians 1:5, Colossians 1:24, 2 Timothy 2:3, 1 Peter 4:13, 1 Peter 5:9. If this is how God works His glory through His Son Jesus, then should we be surprised if He may also work this way in our lives also, as followers of Jesus? Might this be one swoop of the sword of the word that cuts away the popular prosperity gospel so common in Christian messages today? Jesus told us we would have trouble in this world. Why does God allow it? Could it be to extend grace so that more people can yet be saved?)
Beginning verse 47….earnestly remember that life on this earth is short, fleeting, and temporary. Fallen mankind is full of emptiness, falsity, futility, and frailty. All will die. Who can deliver himself from Satan and hell? None can. Lord Jesus, only You can help! Remember Your loving-kindness and faithfulness to Your covenant to save us. Lord, imprint on Your heart the reproach and attack of the enemy upon Your anointed. Lord, save us. We want to walk in Your footsteps with You. Blessed be the Lord forevermore!
Amen and Amen!

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