James 4-5

James 4: 1-2
What causes strife, conflicts, and fighting? These things are from selfish desires of the flesh. Coveting what others have results in unfulfilled desires and hatred in your heart. In your envy and anger, you will never have inner contentment or happiness. So then, you fight.
James 4: 2-3
Are you experiencing envy, frustration, strife, or anger? You do not have gratification, contentment, or happiness because you do not ask God. Or you ask God, but fail to receive what He says or gives, because you are asking with wrong purpose or motives. Your intention is that when you get what you desire, you will use it for sensual fleshly selfish pleasures. God knows that will not really benefit you.
James 4:4
Are you feeling the need for repentance after reading James 4: 1-3? Verse 4 will really be convicting! If you are having an illicit love affair with your selfish desires or with the world and its pleasures, then you are an unfaithful spouse to God! You cannot love both! Choosing the fallen evil world makes you an enemy of God. In jealous faithful love, His Holy Spirit yearns to be welcomed and to live in us continually…being our first love.
James 4: 5-10
God yearns for us to hold Him as our first love. When we fail, He is full of grace. He even empowers us to overcome evil tendencies. Be humble to submit and receive from Him, for He stands against the proud. Stand firm and resist the devil and he will flee from you. Come close to God and He will come close to you. When disloyal, repent from your heart and be cleansed and purified. He will lift you up and make your humble life significant.
James 4: 11-12
Do not speak evil or accuse one another. Who are you to presume to pass judgement? Only God is the real Lawgiver and Judge. Only God has absolute power of life or death. Choose to trust and follow Jesus and be saved into eternal life!
James 4: 13-17
We presume that we can make plans and control our life. But, we really knolw little of what will happen tomorrow. Our presumptions about tomorrow are just false boasting and self-conceit. This temporary earthly life is short and can disappear instantly. We ought to say…if it is the Lord’s will, I will do this or that. And, if you know what is right and do not do it, that is sin.

James 5: 1-7
This is a warning to those who are prodigal (away) from God and focused on worldly riches and live in self-indulgence. They are willing to commit fraud and take advantage of their laborers or others. Some even condemn and murder the righteous and innocent. But, their riches will devour them and come to nothing in the end. Be patient and endure until the Lord comes. Remember Revelation 3: 14-22…the warning to the rich comfortable worldly Laodiciean church?
James 5: 7-8
Be patient as you wait for the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer keeps patient vigil as he expectantly waits for the harvest. Be strengthened and confirmed in that the coming of Jesus as King is certain.
James 5:8
Notice that this verse ends with “for the coing of the Lord is near”. James did not know when the Lord would come either. We should know the signs and seasons, always be ready, but no one knows the exact day or hour.
James 5: 9-11
Do not complain and condemn your brothers and sisters in Christ. Only God is Judge. Notice that the prophets of God, His messengers, stood in truth. Yet, even in ill treatment and suffering, they were patiently compassionate and endured…like Job.
James 5:12
Do not easily swear an oath or make a promise, lest you break that oath and sin into a position of condemnation. Just say a simple yes or no; assuming as God wills. Remember James 4:14? James said that we do not know what will happen tomorrow so we should say, “as God wills it.”
James 5: 13-16
Is anyone afflicted, ill-treated, or suffering evil? Pray. Are you happy? Sing thanks and praises to God. Are you not well? Find spiritually mature leaders to pray for you with real faith/trust in God and anoint you with Holy Spirit oil in the Lord’s name. God will restore that person and fogive their sins. We are to confess our sins and pray for one another to be healed and restored to a spiritual attitude of mind and heart. Turn to God.
James 5: 16-20
The earnest, heartfelt prayer of a righteous person makes tremendous working power available. Elijah was human, but his prayer stopped the rain for 3.5 years and then started it again. The earnest continual prayer of a person in right standing with God can even bring back someone who has strayed away from Truth! Intercession can turn that person from their evil course, resulting in forgiveness and saving their soul.
Note the conditions of effective prayer. Do not presume all prayer is this effective, or just because you can claim these verses. Is the intercessor in right standing with God…in a forgiven, pure condition of mind, heart, character, and behavior? Is this intercessor mature spiritually, totally committed to God, and in a life of continuous prayer and fellowship with God? Is the prayer offered in real confident living faith, not just a religious practice/formula or wishful thinking? Is the prayer aligned with the Truth in God’s Word and empowered by the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit? These are the requirements of dynamic powerful prayer. Notice it is not how many people or how loud they pray. Elijah was only one person with one voice….and likely out in the wilderness.

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