Ephesians 1-2

Ephesians 1 is great news for those who are faithful and loyal to Christ. We have unmerited favor, peace and unity with God! Through Jesus, He gives us every spiritual blessing! In His extraordinary love, He planned having loving children before He began founding the world. When we fell away, He redeemed and saved us trough His own blood. He lavished revelation of His plan (the gospel) and seals His children with His Holy Spirit. A plan of love!
Ephesians 1-2. God proves His character is true and righteous. He is not a dictator or slave driver. He is full of love and mercy. He has forever demonstrated His character in His plan for a loving family, even knowing He would pay the high sacrificial price to save them when they would rebel against Him. He did not create robots. He made the plan and fulfilled it in love and mercy. Who would not choose that kind of Father?
Ephesians 2: 7-10
Previously, we saw the exceptional love of God in planning for a loving family, even when requiring sacrifice and long suffering. Now, we see that our salvation through Jesus will eternally demonstrate God’s immeasureable love and free grace gift to the undeserving…to His glory and priase. We are not saved by our own works, but by faith in Jesus, as His new workmanship…so that we can now do good works with good life in Him! His love plan!

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