Psalm 104-106…end of Book 4 in Psalms

Psalm 104
Recall that Psalm 103 told us to affectionately praise the Lord for His loving-kindness and His many benefits. Here in Psalm 104, we are to praise the Lord because He is great! In His wisdom, He has created all things both huge and tiny. He sends forth His messengers and ministers. He provides all good and necessary things for all His creations. He controls it all. He restores and renews day by day. The glory of the Lord endures forever.
Verses 33-34, “I will sing to the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. May my meditation be sweet and pleasing to Him.”
Psalm 104 reminds me of God’s response to Job and his friends who are trying to determine why Job had so much trouble. They think they are being wise, when in reality they cannot even get close to the wisdom of God. So, God speaks to them in Job 38-41. He instructs them concerning His greatness, power, and wisdom. God is God. Man is not god. God has all wisdom and power, man does not. It is wise to humble ourselves before our great Almighty all-wise God who is also showing us loving-kindness….and trust Him through all things.

Psalm 105
Give thanks to the Lord and praise Him for His wonderful deeds!
Verses 3-4 tell us to seek and inquire for the Lord….to deeply long for His face, His presence, and His strength…continually and as our essential need.
Then, we read a condensed summary of God’s good deeds towards His people in the Old Testament since His covenant with Abraham. He remembers His covenants forever! He is faithful! This is a good history lesson for generations to come. Remember Him and His deeds with awe and gratitude. He gave them power and strength to go through all their troubles. He finally brought them into their Promised Land, so that they could observe His precepts and be obedient to His righteous moral laws. As they lived with Him, they were to accept, value, and honor His ways.
Today, God’s people are also in covenant with Him. We should also deeply long for His presence and power….continually….as our essentail need. We should also remember and thank and praise Him for all His marvelous works through Jesus. He is faithful. We should also be faithful to live with Him, and to accept, value, and honor His ways by obedience. He will be faithful to bring us into His Promised Land in eternity! Hallelujah! Prasie the Lord!

Psalm 106
Psalm 106 is another lesson on Israel’s rebellion from God. We see God’s justice, but also His mercy and loving-kindness that endure forever. There is a pattern here from which we can also learn.
God saves us out of the corrupted pagan world and slavery (Egypt) with many signs and wonders by judging evil and its consequences of destruction and death through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. But through all the destruction and death, He brings rescue for those who would follow His Savior and Deliverer, Jesus (Moses). We are made free to choose faithfulness and righteouness and tested in the world (wilderness) as to whether we really are of heart and mind to follow and trust Him in obedience.
But sadly, many look back to the world (Egypt) and desire to return! Some even build pagan idols for worship and pleasureable celebration (golden calf)! The Righteous One, the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus (Moses and Aaron who spoke for Moses) come to instruct in the right way to go and the rules for righteousness. The people still do not follow closely. They complain about their provisions of food and water, even though it has been given to them freely and miraculously. They want something more pleasing to their flesh. Many die in the wilderness (world), never having seen God’s beautiful place in which to live (with peace in the cleft of the Rock). Others strive to follow in faith and righteousness (Joshua) and battle with the evil in the world to find their place (Promised Land). In God’s mercy, and remembering His covenant, He leads them into a good life with good leaders (Promised Land under Kind David). Most soon forget the works of God in their lives. They intermingle and intermarry with pagan cultures. They begin to worship pagan idols, eventually even to sacrificing the blood of their sons and daughters. Their deeds become the practice and habit of uncleanness and evil, yet they think they are OK. They think they can be the people of God and practice pagan worldliness at the same time. They become the adulterous woman instead of loving God alone.
God lets them walk away and gives them over as prisoners to the nations (captured by Babylon). Many times He tries to instruct, warn, discipline, and rescue them (often by His Word through the prophets), but they will not listen and continue in their rebellious ways. When things get unbearable, they cry out for Him to save them. He hears them, remembers His covenant, and has compassion on them….again, He reaches out to save His people and bring them back to Himself.
Do you see a similarity in God’s Christian people coming to America as their Promised Land and how we have now walked away from Him?
This is the end of Book 4 in Psalms.

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