Romans 11 – God’s Mysteries

Romans 11
Now here is a chapter that will challenge your understanding!
Paul is making the point that God did not reject the Jews. Paul was a religious Jew who persecuted Christians because he was so zealous over the Jewish religion. But, Jesus still revealed HImself to Paul so that he could be saved. There still was a remnant of believing Jews. But some Jews rejected Jesus and thier minds were darkened and their hearts hardened. As branches of The Vine of LIfe, who is now Jesus, they were cut off because of their unbelief and lack of faith in Jesus. But, believing Gentiles became grafted in branches. Yet, no one should get arrogant about this because if any branch persists in unbelief, it will be cut off. You could also be cut off. And should an unbelieving Jew come to Jesus in faith, it is even easier to restore that branch to its original Vine. I am questioning if this speaks to the question of “once saved always saved”. It seems God is faithful, but we have a choice to walk away.
Beginning in verse 25, here is another mystery of God. In reading the New Testament, we read that salvation for the Gentiles was a mystery. Now, Israel is experiencing hardening of heart until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in…..and yet God plans to save all Israel! They are loved on account of the patriarchs and His promises to them. God’s gifts and call are irrevocable. Everyone, Jew and Gentile, has been bound to disobedience so that God can have mercy on all. No one can brag. God’s wisdom and judgements are unsearchable and beyond tracing down. Who knows the mind of God? From Him, through Him, and for Him are all things. I think the mystery is in how God will save all Israel and what that means. I wonder….could this be part of the purpose for the Mellennium reign of Jesus on the earth after His return? I believe it is a mystery of mercy.

Romans 10

Romans 10: 1-13
This section of scriptures tells us about the Jews of Paul’s day who had religious zeal to follow religious Law, but really did not know God in personal relationship and also rejected Jesus. We still have this happening today in Christianity via religious laws and popular culture as rejecting Jesus. Some good people have a zeal to be a good person or even a religous zeal for God, but they are missing something vital!
They are ignorant of God ascribing acceptance and right standing by their submitting and entering a love and faith relationship with Jesus, God’s Son…. instead of attaining right standing by their own good works and success. They think they can be good enough to get to heaven (if they believe there is such an after life), without knowing or having any real relationship with Jesus. (I encourage you to read the parable in Matthew 25: 1-13 about the 10 virgins. What did Jesus say to the 5 virgins who came to His door too late? “Truly I tell you, I do not know you.”)
Here is reality. If a perfect holy almighty God exists, no one can stand perfect in their works before His judgement. If He is just and perfect, He must judge evil to establish good. How can anyone then be saved?
If anyone decides to believe in, adhere to, trust in, put faith in, and come into love relationship with Jesus, God will receive Jesus sacrificial payment for thier sins, and impart right standing on that person. It is primarily a heart (love and faith) issue. And because the mouth speaks what the heart truly believes, it will become the confession of the mouth also. (Luke 6:45, “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”)
It is also by confession of the mouth that vows are made. It is about recognizing that I cannot be good enough and then humbling myself to realize I need a Savior and knowing that Jesus is God’s provision….and then asking Jesus to be in that love and faith relationship with me. Beleive by faith and love in my heart and confess and ask with my mouth. Then be faithful to follow Jesus and let Him lead. Have Jesus as my Savior and Lord! (it is like a marriage covenant where a bride vows her love, faithfulness, and life to take her husband’s name and follow his lead.)
He is faithful to reply and be my Savior and Lord for the rest of my life and all eternity. I receiev forgiveness, with no more shame and guilt, and a future that is all for my good. Whe I give and leave my “self” life, I gain His eternal righteous life! (Matthew 16: 25). This is even more than we can imagine or would ever expect! We have just entered into “marriage” relationship with the King of Kings! Maybe that is why some people find it hard to believe? Or could it be they are too full of pride in their own goodness and good works that they believe they do not need Jesus? Truth is….righteousness is only available on and through Jesus.
Romans 10: 13-21
Everyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be saved (from the curse of sin and death, and transfered into the blessing of righteousness and life).
But, how can someon believe in Jesus if they have never heard of Him? How precious are those who tell the good news of Jesus! Faith in Jesus can come after hearing the Truth about Him. But, some will still not believe.
What about the the Jews who do not accept Jesus as the promised Messiah, much less believe He is the Savior of the Gentile world? They should look back at God’s ancient promises through His prophets. They prophesied about Israel falling away as a nation under God and all other nations being offered to be included in salvation. (Isaiah 52: 7, Isaiah 53:1, Psalms 19:4, Deuteronomy 32: 21, Isaiah 65: 1-2). If they would have read and studied the Word of God, they should know the truth. If we would read the Word of God, then we would know the truth.
Maybe your propblem is that you have never checked the evidence that God’s Word (the Bible) is true and think it is just another book? There is no other ancient writing/book with as great a proof of correlation to reality, historical accuracy, prophetic accuracy fulfilled, and wisdom as the Bible and it was written by many authors over thousands of years but is consistent within itself.
Maybe you need to position yourself more often to reading and hearing the gospel….God’s Good News….God’s written Words…the Bible! And then decide you want to get to know Him and be in a relationship or maybe a closer relationship with Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You have nothing to lose and all to gain!

Romans 9

Romans 9
We have been learning from Romans that God foreordained, even before proceeding to create the world, that the purpose would be to have a righteous family in love relationship. To understand Romans 9, we must first realize this. We also must look at the last 2 verses of Romans 9 to understand this chapter correctly. It is about a righeous family in love relationship by the choice of faith relationship.
This chapter is about pursuing God in faith and love, not based on what “I” or man can do. Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit want a close family relationship based in love and faith. That is true Christianity. Humanism and religion are based on the premesis of right standing or “being a good person” depending on what “I” or man can do. Jesus is the Rock and great Stumbling Stone because we are actually saved through Jesus by His grace and through our faith and love for Him, not based on our good works. Pride makes people want to achieve for themselves. But, Jesus is the Stone that makes people stumble over their own prideful efforts.
In the beginning of Romans 9, Paul grieves bitterly for all his Jewish brothers and sisters who do not understand that they cannot be saved by keeping the Law! He is even willing to take their curse for rejecting Jesus upon himself if it would mean their salvation! How often have we felt this way towards those in our lives who do not really know Jesus? We may even feel that way for the masses of people in the world who are still stumbling!
Yet, we greive even moreso for our kinsmen, our close relatives….especially those who were brought up in the church and now have turned and walked away! They are like the Israelites who refused to beleive and follow Jesus. They were the children of God’s chosen people. They were supposed to be God’s adopted children and live in His glorious presence. They were given temple, a place before Him and in His presence for worship and fellowship. God revealed His promises to them in His Word and Law. God sent them anointed leaders and patriarchs. God even made His Son Jesus manifest in the earth through the descendents of Abraham! These of all people should be blessed! If they keep the Law and they are physical descendents, shouldn’t they certainly be saved?
Paul reminds us that God’s promise to Abraham was that his descendents would come from all nations, not just Isarael. The Messiah would physically come through Isaac, but result in children of God from all nations. Remember that in Romans 4, Paul taught us that Abraham was justified by God because of his faith, before he was ever circumcised under the Law. So, it is not just because someone is a physical descendent of Abraham that they are accepted by God. God sees and responds to faith or lack of it. That should certainly make us take note that just because someone is born into a Christian family does not mean they are automatically a chld of God!
Paul goes on it explain this with Jacob and Esau. God loves Jacob because of his faith, but Esau has only prideful faith in himself and his abilities/talents, and God does not regard that. God tells Moses that He chooses who to have mercy and compassion on and who to allow a hardened heart. Then, the example is given of Pharoah. Pharoah had no faith in God, so God allows Pharoah’s heart to be hardened and then uses Pharoah for His purposes. Ultimately, God is still the Creator and Almighty, with power and authority. We, God’s creation, have no right to question and contradict God. In verse 22, we see that God tolerates people with much patience But, there comes a time when people get hardened to Him and set themselves up to be ripe for destruction as consequence. God will execute sentence and bring justice in the end for everyone.
The remnant who keep faith in Him will be saved. Therefore, whether Jew or Gentile, if a person seeks right relationship with God through Jesus by their love and faith in HIm, they will be saved by the righteousness imputed on them by God through Jesus. It will not be by keeping the Law or pursuing success of religious good works, based on what “I” can do. Salvation is not a work of pride. True salvation and righteousness is by humbling “self” to God and receiving His gift of right standing. It all relies totally on Jesus! And it is available for all who will rely on, believe in, adhere to, trust in, have faith in, depend on, and love Jesus in close continual love relationship….both Jew and Gentile.
Do not stumble over Jesus in pride and depend on what you can think or do! Join loyally to Jesus and love Him, and you will not be disappointed or put to shame. God exalts those who humble themselves to love Him as authoircy Father and follow Jesus.

Romans 8 – A Treasure Chapter!

Romans 8: 1-14
The Law of God only revealed to us the wrong sinful nature of the flesh, and the resulting punishment of death. Our old nature was still controlled by the sinful flesh and its desires. But, now for all those who accept the sacrifice of Jesus and follow Him, God has deprived the sinful flesh of its control over us. Those who are living by the Holy Spirit are now enabled to be free to set their minds on and seek those things that please the Holy Spirit and lead to righteousness and abundant life.
The old sinful nature is limited to common sense and reason of man without the Holy Spirit, and often finds itself in miseries, stress, and strife. The mind of the Holy Spirit brings life and soul peace, along with guidance in right thinking and right doing. Even if your physical body is leading to error and death, your inner spirit is alive because of the righteousness imputed to you through being in Jesus. If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, then He is also able to restore and raise up our mortal bodies. He will not condemn us, but rather convict us of our sinful errors by comparing our thoughts and actions to righteousness, and lead us to repentance, resulting in forgiveness through Jesus.
So, you see we are no longer obligated to and in bondage to our carnal flesh to give into all its carnal desires and demands. Now, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we must strive habitually to put to death those evil flesh desires and deeds. Our new life habit should be to retrain our minds and actions to be like Jesus and follow Him. That will lead to life now and forever! Those who are led by the Holy Spirit are the true sons and daughters of God.
Romans 8: 14-26
This portion of scriptures is so very, very precious to me!
Through Jesus, we have become the very sons and daughters of Father God! He did not want slaves or robots. He wants a family to love! We have received the Holy Spirit seal of adoption. In great bliss, we can call out: “Abba – Daddy! Father!” The Holy Spirit will testify in our own spirit that we really are God’s children!
We are fellow heirs with Jesus! But, if we share in Jesus inheritance, then we also must realize that we will also share in His sufferings while in this world. But, what does the suffering of this temporary life compare with the glory of being the children of God (as revealed to us, now in us, for us, and conferred on us)?
We are not alone in the sufferings of this world. The whole creation is still moaning in sin and the resulting curse of decay and corruption. We and creation are waiting through birth pains and labors until the glorious kingdom of God is revealed and our bodies are redeemed as the fully manifested sons and daughters of God. Jesus is coming again as victorious King to establish His righeous kingdom on earth. This is our unseen hope. When we see Jesus face to face, we will be like Him! Faith receives what it cannot see with its physical senses, and works patiently with composure.
But, we have not been left alone in this situation of a fallen world and a body of flesh. We have and enjoy the firstfruits of the Holy Spirit inside us.
Romans 8: 26-39
The Holy Spirit is our constant Companion and Helper. He bears us up and comes to our aid in our weakness! The Holy Spirit even helps us to pray when we do not know what to say, even through our groaning, yearnings, and tears. The Holy Spirit intercedes and prays to God for us in accordance with the will of God. We can be assured that with the Holy Spirit partering with us, all things will work out together in the end and result in our benefit, according to God’s will and plan.
In verse 36, we read that God had foreordained to have a family like this, even before the beginning of creation. He called us to be His own, and upon our receiving Jesus, He justified us and even made us His own children, raising us to a heavenly dignity and condition as His sons and daughters.
Verse 31. Do you really understand all this? The bottom line is….if Almighty Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are for us, then who can be against us and hope to win? Who is there to truly condemn or accuse God’s children? God is on our side! God did not even withhold His only begotten Son, Jesus. How much more will He give us any other thing that is good for us!
Can anything seperate us from God and His love for us? No, nothing! Even suffering, afflictions, tribulations, calamities, distress, persecutions, hunger, or even martyrdom in this world cannot seperate us from God and His immense love for us! Through Him who loves us, we are more than conquerors and gain the surpassing victory over it all! In the world there are troubles, but God will never leave or forsake us and help us through them all! There is no doubt that even things of the spiritual world cannot separate us from God’s love….neither death nor life, angels or principalities, impending or threatening things to come, nor any other powers, nothing too high or too deep. Almighty God is our Father through Jesus and we are His children! Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit love us with assuring and secure faith! Even when we are weak and losing grasp of His hand, He will hold fast and strong, never losing His grip!

Romans 7

Romans 7
But what about when I still sin? Are you still hung up on the Law?
Legal claims only have power over a person as long as they are alive. Don’t you know that when people are married by the law, if one dies, they are released from the marriage covenant law? The living spouse is free to marry another. Well, we died to the law of sin with resulting death through the body of Jesus, so that we can belong to another new living covenant law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. We now are in relationship with and belong to the One raised from the dead – Jesus Christ. We now have the spirit of life in Christ Jesus (more coming in Romans 8:2). Now, we are enabled bear good fruit for God, instead of destructive fruit for evil.
Previously we were living merely in the fleshly physical body with sinful passions and appetites. We no longer are slaves to that old code of written regulations, but rather in relationship with our new Lord, and under obedience to the promptings of the Spirit. It is a new Way to live!
The Law is still good and true and just. Without it, I would not have known about coventousness or been sin conscious or had a sense of guilt. But, when I heard, “Do not covet”, it also aroused forbidden desires. The Law sentenced transgressions to the death penalty. Even though the Law was designed and intended to bring good in life, it resulted in bringing death and condemnation. It was not the Law that brought me death, but the transgressing of it, which is sin.
There was no hope. All people are creatures of the flesh, carnal and unspiritual, sold into slavery and the control of sin. We are confused by our own actions. By our habits: we do not do what we should, and the very thing we detest (against our moral instincts) we do! I find I am in bondage to sin! I have the intension to do what is right, but no power to carry it out! Evil is in me and is insistently demanding, even when I want to do right. My physical flesh is fighting against my mind, and now also against my new spirit! My new nature still mourns my failures. O how unhappy, pitiable, and wretched am I! Who will release and deliver me from my flesh body that sins?
Thank God!!! He will save me through Jesus Christ our Lord! Indeed, in my mind and heart I serve God and His Law, but in my flesh I sometimes serve the law of sin. How can God save me from my own sinfulness and sins?
In the original Bible there were no chapters and verses….so we must continue and finish answering this question in Romans 8:1-2.
Romans 8: 1-2, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation, no adjudging guilty of wrong) for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live and walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life which is in Christ Jesus, the law of our new being, has set me free from the law of sin and death.!
Oh Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Through repentance and forgiveness, He gives us opoportunity to stay in close relationship with Him and to continue in our new path of righteousness.
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9
More on how this works next time……..

Romans 6

Romans 6
Romans 6:1-2. It is so important to really hear and apply these words!
“What shall we say to all this (being saved by God’s grace alone)? Are we to remain in sin in order that God’s grace, favor, and mercy may multiply and overflow? Certainly not! How can we who died to sin live in it any longer?”
Wake up! Our baptism and “new birth” reveals that we died into Christ’s death and were raised up by the glorious power of the Father as displayed in Jesus’ resurrection! This enables us to live habitually in a new life! In other words, we are trying by habit to live in righteousness. By sharing in His death and resurrection, we have become one with Him in spirit. We have been “born again”. Our old unrenewed self was nailed to the cross so that the power and bondage of sin might be made ineffective, and we would no longer be slaves of sin. In Christ’s resurrection, we now live in Him! We are now free to live in His righteous ways.
We must realize that our inner man is broken away from sin and now we are alive to God and His righteousness. We must not let sin reign in control over us by yielding to its cravings. We should no longer yield our bodies to be instruments of wickedness. We are now enabled to offer and yield ourselves to God as instruments of righteouness. This is not because we are now slaves under God’s laws, but rather because we are now sons and daughters of God’s favor, love, and mercy! We follow Him because we love Him!
Whoever you continually surrender yourself to is the one you are obeying. If you surrender yourself to the world, you will become enslaved to it. Surrendering to sin leads to destruction and death. But surrendering in obedience to God leads to righteousness (right being and right doing) and eventually eternal life. Thank God that though you once were slaves to sin, now you can choose to follow God in righteousness! How amazing that we can partake in God’s divine will in our thoughts, purposes, and actions! This process and workmanship of God in our lives is called sanctification.
When you are slaves to sin, then you have no freedom in righteousness and no benefits; only shame and death. But now we have been set free from sin’s bondage, and we can now serve God in righteousness…leading us to holiness and ending in eternal life! Choose righteousness and eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

John 8: 34-36, “Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

Romans chapters 1-5 Summary

Romans 1-5 Summary
Romans is all about the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ! Jesus is the central theme of the whole Bible.
Mankind sinned, became corrupted, and could no longer be in a relationship of right standing with God. So God planned and prophesied the Way of salvation, the Messiah. His plan was all by and dependent on His Word of promise and His love, grace, and mercy. There was no way and never will be any way that any human can work their way back into righteousness and restore their relationshp with God. People fail, but God never fails.
Because people need guidance, God gave the Law to help them live the right way. The Law is good and true and right, but could never totally save people. Jesus came to fulfill the Law and the prophets.
His death and resurrection made the Way back into restored relationship with the Father. Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb who paid the death penalty that our sins deserved. It is for every human who will come into a faithful and loving relationship with Jesus!
Through Jesus, we now have peace with God and entrance into His grace and favor. If Jesus died for us when we were sinners, how much more will He help us through all our favors now….and even greater blessings in the ages to come! This should continually bring joy and thanksgiving to our inner man! We should love Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit overwhelmingly and in highest priority for their sacrificial love, mercy, grace, long-suffering, and all the beyond imagination blessings they give us!
How can we help but want to be like God, follow Him, and serve Him. Sin had us in bondage to Satan and was only leading us to death and hell, but now Jesus by His love and grace is offering me right relationship with God, sins forgiven, and a life of righteousness that leads me to eternal life in His family and His kingdom.
And while our salvation is based on us receiving Jesus by faith, it is also based on Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the eternal Life. There is real true evidence for Jesus as the Son of God and His resurrection! One main evidence is that Jesus perfectly and accurately fulfilled all the prophesies of Him in God’s Word, which is ancient and proven historically factual and accurate!
2 Peter 1: 1, 16, 19-21, “To those who have received (obtained equal privilege) like preceious faith with ourseleves in and through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ…..We were not following cleverly devised stories when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty, grandeur, authority of sovereign power……..And we have the PROPHETIC WORD made firmer still. You will do well to pay close attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dismal dark place, until the day breaks through the gloom and the Morning Star rises and comes into being in your hearts. First, you must understand, that no PROPHECY of Scripture is a matter of any personal or private interpretation of releasing or solving. For no prophecy ever originated because some man willed it by human impulse, but men spoke from God who were moved and impelled by the Holy Spirit.”
Jesus fulfilled all the prophecy and all the Law. He is the Truth and God’s only Way back to right relationship and eternal Life.

Romans 5 – Can we comprehend what Jesus did for us at the cross?

Romans 5
Romans 5: 1-5
Can we grasp the fact that we enjoy peace with Holy Creator Father through Jesus Christ???
Consider everything that happens when we decide to accept Jesus offer of a loving faithful relationship……

  1. We are AQUITED of our sin and declared righteous.
  2. We are given RIGHT STANDING with God, the Father….reconciliation to hold and enjoy PEACE with God, our Creator….and now our Father!
  3. We now STAND FIRMLY and safely as a son or daughter of the Father through Jesus. He will never leave or forsake us!
  4. We now stand in God’s FAVOR, no longer under indignation and condemnation of sin.
  5. We can REJOICE in our HOPE of experiencing and enjoying the glory and presence of God.
  6. We can rejoice now that God is faithful to help us TRIUMPH THROUGH our troubles and sufferings, even using them to build our character in patience, endurance, approved faith, integrity, and the joyful hope of eternal salvation.
  7. God’s LOVE is poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
    Romans 5: 6-21
    This is extraordinary!!! Who would give their life for their enemy? How did holy God work this out justly?
    While we were powerless to help ourselves and still in sin, Jesus gave His life at the cross to pay for our sins and restore us to God. At the cross, the Father gave His only begotten Son. At the cross, the Holy Spirit seperated Himself from the Son. Such sacrificial love! This clearly proves God’s love for us, even when we were sinners! If we were reconciled to God through Jesus while being His enemies, then how much more certain we will be saved, through Jesus resurrection life, from God’s wrath to come….and not only that, but be daily saved from sin’s dominion over us! We can repent and daily be forgiven, again be separated from sin, and continue in love relationship with Him!
    Remember why we need this reconciliation through Jesus?
    Sin came into the world through one man with death as the result. It spread to all people. Adam is the original figure who brought destruction and condemnation, while Jesus is the Latter figure who reversed the destruction and came to save and restore. But, God’s grace in Jesus is way out of proportion to the fall of man! God’s undeserving, free gift abounded and overflowed profusely to save many and bring them to righteousness (right standing with God)! Can we even comprehend this?
    Sin ruled from Adam even before the Law. The Law just made sin more apparent. In some cases, it even increased temptations, like telling a child “no” and sometimes causing the child to want it more. But, God’s grace gift of Jesus surpasses it all and superabounds to those who will receive Him. So, just as sin reigned in death, now grace by righteousness through Jesus reigns in eternal life! Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law. Jesus is the new and living way to the Father! Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life! Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Anointed One, our Savior and Lord……forever!!!!!
    How could we ever take such a marvelous gift for granted??? What love is this?
  8. 1 John 3:1, “See what an incredible quality of love the Father has given (shown bestowed on) us, that we should be permitted to be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are!”

Romans 4

Romans 4

  1. Abraham was accounted in right standing with God because of his faith and trust in God, not because of his good works.
  2. David was accounted in right standing with God because of his faith and trust in God, not because of his good works.
  3. My right standing with God is because of my faith and trust in Jesus and not because of my good works.
  4. What a relief! I do not need to work my way to salvation and right standing with God….which is impossible because all humans sin!
  5. We come into relationship with Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit by faith, and then we are to continue to live in that faith! Our good works are a fruit of being in relationship with HIm and knowing Him. Our good works are not efforts to be approved for salvation.
  6. What a humungous grace it is to be forgiven with sins buried deep out of site and mind, and be set free, into a right relationship of love with God!!!
    Paul gives a scriptural example of how God justifies people by His grace through their faith, rather than works of the Law. This example is Abraham. The Bible shows that Abraham believed and trusted in God and that is why God credited righteousness to his account, so that Abraham could have rightstanding with God. Circumcision was the physical sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and came as a result of Abraham’s faith. The Law through Moses came much later. Abraham continued his faith journey with God in fathering Isaac and even later being wiling to offer Isaac to God. Abraham trusted God’s promise that he would be the father of many nations. Abraham was not perfect in his actions/works, so he did not earn right standing with God by his works. God gives right standing with Him based on a trusting faithful relationship.
    King David also saw the love, grace, and blessing of God by accounting righteousness based on faith instead of works, and wrote about it in Psalm 32: 1-2 (Romans 4:7-8). David also was not perfect in works. We can say the same about all the patriarchs of the Old Testament. They did not have right standing with God by observing the commands of the Law.
    Therefore inheriting the promises of God is the outcome of faith and depends entirely on faith, that it might be given as an act of grace. In this way, God’s promise is stable and valid and guaranteed to to those who remain in faith and trust in God! People fail, but God never fails!
    What a relief! My salvation is not based on me doing everything right! As we get to Romans 7, we will see that even Paul had trouble doing everything right. Romans 8:1 gives us the answer to this dilema. It is the same as Romans 4: 7-8…
    “Blessed and happy and to be envied are those whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered up and completely buried. Blerssed and happy and to be envied is the person of whose sin the Lord will take no account nor reckon it against him.”
    Hallelujah!!! God has kept His sure promise! Jesus came to pay our penalty of sin so that holy Father could justly forgive us through the blood of Jesus! All we need to do if we want to be ransomed from evil is to choose to trust Jesus and follow Him! We are saved by His grace through our faith (Ephesians 2: 8-10). We should be immensely grateful and give thanks and praise to Jesus forever in the eternal life He gives us!
    Now, our earnest desire should also be to follow Him in our new life of righteousness. Our good works then become works to love and honor Him and not works to earn salvation or His blessing! Remember the previous chapter….Does God’s grace to forgive entitle us to sin? Certainly not!!! We have been delivered from sin, why would we want to go back and walk in it again? We are now in fellowship with God and being built up in Him to form a good dwelling place for the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!!!

Romans 3


  1. Do Jews have any advantage? Yes, in that they were honored to be th people to usher in Jesus, the Messiah.
  2. All people sin and are unfaithful to God, including the Jews. So God made salvation based on His promises and faithfulness so it would be a sure opportunity for all people.
  3. God gave the Law to keep people in living right for their own good and to keep a people who would produce the Messiah on earth. The Law functioned to teach people what was wrong.
  4. God did something new and marvelous in Jesus! All people can now come into right relationship with God through faith in Jesus, not dependent on the Law. Salvation is by God’s promise and God’s grace.
  5. But, God’s grace and forgiveness are no excuse to sin. The Law is still true and good and right. When we follow Jesus in obedience to the Father, we are enabled to think and do what is right!
    Now, let’s turn our attention back to the actual focus of Romans 2-3…..the Jews. If it no longer matters if a person is Jew or Gentile now that all are saved through Jesus, then what advantage is left to being a Jew? The Jews were the ones who God entrusted with His Word, His gospel message, His prophecies of Jesus the Messiah! That is a high honor!
    But what about those Jews who were not faithful to God? Know that their unfaithfulness could never nullify God’s faithfullness and make it ineffective. God is always true, faithful, and just to His Word. God is faithful. No person will ever be able to judge against Him.
    Well then, if our unrighteousness reveals the righteousness of God and our falsehood manifests God’s integrity and glory, then can God really judge us when we sin? Some are actually slanderously saying that we teach that because of God’s grace and His gospel of salvation, we can go ahead and sin…because God will make it good anyway! NO! WRONG! God is no respecter of persons. He must judge the wrong of the whole world in truth. God’s grace does not excuse sin.
    The true fact is…..ALL people are under sin and held down by its power and control, both Jew and Gentile. No one is righteous and does right consistently. We all go wrong, unprofitable, worthless ways. Our words are corrupted. We walk towards destruction and misery. Humans on their own do not even recognize or know peace. They have no real reverential fear of God.
    So, God gave the Law to the Jews so that they might know right from wrong. The Law was to make people recognize and be conscious of sin, so that they would work towards repentance, faith, and holy character. The Law is good. God could preserve His people to bring foth His promised Messiah.
    But now God has done something new (verse 21)…a new and living Way that is a superior addition to the Law! This new righteousness of God comes by believeing with personal trust and confident reliance on Jesus Christ as the Messiah! AND it is meant for all who believe, Jew or Gentile, for there is no distinction! We were all sinners, but now through redemption in Jesus Christ, we are all justified and made in right standing with God the Father! AND God gives us His righteousness freely by His grace through our faith in Jesus.
    Do you see how much more awesome that is than trying to attain righteousness by working the Law??? The blood of Jesus became the atoning sacrifice that gave life and reconciliation for all who would receive Him by faith. Through Jesus death and resurrection, Holy God can truly forgive all sins of those who put their love and faith in Jesus!
    So, it is obvious that we cannot take any pride or boasting in our own righteousness at all! We are not made righteous unto God based on our good deeds or obedience to the Law, but rather on the principle of faith, a firmly relying relationship with Jesus! Jesus is the one who justifies us (makes us just as if we never sinned). Jesus paid the death penalty for our sins for us. We would never have been able to attain righteousness by our own efforts. Impossible!
    So then, does our new faith make the Law of no effect, or overthrow it, or make it a dead letter? Certainly not!!! Opposite…as people having been made righteous through our faith in Jesus, we should now confirm and establish and uphold the Law. It now fits who we are in Christ! The Law and Word of God is still right and true and good! It is just that now, we are more enabled to grow into God’s Word and keep it as “born again” righteous sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father!