End of Psalms – Chapters 146-150

Psalm 146 – 150
This begins the last section of Psalms. The last five chapters end Psalms with great praise for the Lord!
Psalms 146
I will praise the Lord all my life! Do not trust leaders or any man. All humans are flesh and can sin and mess up. Blessed and fortunate is the person who has a revelation of God and can put their hope and trust in Him!
Praise the Lord, who….
Created all.
Keeps trust and is faithful forever.
Executes justice for the oppressed.
Gives good to the hungry.
Sets free the prisoners.
Opens blind eyes.
Lifts up the burdened.
Loves those in right standing with Him who have an upright heart.
Protects and preserves temporary residents.
He upholds the fatherless and the widow.
He makes the way of the wicked upside down and crooked so they fail.
The Lord will reign forever.
Praise the Lord!
While we see examples in the Bible of God doing these things in the natural physical world, look through this list again and see how He does these same things in the spiritual realm too! He never changes, but is right, true, pure, and consisteng in His character, ways, and words!

Psalm 147
Psalm 147 was written when the Israelites were God’s people. Today, the followers of Jesus, both Gentiles and Jews, are God’s people. So, applying this to us today, I hear…
Praising the Lord is becoming and appropriate as He is gracious and lovely!
He is building up His eternal dwelling place and will gather together His exiles. He will heal their hearts and wounds. He lifts up the downtrodden and humble.
The Lord has great power and His wisdom is boundless.
Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving! He cares for everything on earth. But, His real pleasure is in those who reverently respect and love Him, putting their hope and trust in His loving-kindness and mercy.
Praise the Lord…He protects and keeps us and our children. The Lord brings us peace and makes us fruitful.
He sends His good commands to earth and His Word runs swiftly to be performed. He waters and refreshes His seed and His people.
He has not dealt with other people groups in this way…those who do not know, understand, appreciate, cherish, or give heed to Him and His ordinances. We are blessed! Praise the Lord!

Psalm 148
Praise the Lord…all heaven, angels, all earth, the whole universe, all people in the earth…praise the Lord! His name only is exalted and supreme! All glory and majesty are His! He lifts up and exalts Jesus to save His people! Praise the Lord!

Psalm 149
Praise the Lord in great victory celebration…with joyful singing, instruments, rejoicing, and dancing! The Lord is rejoicing with His people! He will beautify the humble with salvation, victory, joy, and glory! The wicked are defeated and judged! The Lord is the honor of all His saints! Hallelujah!

Psalm 150
Praise the Lord for His abundance of greatness and His mighty works…with rejoicing, singing, instruments, and dancing! Let every breath of life…praise the Lord (who is Life, even life eternal)! Amen!

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