Psalm 139-145

Psalm 139
Psalm 139 will reveal to you what God thinks you are worth! Those who search for self-worth should read this and come to our Heavenly Father through Jesus and find their worth in Him!
God sees His people as precious! He searches us thoroughly and knows us….where we are and what we think. He is behind us and before us, and has laid His hand on us to keep us and guide us. There is no place where He is not with us! He can even see in darkness. He saw our unformed substance in the womb and all the days of our life were in His book before we were even born.
We are against His enemies who hate the Lord, speak against Him wickedly, and take His name in vain. that grieves us because we so love Him!
Verses 23-24, “Search me thoroughly O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there is any wicked or hurtful way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

Psalm 140
This so easily applies to our world today as well as when it was written.
Lord, deliver and preserve us from evil and violent men, those who devise trouble in their hearts and gather together to stir up wars. They speak poisonous lies. They try to push us in the wrong direction. The proud snare and trap people.
May the evil words they speak against Your people come on them instead. May their plots and desires against us actually turn and come on them. Let calamity come to them and their evil works.
We can have peace and confidence that the Lord will maintain and secure justice for His believing children, even if they are now poor, needy, and afflicted. Surely, His uncompromisingly righteous will give Him thanks and dwell in His presence…eventurally even face to face.

Psalm 141
I think few people would think to pray this prayer with David. Would you request these things from God? This is not asking for worldly prosperity or desired fulfilled, but rather for instruction and training from the Lord!
Lord, set a guard on my mouth.
Incline my thoughts to not agree, compromise, or submit to any evil thing.
Incline me to not be occupied in the deeds of wicked worldly men.
Do not let me eat the dainties and pleasure of the worldly wicked…used to tempt me.
Let the righteous person smite and correct me…for that is a kindness and for my good. It is great anointing oil of which I will not discourage or refuse.
Evil rulers will be slaughtered and end in hell. Let them be snared in their own nets, while I pass over and escape with You…because I love You, keep my eyes focused on You, and trust You.

Psalm 142
Psalm 142 is a prayer when in terrible trouble (tribulation)….
Lord, I cry to You and pour out my troubles. I am overwhelmed and fainting in strength. I feel trapped. No person really cares about me. I have no place to hide or flee. Lord, You are my only refuge and help in this world! My persecutors have brought me low…they are stronger than me. Lord, bring me out of this prison.
Yet, I have faith and hope in You. I will confess, praise, and give thanks to You. The righteous will surround me and praise you also. You will deal bountifully with us.

Psalm 143
If we really are in the last days before Jesus returns, then we can expect hard persecution. How will we deal with it? This Psalm gives some help.
Go to God and talk with Him. Know that no one can attain righteousness on their own. Jesus has made the way for us to not be judged according to our sins. Jesus ascribes righteousness to us.
The enemy is pursuing, persecuting, and crushing us. He makes us dwell in dark places. It feels numb and overwhelming. Being wrapped in gloom, we feel faint.
We must remember and meditate on God’s good works and His Word….on what we have seen and known of His faithfulness. We turn our focus to thirst for God and surrender ourselves to Him. We remember His loving-kindness and continue to lean on and trust in Him. We lift up our inner self to Him.
Then, we ask Him to teach us His will and show us how and where to walk….the Holy Spirit leading us all the way to His land of righteousness. Save us Lord, and deliver us from all this tribulation. Cut off the enemy and free Your people from all this distress.

Psalm 144
The Lord is my Rock and firm strength. He teaches me to stand against and fight the enemy. He is also my refuge, protector, steadfast love, deliverer…my fortress, high tower, and shield.
How amazing that You, Lord, bother with man who is like temporary dust and vanity, when You are so great!
Deliver Your people out of the power of hostile people, those who speak deceit and fraudulent oaths.
You will bring Your people into a good place where Your sons and daughters are beautiful and blessed, there is plenty for all, and there is no more invasion of hostility and evil. Happy and fortunate are the people whose god is the Lord Jesus! All our hope is in Him!

Palm 145
I hope you find time to read this Psalm. While I read it today, I am thinking of all those who were martyred for their love and faithfulness to Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Maybe the thoughts expressed in this Psalm are what upheld them. I ask myself, do I have this kind of love and trust in God to think on these things when experiencing the threat of persecution or death? Would I have the thought to offer salvation to an enemy who is killing me?
Every day and in every situation, I love my Lord and am thankful to Him! I will praise Him forever, no matter what!
The Lord’s greatness and wisdom is vast, deep, and unsearchable. Even when I don’t understand, I can trust Him. He is able to overcome and deliver me unto Himself.
I focus my thoughts on Him….His glorious splendor, majesty, and power.
Lord, I will declare Your greatness, Your abundant goodness, Your rightness, Your justice, Your mercy, Your grace, Your compassion, and Your loving-kindness. I will say there is still time to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus! Listen to me. I know the Lord Jesus and love Him. He is eternal resurrection life! He has raised me up and saved me! I can tell you of His glory and power over evil. He will uphold His people in His everlasting kingdom. The Lord is near to all who call on Him. His ways are righteous and just, but His works to save us are full of mercy and grace. If you will also reverently and worshipfully fear Jesus and turn to Him, He will save you too! The Lord preserves all who love Him with eternal life, but the wicked are destroyed.
I will continue to praise the Lord in love and gratefulness. Oh that all people would love and praise the Lord forever!

Psalms 130 – 138

Psalm 130
How awful it would be if the Lord kept track of our sins and treated us accordingly! But, He is full of loving-kindness, mercy, and forgiveness toward His people. That is exactly what we need! Our hope is in the Lord!

Psalm 131
We should not have a haughty, prideful heart, nor lofty eyes, now mess in matters too great or wonderful for us! When we humble ourselves to the Lord and trust Him, He calms and quiets our soul from fretting. Keep hope in the Lord!

Psalm 132
This Psalm reminds us of God’s Word to David….the Messianic promise of the Messiah, his descendent, who would reign as King from Jerusalem. David was faithful to love and worship God. God is even more faithful in performing His Word. Jesus will reign from Jerusalem!

Psalm 133
It is good and pleasant for the family of God to dwell together! God anoints and blesses the whole family! Notice this is addressed only to God’s family, not to all people in the earth. God loves everyone and extends salvation, but not all come to Him. It is best to have close fellowship with believers, and not those of the world. Relationships need right boundaries. God first.

Psalm 134
Bless (affectionately and gratefully praise) the Lord, all you who serve the Lord!

Psalm 135
A few “nuggets” from this Psalm….
Praise the Lord for He is good, lovely, gracious, powerful, great above all, and endures forever!
The Lord will vindicate His people, manifesting His righteousness and mercy, and give favor to those who separate themselves unto Him to serve and follow Him.
Idols cannot speak, see, hear, or have the breath of life. Those who trust in idols are the same….dumb, blind, deaf, and spiritually dead.
Reverently and worshipfully praise the Lord with affection and gratitude.

Psalm 136
“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, and His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever.”
He is great above all; does great wonders; has wisdom and understanding; Creator of everything; knows how to keep His people and imprints them on His heart; is in ultimate control; is the hero who rescues; and the provider of good food.
Oh give thanks to the Lord!

Psalm 137
To apply this today, we need to correlate a few things.
Babylon is the worldly pagan evil place of captivity. Jerusalem is the blessed place to live freely in God’s presence with His rule. So, we can learn…..
While we are captive in a fallen world, we weep when we remember God’s original plan for a Garden of Eden and His future promise for the final righteous kingdom of Jesus, in His presence, on earth.
Our tormentors tell us to perform for them with a happy positive attitude. How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? But, we can when we hold to hope in the promised word of the Lord. He will come and judge the world and Babylon, the devastator, will be destroyed. Our hope is in Jesus, our Savior, Redeemer, and Deliverer!

Psalm 138
More “nuggets”…..
Lord, I will confess You, praise You, and worship You with my whole heart!
I call on You and You strengthen me in my inner self.
All kings will praise You when they see Your mighty acts and that You fulfill all Your promises and prophecies.
The Lord is high, but He respects the lowly when they come into relationship with Him. The proud and haughty stand off at a distance.
Even when I walk in trouble, the Lord stretches out His hand and revives me. He will perfect that which concerns me. I am His workmanship.

Psalm 120 – 129

Psalm 120
Are your eyes open and your spirit awake to discern true from false?
Like this Psalm, we cry out..Deliver us Lord from lying lips and deceitful tongues. They are the sharp fiery arrows of our enemies. They hate peace and make war. It is distressing to dwell with them and endure long. Yet, we know that God has provided His Holy Spirit and His Word to lead us in truth and righteousness (what is right) and our faith in Him is our mighty shield.

Psalm 121
I will look to God on His throne for help. He keeps us and keeps us from evil. He never slumbers. He keeps us in all our comings and goings….no matter the situations. The apostle Paul was well educated in the Old Testament. I wonder if he meditated on these words while imprisoned.

Psalm 122
It is thought that this Psalm may have been sung as people made their way to the temple in Jerusalem to observe the Holy Appointed Feasts of Israel, which were commanded by God. People came to honor God. Every detail of the Feasts pointed prophetically to Messiah Jesus. They were glad times of celebration. The final Fall Feasts prophecy that Jesus will come again in victory over evil to reign from Jerusalem as King. What a day of rejoicing for God’s people! Jesus will reign in peace. Man will never accomplish this peace. We need Jesus. We pray for His reign and final peace to come to Jerusalem and the whole earth.

Psalm 123
Lord, we look up to You as our head authority. Direct Your mercy and loving-kindness towards us. Proud irresponsible tyrants, who disregard You and Your laws, are scorning us and consider us worthless. Yet, we know that You are the true power and authority.

Psalm 124
If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, the prideful wrathful wicked would have swept us away like a torrential flood. But the Lord rescued us so that we escaped their evil snare. Our help is in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Psalm 125
Psalm 125 is a strong comfort, but also a strong warning. Those who trust in, lean on, and confidently hope in the Lord cannot be moved, but abide and stand forever. The Lord is all around to keep those who stay in the cleft of the Rock. But, if someone turns aside in indifference to God (apostacy) and lends their hands to wickedness, He will let them go to wickedness and its consequences. The Lord does good to all those who are right with Him in their hearts and therefore they strive to do His will and walk His ways.

Psalm 126
I came to love this Psalm many years ago. Here, they speak about God delivering them from evil slavery under Pharaoh in Egypt. But, it is the same pattern and foreshadow of Jesus delivering and saving us from evil and Satan in this world.
Jesus brought us out of captivity and it seemed like an impossible dream!
At salvation, we were filled with ecstatic joy, laughter, and singing!
What a great and marvelous thing Jesus has done for us!
He set us free. He turned our tear filled life into refreshing waters!
Vers 6 is wonderfully prophetic….Jesus who goes forth bearing seed and weeping for more seed, will doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing His sheaves with Him! Hallelujah!

Psalm 127
Psalm 127 is like Proverbs.
Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain to build it.
Except the Lord protect the city, setting a watchman is in vain.
It is vain to expect that continual working/labor and anxious planning will bring you peace, security, and rest…the Lord blesses His people with peaceful rest.
Children from the Lord are a reward. They are arrows shot into the future to fight for God. Happy, blessed, and fortunate are those who birth many of His children (remember that His children are born again spiritually by hearing the good news of Jesus). They will walk in the dignity of the Lord so that even their adversaries cannot shame them publicly.

Psalm 128
Verse 1, “Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is everyone who fears, reveres, and worships the Lord, who walks in His ways and lives according to His commandments.”
Their family and the works of their hands will prosper in true riches and good fruit. He may be blessed to see his children’s children.

Psalm 129
Many times have I been afflicted since my youth, some times worse than others. But, that has never prevailed against me. God knows how to raise up His people out of affliction. He cuts away the cords of the wicked. He sets us free. He puts wickedness to shame. The affliction withers and passes away. He keeps His people eternally!

Psalms 113-119

Psalm 113
Praise the Lord! The last verses remind me of the amazing work God has done in making the Way for His fallen created people to be restored to Himself. We are just the enslaved poor and needy…made of the dust of the earth and destined to return to dust in death. Yet, He raises us up in Jesus! He makes us sons/daughters and princes/princesses. We were without good fruit like a barren woman, but He makes us a joyful mother of spiritual children and a fruitful homemaker.

Psalm 114
Verse 2, Jesus, descended from Juday, became God’s Holy Place of habitation, and He has dominion over God’s people.
Verse 7, “Tremble, o earth, at the presence of the Lord!”

Psalm 115
O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory, for Your mercy and loving-kindness, for the sake of Your truth and faithfulness! The world asks, “Where is your God?” We say that our God is in heaven and can do whatever He pleases. The idols and those who worhship other gods are useless. Everyone should reverently fear the Lord and confidently trust in, rely on, and lean on Him. He is able to help, increase, and bless. We will affectionately and gratefully praise the Lord forever!

Psalm 116
I love the Lord! He heard my prayer for salvation and saved me unto Himself. He continues to hear my prayers and answers. He helps and preserves me, returns me to rest in my soul, keeps me from falling into total destruction, and deals with me bountifully. I will continue to believe in, trust in, lean on, rely on, cling to, and walk with Him, even when I am afflicted. I could never repay Him for all He does for me. I will pay my vow of commitment and faithfulness to Him in front of all the peoples. Lord, truly I desire to serve and be pleasing to You. I give You thanksgiving. I love You!

Psalm 117
This must be the shortest chpater in the Bible – only 2 verses!
Everyone praise the Lord! His mercy and loving-kindness towards us is great! The Lord’s truth and faithfulness endure forever!
Short, true, and powerful!

Psalm 118
This Psalm has many verses that may be familiar to you as they are to me.
Verse 1, “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”
Verses 5-6, “I called on the Lord in distress, the Lord answered me and set me in a broad place. The Lord is on my side. I will not fear. What can man do to me?”
Verse 14, “The Lord is my strength and my song. And he has become my salvation.”
Verse 16, “The right hand of the Lord is exalted; the right hand of the Lord does valiently.”
Verse 17, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”
Verses 18-19, “The Lord has chastened me severely, but He has not given me over to death. Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them.”
Verses 22-25, “The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This was the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Save now, I pray, O Lord; O Lord I pray, send now prosperity. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”
verse 29. “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever!”
Do you see both personal application and prophecy of Jesus in these verses?

Psalm 119
While Psalm 117 is uniquely short, Psalm 119 is uniquely long! It is right in the middle of Book 5 of Psalms, so it is a main central message. Psalm 119 has the Word of God (His truth, standards, commands) as the main subject. Each section begins with a Hebrew letter of the alphabet in alphebetical order. This, making it a good teaching toool for next generations of believers in God. The Word of God should be our focus and guide to how to live life too. Below are quick summaries of each alphabet section of this Psalm….

  1. Blessed are those who keep God’s Word, walk as He walks.
  2. Seek God with your whole heart, hide His Word in your heart through learning and meditation in it, delight yourself in His Word.
  3. Open my eyes so that I might see wondrous things (wisdom) in Your Word. The proud stray from Your commandments, but I desire them to lead me.
  4. The world is fallen and burdensome. Strengthen me with Your Word. I desire to follow Truth.
  5. Teach me Lord. Give me understanding. Help me walk in Your path. Incline my ear to You and turn my eyes away from worthless things.
  6. I trust Your Word. My hope is in Your Word. Your Word helps me live in freedom.
  7. Your Word gives me life and comfort in my afflictions and the works of the wicked.
  8. The Lord and His Word are my chosen food. I turn my feet to follow You and am the companion to others who fear and follow You. Wickedness tried to trap us, but Your mercy and Word saves us.
  9. When I go astray, please discipline and instruct me in Your good judgements and wisdom. Pride lies and an overindulgent heart of selfishness is a slippery slope to evil. It is better to be disciplined and turn in repentance towrads Your Word and Ways.
  10. Your Word is right and Your faithfulness You discipline me. I pray for Your merciful kindness and comfort. I repent and desire to please You in learning and following Your Word. You then make my heart blameless so that I am not ashamed.
  11. I am persecuted and my soul faints, so I search Your Word for hope. Help me. Revive me so that I may continue to keep Your Word.
  12. Your Word is settled in heaven. Your Word endures forever. Your Word brings life. Your Word will bring the consummation of all perfection.
  13. I love Your Word! It is my thoughts all day! I makes me wise. It gives me understanding. When I keep Your Word, it keeps me from going the evil way of destruction. I hate false ways. Your Word is sweet and pleasant to me.
  14. ” Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” It shows me the right way and warns me of the wicked.
  15. I hate the double minded, but I love Your law and Word. It is absolute. You are my hiding place, shield, and hope. Your Word and truth hold me up and I am safe. You reject those who stray from You and all deceivers. Your Word is truth.
  16. It is time for You to act, Lord, because they regard Your Word as void nothingness. Yet, I love and cling to Your Word. I desire to serve You. Please give me wisdom and understanding according to Your word. I hate false ways.
  17. Your Word is wonderful and brings light! I love for Your commandments. Direct my steps. Let no iniquity haev dominion over me. Redeem me from the oprression of men. I weep rivers of tears because people forsake Your Word.
  18. Zeal has consumed me because people do not regard or remember Your Word. Your Word is Law…it is truth and righteousness…it is pure! I will continue to love Your Word and precepts.
  19. I seek Your Word day and night. The wicked are far from Your Law. Your commandments are truth and justice. You have founded them forever.
  20. Revive me according to Your Word. Save me from the disgusting treacherous people who do not keep Your Word. Your judgements are righteous.
  21. My heart stands in awe of Your Word. I rejoice in Your Word. I love Your Word and ate lying. Your Word gives me great peace and hope.
  22. Deliver me accofding to Your Word. I will speak out Your Word. Seek me if I get off-track. Let Your judgements and Word help me.
    Can you honestly say that you feel the same way about the Word of God? Is it in you thoughts day and night? Are you delighted to be able to read and meditate in it? Do you seek the wisdom in the written Word of God?
    One of the great powers of the Reformation was people enabled to read the Word of God for themselves, free from living by what others said about God and His Word. What an upside down situation today….people prefer to hear and read what other people think about God and His Word or delight to hear those who claim that God sent them with a prophecy or a “word”….instead of actually reading the written Word of God for themselves. Others. Christians and non-believers, just disregard it. This makes deception and lies easy. Love the written Word of the Lord and give it primary attention. Trust the Holy Spirit to teach you. I hope my messages and Bible studies always drive you to open the Bible for yourself!

Beginning Book 5 Psalms 107-112

Psalm 107 is the beginning of Book 5 in Psalms. Its focus is on God’s faithfulness to a Savior and His coming Kingdom into eternity. If you believe we are close to the tribulation of the last days before Jesus comes to establish His kingdom on earth…then, it will be good to prepare by reading these passages that focus on God’s faithfulness to these promises, of Jesus coming again to save us and set up His kingdom. We must prepare by growing closer to Him and strengthening our faith and trust in Him.

Psalm 107
Reading from today’s perspective as God’s people heading into the last generations before Jesus returns….this Psalm increases our faith to stand firm on God’s promises of being with us in this world’s tribulations. And gives us endurance to stay committed with Him in hope for His eternal promises and blessings.
In more detail….
Keep an attitude of….God is good to me and I am thankful. He loves me and shows me His compassion. Always remember that Jesus has redeemed me from captivity to the adversary Satan….and I will say and stand by Him!
His true followers have been gathered from all around the earth, every nation. We have wandered all over this fallen world and see it is only a temporary residence. We run into trouble, but we cry out to God and He helps us through it. He leads us on the straight narrow road of righteousness which will take us to our real eternal home. There, He will fill us with all good things.
There are some who still live in the darkness of this world as prisoners. They continue to rebel against God, His precepts and counsel. They struggle under hard labor, stumble and fall…without help. Some are fools who refuse spiritual food and therefore become afflisted. But, should they cry humbly to Him for help, He will save and rescue them too! He will bring them out of darkness and break their bonds! The Father sent His Son Yeshua Jesus, His Word made flesh, to heal and rescue people who would tollow Him. Give thanks to God for His marvelous work!
Beginning in verse 23, we find prophesies of Jesus, evidence that He is the Promised Savior…..He calls fishermen, those who do business on the seas….they witness His miraculous works….He calms the storms and waves…the disciples’ courage melts away in trembling and they do not know what to think (this also happens after Jesus dies on the cross)….but, they cry out to the Lord and He saves them….verse 31, thank the Lord for His marvelous work!
Beginning in verse 33….God is ultimately in control. Those who live in wickedness may begin in success and wealth, but they will end up in a desolate dry barren wasteland. His people may be held in a dry wilderness….But, He can turn a dry wilderness into a land of water springs that produce abundant harvest and become a great city, like the New Jerusalem. Any princes or leaders who would try to bring oppression, mmisery, or sorry, will have His contempt poured on them. He will shut the mouths of unrighteousness and the wicked will wander in the wastelands. His previously needy people will be securely set on high and away from affliction. His people who are made righteous in Jesus will see it and rejoice.
Verse 43, “Who is wise? Let him observe and heed these things. And thoughtfully consider the loving-kindness of the Lord.”
We can endure with Him because He is faithful and His promises are sure and eternal!

Psalm 108
Psalm 108 may be difficult to understand if you are not familiar with these tribes and nations of the Old Testament. In short, let me tell you what it means to us who hope for final victory in Jesus…..
We must keep our hearts in steadfast confident faith in God and only praise Him…even in tribulations. The power in praise is to help us remember how great God is…with thanksgiving for His steadfast confident love and faithfulness towards us! It can turn our mourning into dancing!
We know that God will rescue His beloved through His right hand man, Jesus! When Jesus rules, He will divide out the new Promised Land in portions to His people. God will have family from all nations. Jesus, the descendent of Juday, will hold the scepter and rule. The adversaries and wicked nations will be defeated. During this judgement time, God will keep His people in a place of safety (in the cleft of the Rock). Deliverance from man would be hopeless. But, God will trample down the wicked enemies. With Him, we will do valiantly (fight to the end with courage and determination).
Do you see how these Psalms are preparing us for thes last days of tribulation?

Psalm 109
We have no idea of what terrible persecution is like. There are evil people in the world who have chosen to reject God and Jesus. They have chosen to follow Satan. We have enemies. We deceive ourselves if we think everyone is basically good so we should love everyone. If you read this Psalm, you will get an idea of the thoughts and feelings of someone under harsh persecution. Yet, they are also aware of the lesson, “vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Romans 12: 19. So, they cry to God for help and deliverance from their adversaries. This is also the situation in Revelation and God answers with 7 seals, 7 trumpet judgements, and 7 bowls of wrath.

Psalm 110
After God judges and defeats those who choose to remain in wickedness as followers of Satan, He raises up Jesus to rule on earth. Psalm 110 is all about this! Jesus will come to conquer evil and His followers will offer themselves willingly to participate in His battle. Jesus will be triuphant! The Lord has made this promise and will not change His mind. We will need to keep this in our foremost thoughts during the times of great persecution and tribulation. It will encourage and strengthen our faith and trust in God!

Psalm 111
Psalm 111 could be part of the praises to God commanded in Revelation 10:5…”And a voice ame out of the throne saying, Praise our God, all you His servants, and you who fear Him, both great and small!” He is perfect righteousness. He has done such great things for us!
Psalm 111: 9-10, “He provided redemption for His people; He ordained His covenant forever – holy and awesome is His name. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise.”

Psalm 112
Psalm 112 is definitely one I want to hold onto and remember, especially when things do not look good, even now! It tells of the blessings for those who fear God and delight in doing His commands. What are some of these precious blessings?

  • the children of the upright will be empowered with the might of God
  • their house will be full of riches…spiritual riches are much more valuable than worldly wealth
  • the righteousness ascribed through Jesus will last forever
  • light will dawn even in darkness for those who are gracious, compassionate, and righteous
  • good will come to those who are generous and conduct their affais with justice
  • the righteous (there are 2 kinds of righteous….1. made righteous in Jesus, 2. those in right thinking, right character, right doing) will never be shaken….for they are standing on the Rock foundation
  • they will not fear bad news because their hearts are secure and steadfast in trusting God…the peace that passes understanding…the joy inexpressible and full of glory
  • their dignity will be lifted high in honor so that their enemies are vexed and their wicked longings will come to nothing
  • the righteous through Jesus will endure forever!

Psalm 104-106…end of Book 4 in Psalms

Psalm 104
Recall that Psalm 103 told us to affectionately praise the Lord for His loving-kindness and His many benefits. Here in Psalm 104, we are to praise the Lord because He is great! In His wisdom, He has created all things both huge and tiny. He sends forth His messengers and ministers. He provides all good and necessary things for all His creations. He controls it all. He restores and renews day by day. The glory of the Lord endures forever.
Verses 33-34, “I will sing to the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. May my meditation be sweet and pleasing to Him.”
Psalm 104 reminds me of God’s response to Job and his friends who are trying to determine why Job had so much trouble. They think they are being wise, when in reality they cannot even get close to the wisdom of God. So, God speaks to them in Job 38-41. He instructs them concerning His greatness, power, and wisdom. God is God. Man is not god. God has all wisdom and power, man does not. It is wise to humble ourselves before our great Almighty all-wise God who is also showing us loving-kindness….and trust Him through all things.

Psalm 105
Give thanks to the Lord and praise Him for His wonderful deeds!
Verses 3-4 tell us to seek and inquire for the Lord….to deeply long for His face, His presence, and His strength…continually and as our essential need.
Then, we read a condensed summary of God’s good deeds towards His people in the Old Testament since His covenant with Abraham. He remembers His covenants forever! He is faithful! This is a good history lesson for generations to come. Remember Him and His deeds with awe and gratitude. He gave them power and strength to go through all their troubles. He finally brought them into their Promised Land, so that they could observe His precepts and be obedient to His righteous moral laws. As they lived with Him, they were to accept, value, and honor His ways.
Today, God’s people are also in covenant with Him. We should also deeply long for His presence and power….continually….as our essentail need. We should also remember and thank and praise Him for all His marvelous works through Jesus. He is faithful. We should also be faithful to live with Him, and to accept, value, and honor His ways by obedience. He will be faithful to bring us into His Promised Land in eternity! Hallelujah! Prasie the Lord!

Psalm 106
Psalm 106 is another lesson on Israel’s rebellion from God. We see God’s justice, but also His mercy and loving-kindness that endure forever. There is a pattern here from which we can also learn.
God saves us out of the corrupted pagan world and slavery (Egypt) with many signs and wonders by judging evil and its consequences of destruction and death through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. But through all the destruction and death, He brings rescue for those who would follow His Savior and Deliverer, Jesus (Moses). We are made free to choose faithfulness and righteouness and tested in the world (wilderness) as to whether we really are of heart and mind to follow and trust Him in obedience.
But sadly, many look back to the world (Egypt) and desire to return! Some even build pagan idols for worship and pleasureable celebration (golden calf)! The Righteous One, the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus (Moses and Aaron who spoke for Moses) come to instruct in the right way to go and the rules for righteousness. The people still do not follow closely. They complain about their provisions of food and water, even though it has been given to them freely and miraculously. They want something more pleasing to their flesh. Many die in the wilderness (world), never having seen God’s beautiful place in which to live (with peace in the cleft of the Rock). Others strive to follow in faith and righteousness (Joshua) and battle with the evil in the world to find their place (Promised Land). In God’s mercy, and remembering His covenant, He leads them into a good life with good leaders (Promised Land under Kind David). Most soon forget the works of God in their lives. They intermingle and intermarry with pagan cultures. They begin to worship pagan idols, eventually even to sacrificing the blood of their sons and daughters. Their deeds become the practice and habit of uncleanness and evil, yet they think they are OK. They think they can be the people of God and practice pagan worldliness at the same time. They become the adulterous woman instead of loving God alone.
God lets them walk away and gives them over as prisoners to the nations (captured by Babylon). Many times He tries to instruct, warn, discipline, and rescue them (often by His Word through the prophets), but they will not listen and continue in their rebellious ways. When things get unbearable, they cry out for Him to save them. He hears them, remembers His covenant, and has compassion on them….again, He reaches out to save His people and bring them back to Himself.
Do you see a similarity in God’s Christian people coming to America as their Promised Land and how we have now walked away from Him?
This is the end of Book 4 in Psalms.

Psalms 100 – 103

Psalms 100 –
Psalm 100 clearly speaks for itself. Read and give some concentrated thought to each line. Listen to what the Holy Spirit teaches you.
“Make a joyful noise to the Lord all you lands!
Serve the Lord with gladness!
Come before His presence with singing!
Know (perceive, recognize, and understand with approval) that the Lord is God!
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves
And we are His!
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.
Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and a thank offering.
And into His courts with praise!
Be thankful and say so to Him!
Bless and affectionately praise His name!
For the Lord is good.
His mercy and loving kindness are everlasting!
His faithfuless and truth endure to all generations!”
Those who are His can surely rejoice and be thankful that we are His!

Psalm 101
God gives us a free will, so we need to make decisions and choices. In Psalm 101, David tells us some of his decisions, choices and convictions….notice that David does not include indiscriminate tolerance and acceptance of everyone and everything…..
To You, oh Lord, I will sing of mercy, loving-kindness, and justice.
I will behave myself wisely and focus my attention to walk the blameless way.
I will walk honesty with a blameless heart.
I will set no base or wicked thing before my eyes.
I hate the work of those who turn away from the right path, I will not let it grasp hold of me.
I will cause a perverse obstinate, rebellious heart to depart from me.
I will know ( have personal close relationship) with no evil person or thing.
I will cut off from me anyone who privately slanders or gossips about their neighbor.
I will not tolerate anyone who has a haughty look and a proud, arrogant heart.
I will look upon the faithful with favor, and they will live with me as companions.
I will only allow myself to come under the ministry of one who walks blamelessly.
He who works deceit will not dwell in my house or be in my life.
I will not stay in the presence of one who tells lies.
Morning after morning, I will root up the wicked and work towards the elimination of evildoers. They should not dwell in the city of the Lord.
Are we as careful in our relationships with people, where we let our feet walk, who we listen to, and examination of our own heart and walk? Do we have the courage to stand in our faith in Jesus with convictions of what He says is right and wrong, and live by that example?

Psalm 102
Sometimes I find myself feeling like King David in this Psalm. We all have to deal with trouble, sorrow, depression, and doubts. So often King David begins his Psalms with sincerely seeking the Lord in complete tranperancy and intimate communication of where he is at, while in God’s presence. Yet, David ends his Psalms with uplifting thoughts and encouragement. This is how Psalm 102 might work for me in praying to overcome anxiety and depression…
Here my prayer Lord, I come crying to you. I seek Your face. I am in distress. Please listen and answer quickly. I am being consumed. My heart is withering and groaning. I feel like a bird looking for food in a wasteland, without hope. I cannot sleep peacefully. I am taunted by my thoughts, worries and anxieties…..all day long! I am feeling cursed. Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong to get this consequence? I know that I mess up. I repent with remorse and tears. My days are declining progressively like the sun going down.
But, I need to come to my spiritual senses and remember You!
You are on the throne forever! You will arise and have mercy, loving-kindness, and compassion on me. I will wait on You Lord. The set time will come.
This physical life is temporary and I must change my focus to the eternal future. Lord, You will build up Zion, the residence+ of King Jesus. All nations, kings, people….everything will fear and worshipfully revere Your name. You will appear in glory! You will rescue the destitute, the prisoner, and those appointed for death. I may be afflicted and weakened in strength now. I may be humbled and experience sorrow now. I may age prematurely. Oh Lord, help me live out all my days to serve You. You have eternity in your grasp. We perish and wear out, but You remain forever. You remain the same. You live through all generations. The children of Your servants will continue on and dwell safely in You. Their descendants will be established before You. My faith and hope is in my Lord, no matter what !

Psalm 103
Bless the Lord with affectionate and grateful praise from your deepest being! Do not forget His benefits! Bless His name and know who He is! This Psalm gives a good idea of who the Heavenly Father is and the benefits of being His people!

  1. He forgives all the sins of His people.
  2. He will bring healing of all diseases to His people (if not now, then in His eternal kingdom under Jesus).
  3. He redeems His people from the pit (evil and hell) and corruption.
  4. He beautifies, dignifies, and crowns His people with loving-kindness and tender mercy…..eternally!
  5. He executes righteousness and justice for His people and the oppressed.
  6. He revealed His ways of righteousness and justice to Moses and His people Israel for training and promise.
  7. He is merciful and full of grace….slow to anger. Plentiful in mercy and loving-kindness.
  8. He does not hold a grudge or chide incessantly when evil brings Him to anger.
  9. He does not only deal with us according to our sins or iniquities and their consequences/rewards. He is merciful and loving to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him. Instead, He removes our transgressions far away from us.
  10. He is a good Father who loves and pities His children. He really knows who we are and our limitations.
  11. His righteousness (right way of thinking and right way of doing) is extended to His children’s children. How can this be? When His children think His way and act His ways, their children are trained in His righteousness by imprinting their minds and hearts. This offers the next generation a good start in coming to know the Heavenly Father for themselves! Then, these children will also tend to keep His commandments and covenant relationship to hear, receive, and obey Him.
  12. The Lord Almighty God has established His throne in heaven and His kingdom rules over all. This is also who He is, so we should reverently fear Him also. All His hosts and in all places of His kingdom, they do bless the Lord, by praising Him affectionately and gratefully. The Lord is above all, perfectly good and wise and just, full of love and mercy.
    This Psalm surely helps us to know our Heavenly Father more!

Psalms 90 – 99

Pslam 90 – This Psalm is the beginning of Book 4 (focus of calling on God and knowing that God reigns)
Psalm 90 was written by Moses. He is expressing reverence and honor for God, towards the end of the 40 years in the wilderness. He also asks for restoration.
God is eternal, from everlasting to everlasting. One thousand years is to God like just a day. These 40 years in the wilderness, where many disobedient people have died, is like the grass that quickly withers. Their secret heart and its sins have been revealed by God’s light. Many have died at the age of 70 or 80…(at the beginning of the 40 year penalty, only those over 20 were held responsible for their disobedience and rebellion. These people would now be over 60. Numbers 14: 26-45.)
Who knows, respects, and connects the power and wrath of God against sin as resulting from their rebellion? Who recognizes that reverence is due You? (Usually, people think they are a god unto themselves and can do what they please, even sin, without penalty. Yet, the penalty of sin, which is rebellion against Life, is death.)
Verse 12, “So, teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.”
Lord, be compassionate and full of mercy so that You would revoke the sentence of sin against us. Then, we can rejoice in the rest of our days. Let Your good work be revealed to Your children and Your majesty to their children. Let Your beauty, delightfulness, and favor be upon us. Confirm and establish the work of our hands. Only the Lord can establish and make something good of our short lived life.

Psalm 91
Psalm 91 is a popular protection Psalm. Many people like to claim it. But, did you know that the promises of this Psalm are dependant on meeting and being in the faith conditions of verses 1-2?
Are you dwelling in the secret place of the Most High? Are you believing in, leaning on, relying on, and confidently trusting in God? Examine yourself….be honest. Are you in confident trust OR in anxiety, worry, fear, and doubt? Are you living in the cleft of the Rock or running around in the wilderness? Do you know where that secret place is and how to get there? Are you confidently trusting Him in faith or just in wishful hope? Do you really know God or just know a little about Him?
Consider this Psalm alongside Matthew 7: 1-14. This section of Matthew is often taught meaning the Way to salvation is narrow, only one Way through Jesus. That is true. But, there is another lesson here.
The road to righteousness and obedience to God is also narrow. Few find that way because all people are sinners. It takes great effort, wisdom, and focus, with attention to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to stay on the narrow straight righteous road…not straying off on another path or falling into the ditch on either side! Psalm 91 verses 1-2 have the same message.
First, we must find our Way to the secret place of the Most High. We go through the only Gate of Jesus. That place is built on the Rock of Jesus. That secret place is His kingdom ruling in our own heart and mind, our whole being…continually. The secret place of the Most High is intimate love relationship with Him.
Second, we need to stay on that narrow righteous Way. It takes wisdom, focus, effort, and the help of the Holy Spirit. It takes constant continual communication with God. There will be evil distractions and deceivers along the way. There will be destroyers and trouble makers. We also have to deal with temptations to our own flesh. But, we can stay in right relationship with Him through repentance for our sins and failures….and get back up on the narrow road.
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9
We fail and sin, but He is a good Father who forgives and restores us when we repent and honor Him and His right ways. Jesus has made a way back in forgiveness of sin. We can climb back into the cleft in the Rock of salvation. We have Jesus in that secret place. That cleft in the Rock, that secret place, is God wrapping His loving arms around His devoted, trusting children, who are earnestly loving Him and trying to walk His narrow way with Him in Jesus, by the power of His Holy Spirit! If that is where we live, He gives us these wonderful promises of Psalm 91. But warning, do not be presumptuous…check out where you truly are living?
Psalm 91….when the Lord Jesus is your only God, then He is your refuge and fortress THROUGH….

  • delivering out of snares
  • deadly pestilence
  • terrors in night or day
  • destructions
  • evil and calamity
  • walking over the powerful (lion) and the poisonous (snake)
  • troubles
    Verse 4…when you trust Him and stay close under His wings, He is your refuge.
    Verse 9…because you have made the Lord your dwelling place, no evil or calamity will take you down, like the evil that falls as consequences on the wicked. Doing evil brings destruction.
    Verse 11…God will give His angels charge over you….to accompany, defend, and preserve your way of obedience and service.
    Verse 14…God will deliver me because He loves me…and I have personal knowledge of Jesus name in mercy, love, and kindness..trusting in and relying on Jesus…knowing He is faithful and will never leave or forsake me.
    Verse 15….Those who love, trust, and follow Jesus will call on Him….and He will answer. He will deliver them THROUGH trouble. Jesus will bring them honor.
    Verse 16….”With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation.” Truly, Jesus saves us with long eternal life!

Psalm 92
It is good and joyful to give thanks to the Lord and sing praises to Him! What He does is great! His thoughts are very deep. Man does not know it all….or really very much at all. A self-confident fool does not understand their own ignorance. It seems like the evildoers spring up everywhere and flourish, but they are doomed. It is the Lord who is on high forever. It is the Lord who anoints with great strength and much grace. He will help His people to see and discern the evil traps. The uncompromisingly righteous will prosper in being upright, useful, and fruitful. They will grow to being stable, durable, incorruptible, and even majestic (like their King). They are firmly planted (established as His children) in His house and grow in His presence…having been justified through Jesus. They grow in grace and are fruitful (remember the fruits of the Spirit…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and control of self)…even into old age, they are still fruitful. They are full of spiritual vitality. They are rich in love, trust , and contentment.
Verse 15, “They are living memorials to show that the Lord is upright and faithful to His promises; He is my Rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”
Can you see this applied to your own life? Are you planted in the house of the Lord? Are you growing in His presence? Are you bearing fruit? Are you full of spiritual vitality/vital life? Are you full of His love, trusting Him, and content in every situation? Are you a living memorial/testimony of the Lord, His righteousness and faithfulness to His Word? Examine your heart and mind… honest with yourself. If the Holy Spirit convicts you, then listen, turn around and start thinking and living right. Blessings….

Psalm 93
The Lord reigns in glory, majesty, strength, might, and power. His throne is established from everlasting to everlasting. What He says is sure. Holiness, which is separation from sin, simple trust, and hearty obedience, is becoming to His house forever!

Psalm 94
We are asking agian….Lord, how long do we need to put up with the wicked and their exaltation in this world? Do you know the answer? It is until Jesus returns to earth to finally defeat evil.
Verse 8, “Consider and understand, you stupid ones among the people! And you self-confident fools, when will you become wise?”
Do you really think that God does not hear or see? He disciplines and instructs (teaching knowledge), and He punishes rebellion. He knows the thoughts of man, which are often vain, empty, and futile.
Blessed is the person who listens to and obeys His laws and instructions, and pays attention to His discipline. They will be given power to keep calm in adversity, even until the day of the Lord’s return. God will not cast off or abandon His people. Justice will return to the righteous in Christ and all the upright in heart.
Even now, the Lord will rise up for me against the evildoers. And even when I slip, His mercy and love will hold me up. In the middle of anxious thoughts, His comfort will cheer and delight my soul.
Are you fellowshipping with the pervading leaders of iniquity by agreeing with their unrighteous laws? Don’t you see that they are banding together against the consistently righteous and condemning the innocent to death? Tolerating their unrighteous choices is not love!
But, in all this trouble and evil in this world, God is my High Tower, my Defence, my Rock, and my Refuge. He will turn upon the wicked their own wickedness. What they sowed, they will reap. The Lord will finally wipe out wickedness and the wicked evildoers. Those who do not choose righteousness in Him, are fools. Jesus is the Savior of righteousness and those made righteous in Him.

Psalm 95
So many familiar passages in this Psalm…many used in praise songs! Sing to the Lord…make a joyful noise…come before His presence with thanksgiving…the Lord is a great God and King….the earth and the oceans are His….let us worship, bow down, and kneel before our Maker!
Verses 7-8, “For He is our God and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand. Today if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts….”
Do not err in your heart like the generation of people who wandered in the wilderness for their lack of acknowledging, approving, or regarding God’s ways. That grieves and disgusts God when His people ignore or are two-faced with Him. Those who are rebellious or apathetic of heart will not enter the peace and rest of God or the land of His promise. Make sure your praises to God are heart and behavior deep. He is so worthy of honor, reverence, and great respect!

Psalm 96
From day to day, every day, we shoud sing a new fresh song to the Lord Jesus, blessing His name as “the One who saves”, and proclaim the good news of salvation through and in Him…declaring His glory and marvelous works throughout the whole earth to all people.
He should be feared, honored, and respected as the One True God…all other gods are worthless, lifeless idols. Ascribe (recognize as a character quality) to the Lord….majesty, glory, spendor, beauty, holiness, and strength. Worship Him in submissive wonder and awe.
Verses 10-13 reveal the future prophecy and promise that He is coming again in righteousness, justice, and final victory!
Verse 10, “Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns; Indeed the world is firmly and securely established, it will not be moved. He will judge and rule the people with fairness.”
Jesus comes in victory as King! Then, the heavens and earth, and all in them, will rejoice before the Lord! Jesus is coming to judge the world by righteousness (being and doing right) and His people in His faithfulness to His covenant vow of salvation through Him.
What a day that will be! Evil defeated and Righteousness reigns forever!

Psalm 97
Have you ever noticed the repetition? Are we beginning to “get the message”? God is majestic, glorious, almighty, holy, and all righteous! Anyone who boasts in idols or their own self confidence is in big trouble. Those who love, trust, and obey Him are protected and blessed by Him. He lights the path of those who follow Him. Our joy is irrepressible when we delight our hearts and souls in Him. When we are in right standing with God through Jesus, we grow in moral and spiritual integrity. We rejoice in the Lord and give Him thanks and praise when we remember that His holy name of Jesus mans Savior!

Psalm 98
This Psalm opens with adoration and praise for the Father’s right hand Son Yeshua Jesus! He has accomplished salvation, the most marvelous and wonderful work of victory over evil! In His love and grace, He has fulfilled His covenant to Abraham and extended salvation to all people and nations! Make an exultant joyful noise unto the Lord! And rejoice that He is coming again to judge in righteousness and fairness! Yeshua Jesus has won over evil and will reign as King of glory!

Psalm 99
Here we see Jesus as currently sitting at the right hand of God, on His throne, with all of heaven reverently worshipping and praising Him (trembling with submissive wonder)! The strength of the King loves justice and righteous judgment with fairness. Exalt the Lord and worship Him for He is holy! He has always been faithful and forgiving with those who love Him and desire to walk with Him, but disciplines and avenges evil practices. Worship and revere the Lord on His throne, on the Temple Mount in Zion (heaven), for He is Holy!

Psalm 89 – All About Jesus

Psalm 89
Psalm 89 – Oh what a joy to read this! This Psalm totally has my beloved Savior Jesus in view! Realize this was written long before Jesus was born! Jesus is the manifested promise and prophecy of the Word of God! He always keeps His Word, His covenant. He always speaks truth!
God’s promise of a Savior was made in love, mercy, grace, kindness, and faithfulness for the purpose to rescue, redeem, and restore His creation to righteousness. Jesus, the descendent of David, is His chosen Anointed One to fulfill His covenant. He is also the Seed promised to Adam and Abraham, who will sit on the throne for all generations.
Everyone in heaven priases His wonders and faithfulness! He is greatly feared and revered in the council of the holy ones and by those all around His throne. No one is mighty like Him. He rules over heaven and earth. His authority is in righteousness and justice. Yet, before His face He sees mercy, loving-kindness, and truth.
Blessed, happy, fortunate are those who know and understand the joyful sound announcing God’s holy feasts! So many spiritual blessings are symbolized in His feasts, but none greater than the blessing of the Savior Jesus! Because of Jesus, His followers walk in the light and the favor of God’s countenance! He has exalted them in righteousness. In the name of Jesus, His people rejoice continually and eternally! By Jesus power, they are exalted in strength and uplifted in His glory. Jesus is their shield. Jesus is the King!
Beginning in verse 19….God prophesied and promised His devoted One who would heroically save! He would come through the anointed line of His favored servant David. The hand of the Father will be on His Son forever and give Him strength and power. The enemy will not overcome Him or outwit Him. The Father’s faithfulness, mercy, and loving-kindness will be with the Son. In the Father’s name, the Son will have great power and authority to accomplish His will. His right hand will control the waters. The Son will cry to the Father, You are my Father, my Rock, my God. Jesus has been made the firstborn in resurrection. Jesus will be made King of Kings. The covenant is established steadfast and sure. His Offspring will endure forever!
Beginning verse 30….if God’s children forsake His righteous words and ways, He will discipline and chastise them, but His loving-kindness and faithfulness will never fail or leave them. He will not break His covenant word to them. His offspring, those truly born in Jesus, will endure with Him forever.
Beginning verse 38….but in apparent contradiction, this is not how things looked in the world….
Jesus, the faithful Son and Lord, was cast off, rejected, despised, renounced, profaned, humbled, left unprotected, made weak, robbed, and scorned by those along the road who passed Him by. It seemed that His foes won. His enemies rejoiced. It seemed that His sword, power, and glor were taken from Him. His life was shortened. He was covered in shame. Father, how long will You hide from Him? How long will Your wrath burn against the sin He bears? (Meditate on what this might mean concerning our sharing in the sufferings of Christ…Romans 8:17, 2 Corinthians 1:5, Colossians 1:24, 2 Timothy 2:3, 1 Peter 4:13, 1 Peter 5:9. If this is how God works His glory through His Son Jesus, then should we be surprised if He may also work this way in our lives also, as followers of Jesus? Might this be one swoop of the sword of the word that cuts away the popular prosperity gospel so common in Christian messages today? Jesus told us we would have trouble in this world. Why does God allow it? Could it be to extend grace so that more people can yet be saved?)
Beginning verse 47….earnestly remember that life on this earth is short, fleeting, and temporary. Fallen mankind is full of emptiness, falsity, futility, and frailty. All will die. Who can deliver himself from Satan and hell? None can. Lord Jesus, only You can help! Remember Your loving-kindness and faithfulness to Your covenant to save us. Lord, imprint on Your heart the reproach and attack of the enemy upon Your anointed. Lord, save us. We want to walk in Your footsteps with You. Blessed be the Lord forevermore!
Amen and Amen!

Psalms 81 – 88

Psalm 81
Today, this Psalm is helping me through one of my own troubles and concerns. This is how it has helped me to pray….
My Lord, I come to You singing aloud of Your strength! I shout for joy knowing that You are always with me in every situation! You are faithful and I trust in You! Because of You, I can sing with peace and joy even in th storms of life.
I have Jesus as my beloved Savior who saves me through all my troubles, concerns, and burdens. You lift me up out of the world even while I live in its distresses. I intend to hear Your voice and push away all other voices. I desire to walk You way with You. I trust Your love for me. I trust Your ability, strenth, and grace to help and sustain me. I resist fear and doubt! I am determiend to continue my focus on You….knowing You will defeat the enemy and distress that is coming against me.
I can come to You and cast my cares on You because You affectionately care for me. You are faithful. Out of the Rock, You feed me the finest food with honey. You grab my hand and pull me on top of the stormy waves! You are my hope, my peace, my joy!

Psalm 82
Psalm 82 is directed to the leaders and judges of people and nations. God stands in the midst of their assemblies and sees what is being done. How long will they legislate and judge unjustly, showing partiality to the wicked?
Their job should be to help the weak and fatherless and to maintain the rights of the afflicted. They are supposed to rescue the poor and needy out of the hand of the wicked.
The fundamental principles of administrative leadership and justice are bing shaken! These leaders either do not know or they do not understand the darkness that they walk in and follow. They live in complacent satisfaction and comfort.
God’s intension was to have people govern over the earth in His justice, on His behalf, as His representatives! His intention was that they live like princes and sons of the Most High. But, they have chosen disobedience and rebellion with the consequences of sin and death. They are fallen in ungodliness.
So, now only God can arise and judge in righteousness and jsutice over the whole earth. All nations belong to Him. Jesus is coming to bring the kingdom of God to earth in righteousness, justice, and peace.

Psalm 83
In my younger years, I had a hard time reading about all the warfare and violence in the Old Testament. I have a better understanding of it today. The reality is that there is horrible, ugly evil in the world. It continually wars against God and His people. It actually wars with all people because they are God’s favored creation. Satan and his spiritual followers have the goal of usurping rule over all creation of God including all people. They are theives, liers, deceivers, and immensely violent! God and His people must fight, overcome, and efeat them for goodness and righteousness to prevail!
This Psalm speaks about some of the ungodly, pagan, violent enemies of Israel. We can learn from this spiritual pattern. The Bible also teaches us about our battles during the church age in which we live. We are also told about the final generation which will experience a global satanic dictatorship which will strongly persecute the true sons and daughters of God in Jesus.
They will be crying out to God as we see in this Psalm. Beginning in verse 1, O God, do not keep silent in grace and hold Your peace. Your enemies who hate You are raising up mightily! They plan crafty schemes against Your precious people. They consult together and make covenant with one another against us. They want to wipe us out! Afflict them with Your tempests so that they might insistently and earnestly seek for You. (The trumpets of Revelation). Send Your fires that consume evil and put them to shame and cause evil to perish. (The bowls of wrath in Revelation). Then all will know that You alone are the Most High, the Lord of all! (The Millennial Reign of Jesus).

Psalm 84
Psalm 84 is exactly what I need for today! The presence of the Lord is so lovely! I yearn for Him with joy! His presence is my home. How happy and fortunate are those who dwell with Him! Even when going through the valley of weeping, He fills me up with His life giving water. He leads me from strength to strength. It is better in His presence than anywhere else! He bestows grace, favor, and anointing. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly with Him. Happy and fortunate are those who trust in, believe in, lean on, rely on Him, committing all and confidently looking to Him, and that without fear or misgiving. I must choose and stand fast in these truths by faith, even in the dark valleys when fear and worry tempt me. When I keep my eyes and throughts on Him; then, He bestows on me the peace that passes all understanding, the unspeakable joy full of His glory, and He leads me through into His victory! Thank You Lord! You never leave or forsake me…Your love never fails…You are faithful and true!

Psalm 85
As I begin reading this Psalm, it reminds me of the prodigal son planning how to repent to his father when he returns home.
“Please give me favor and be gracious to me as you are to the servants in your household. Forgive me. Please do not be angry with me. In your mercy and loving-kindness, please restore and revive me in your household. I will honor you and listen to you, doing what you ask. I wil not turn away again in self-confident folly. I desire to live and walk in your right way. I desire to live in your truth and righteousness.”
And the father runs to embrace his prodigal son and receive Him home!
Verses 10-11, “Mercy and loving-kindness and truth have met together, righteousnes and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring up from the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven.”
Jesus restores us to the Father by paying for our sins. Jesus is the kiss of the Father in mercy and loving-kindness. Jesus is the Truth, the Way, the Life of peace and righteousness. We make our vow of repentance and commitment and honor and obedience to Jesus, and then are restored with love into the household and arms of the Father!
Don’t you just love the Psalms?

Psalms 86
If you really know God, then you know you can really trust Him.
This Psalm reveals much about the character of God…who He is….

  • listens to the poor, distressed, needy, and listens to His people
  • preserves life
  • preserves the life eternally for the believer, the godly, the dedicated, the one who serves, the confidently faithful
  • is merciful and gracious
  • giver of joy and uplifting
  • good
  • forgiving
  • loving-kindness
  • help in trouble
  • Almighty, great, above all other beings
  • King of kings, Lord of lords, worthy of glory and honor
  • works miracles and wonders
  • truth
  • ways of righteousness, right way always
  • deliverer
  • against the proud, insolent, rebelliouis, and violent
  • slow to anger
  • giver of strength
  • helper against temptation
  • good Father, always goodwill and favor towards His children
  • comforter
    Why would anyone ever want to love and walk with any other god?
    How could I not put my full trust in Him?
    And, I am so overjoyed that He is the One with all might and power, the One who rules, instead of an evil dictator!
    Thank You Lord for who You are!

Psalm 87
Zion is the dwelling place of God. Glorious things are spoken about Zion. The Lord loves its gates because people from all over the world can enter into His kingdom through them. Great is the person who is born in Zion for God will establish them. The Lord will count and register His people. Everyone will sing that their sources of life and joy spring from this dwelling place of God!
Do you see the great prophecy in these words?
When we are “born again” through Jesus, we become the dwelling place of God. It is glorious and God establishes us as a citizen of His kingdom. He puts our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Any person in the world can enter His gates through Jesus who is the Gate, the Way. We thank, sing, and priase Him as He is our source of eternal life and joy!
How marvelous and true to reality is the Word of God! Jesus is the Word (promise, sure Word) of God made flesh! Praise God! Hallelujah!

Psalm 88
This could be a prayer for the person who is repenting for their sin and being far from God so that they may have salvation and new life. They have experienced the desolation of worldliness and the abandonment, even betrayal, of worldly friends. Having participated in sin and evil, they also know the wrath of Godagainst the ungodly. They are in sorrow and affliction, and almost dead. They are begging to be saved with the logic that says….what good is it if they die and go to hell, where no one can declare of God’s steadfast love, wonders, faithfulness, righteousness, or honor Him with praise.
Psalm 88 also shares some of the same lesons as the parable of the prodigal son. The lost son in the wicked corrupted world must come back to the father to be saved and start a new life.
Today, it also touches my heart as the prayer of the intercessor and the prophet. Both carry burdens for those who are far from God. Their lives and hearts are so focused on these lost people that they often begni to think and even feel like those for whom they pray and to whom they minister! They may even groan and moan in prayer when they bear the burden of the lost. This is like when Jesus wept because He wanted the people to come to Him like a hen gathering her chicks under her wings, but they would not. Matthew 23: 37.
Evangelists, intercessors, prophets, teachers, pastors, and all true followers who serve Jesus have felt the burden of praying and interceding for the lost and also telling them about Jesus, the only One who really saves!
When I read this Psalm today, it sounds like the burdened prayer of the intercessor and prophet cryig for the lost to come home. I have felt that cry too.