James 3

James 3:1. Next time you think you know the answers and decide to teach someone, read this verse first. Not many should become teachers because teachers are judged by a higher standard and with greater severity. They become accountable not only for their own choices and life, but are also accountable for the influence their teachings have on others! Before you give advise, be sure it is based in God’s Word of Truth…or just keep your mouth shut.
James 3:2. All humans stumble, fail, offend, and disappoint in many things. That is why we do not put all our trust in people….also why we get to know people well before we trust them and get in close relationship. Always know the source before you trust. Know how to guard your heart and mind in Christ.
Attention!!! We need to put all our trust in God….He is faithful, perfect, righteous, good, and totally trustworthy!
Who do you trust and go to when you need to decide something or find truth?
Verse 2 part B……Can people trust you? Is your character becoming more perfectly developed? Do you think before you speak? Or do you say the wrong things leading to trouble or offense? If you are able to control your tongue, which is very difficult, then likely you can also control your whole body, thoughts, feelings, and nature! Not talking right contaminates and deprives not only your whole being, but also others! It can ignite hell on earth (verse 6). Do you work at controlling your words?
James 3: 2-12 teaches about the destructive power in the tongue. No one seems to be able to tame their tongue. They bless and curse out of the same mouth. That sould not be! A spring does not simultaneously send out fresh and bitter water.
James 3: 13-15
Who thinks they are intelligent and wise? Then show it in your good works and humble character, which are signs of true wisdom. Envy, selfish ambition, or pride defy the Truth. That reflects superficial intelligence which is earthly, fleshly, and can even be demonic. Seek His true spiritual wisdom from above.
James 3:16
Wherever there is envy, contention, rivalry, self ambition, and pride…there is confusion, rebellion, unrest, and all sorts of evil. Know these signs of evil so you can keep your distance and stand in faith…especially in the days we live in!
James 3: 17-18
Wisdom from God is pure, undefiled, peace-loving, considerate, reasonable, compassionate, fruitful, wholehearted. straightforward, impartial…..and free from doubts, wavering, and insincerity. It is based in truth and righteousness…conformity to God’s will in thought and deed. It is sown in peace, resulting in inner peace and harmony with others. It is free from fear and emotional or moral conflicts. Speak the truth in love.

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